His Wisdom for Her World

Dom H. Richardson

Dom H. Richardson is a writer with a passion to help women grow spiritually, find their purpose in Jesus, and impact the world for His glory. She worked in the business world for 12 years before going into full-time ministry in 2013 at her church. When she had her twin boys in 2015, she transitioned to staying home with them and launched her writing career. She is currently pursuing her Master’s of Christian Education degree with a concentration in Biblical Counseling through SWBTS’s distance learning program. You can find her online at www.domhrichardson.com.

Worshipping God as Women in His Image

By on October 4, 2016 in Biblical Womanhood, Theology with 3 Comments

We live on a conservation where the canopy of trees stretches back as far as I can see. Sitting on my back porch, I’m immersed in nature. I can hear grasshoppers chirping in unison while the breeze rustles through the leaves. Occasional birds chirp like melodic, timed bells. Wispy white clouds are painted across the […]

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How I Changed My Definition of Beauty and Learned to Love My Wrinkles

Standing in front of the mirror after my twins were born, the six months of sleepless nights were written in the crevices of my eyes and the sullen appearance of my skin. Motherhood was taking it’s toll on me — mentally, physically and now in the form of some brand new wrinkles on my face. […]

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