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The Darkness and the Deep

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I heard this song the other day. Not a popular song by any means. Not written or sung by a Christian artist. And not even centered around the premise of any existence of or belief in God. But it caught my attention and over the last couple of days has become a great source of motivation […]

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Rehearsing His Faithfulness

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I stood in that near-empty greenhouse. Rows and rows of bright, beautiful flowers sat perched in their buckets, tall and reverent. It was like they knew why we had come, and as we walked by, they leaned in and brushed us with scent-sations and memories like warm hugs. My sister’s arm was linked in the […]

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2017, Year of Priorities Not Resolutions

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Are you viewing 2017 through the lens of the media or the Word of God? The media reports that, among other things, family values are crumbling, lawlessness is rampant, the weather system is producing unprecedented damage, the education system undermines parental authority, the economy is literally bankrupt, and morality is at an all-time low. However, […]

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Top BW Posts of 2016

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Check out some of our favorite posts from 2016! 5 Family Benefits of Children’s Sports, by Melanie Lenow Alone at the Leadership Summit, by Terri Stovall An Introvert’s “Guide” to Creating Community, by Jillian McNeely David Bowie, Glam Rock, and Gender Rebellion, by Candi Finch Don’t Be an Elephant, Girl! Pick up Your Shield!, by […]

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The Parable of the Lifesaving Station

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[Editor’s Note: The following story is from The Presbyterian Journal in 1941. I first heard this poignant parable in a chapel service here at Southwestern by Dr. Bailey Smith entitled, “5 Things in Hell Every Church Needs.” (Click here to listen.) It is a striking and convicting picture of so many churches in America today. I […]

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Authentic Love Does Not Ignore the Issues

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AUTHENTIC LOVE DOES NOT IGNORE THE ISSUES The people-pleaser in me finds it easy to ignore conflict and call it love, to simply end the ordeal with an east, “I forgive you.” However if I want real resolution and lasting peace, I must be willing to dig into difficult issues. Only then can honest resolution […]

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Top Posts of 2015

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Catch up on our favorite BW articles from 2015! Pregnancy + Loss: Three Things I Know for Sure, Sharayah Colter Three Tips to Make Your Family an Organized Team, Katy Crisp Mary and Martha Home Management Tips, Pat Ennis Not a Grey Area: Why Biblical Sexuality is Private Not Prudish, Katie Fruge Maybe You’re {Not} […]

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We'll See You in August!

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We’re taking a short break at BW this summer to enjoy time with family and recharge our batteries. But look for us in August with all new posts.   Until then, catch up on some of these readers’ favorites: Why I’m Glad My Parent’s Didn’t Let Me Choose My Gender, by Maggie Sandusky To the Woman […]

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You're Invited to Tea at 3!

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Headed to Columbus next week for the SBC Annual Meeting? Let’s meet for tea! Join us on Monday, June 15th for Tea at 3: Woman-to-Woman Connection in the Fairfield Room (Hyatt Hotel Level 2) for a lovely Cream Tea and meaningful conversation on women’s theological education, international missions, church planting, and women’s ministry. Plus, the first 100 […]

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How Parenting Draws Us to Thankfulness and Rejoicing

You know the saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees”? Sometimes I feel that way in my parenting role. I stay so intently focused on the “bad” things that my children are doing that I forget to see the good things. I tend to dwell on all the negatives surrounding me and my […]

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