His Wisdom for Her World

Amy Pierson

Amy is a 30-something who has deep passion for mentoring and encouraging women of all ages. She travels all over to speak to girls and train small group leaders. She worked in girls ministry at Prestonwood Baptist church for a number of years. You can catch her playing with her cute kids, trying out a new restaurant with her hubby or having people over to her house for dinner.

Amy is full of God given wisdom and she's hilarious. She wrote a Table for Two: Doing Life and Savoring Scripture Together, a practical book on Mentoring that you should definitely check out. Amy also graduated with a Master of Arts in Christian Education in Student Ministry from Southwestern Seminary.

Why I Don’t Prefer the Name “Small Group Leader”

By on April 25, 2017 in Ministry with 0 Comments

I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers or title this blog post with something that will get a click. I am thankful for all of our readers, and I hope every topic encourages and equips you, and that you share it with someone because it was helpful. So, let me clarify that I’m writing this because […]

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Inviting Jesus Into Your Inner Monologue

By on January 31, 2017 in Faith with 3 Comments

I’ve been inviting Jesus into my inner monologue. “Be careful how you think; no one is in your head more than you are.” I heard this in college and it is TRUTH! We are thinking all day every day – Is this shirt too tight? Oh, she’s here. Play it cool, she can’t know your […]

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Two Questions to Ask When a Girl Says Something Unwise

By on October 25, 2016 in Ministry with 1 Comment

We’ve all been there. You’re in a conversation with a girl and she says something that is unwise/off/unbiblical. You know you need to say something, but you don’t want to just give advice, seem judgmental, or ignore it. Here are two great questions to get them thinking and allow you to transition to share some […]

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My Disciples Lack Boundaries (And Jesus Totally Gets That)

By on August 30, 2016 in Family and Parenting with 0 Comments

Making disciples is a privilege and command given to every follower of Jesus. Right now I’m discipling a group of senior girls and a couple of young moms. Making a disciple isn’t simply meeting once a week for 30 mins, but sharing some meals together, doing ministry and some life together (so many graduation parties, […]

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Why Simply Reading Devotionals Will Not Achieve the Goal of Discipleship

By on August 2, 2016 in Christian Life, Ministry with 0 Comments

The goal of discipleship is 2 Timothy 2:2 – “…and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” We are taught to teach people who will teach people. (Read that 3 more times and put in calligraphy somewhere in your […]

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