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With six women-specific classes online this fall, there’s something for you, no matter where you are.

Click here for more details on Women’s Programs Fall 2017 Classes.

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Basic Christian Doctrine II. Taught by Dr. Katie McCoy. (Tuesdays or Online; Aug 29 to Oct 17) Two credit hours.

This 7-week class for Student Wives surveys what the Bible says to, for, and about women from Genesis to Revelation. Dr. McCoy focuses on Genesis 1-3 to establish a strong foundation of gender and gives special attention to practical questions of women in the church. This class is available on campus or as a Flex Access online course and is for student wives only.


Intro to Biblical Womanhood. Taught by Dr. Katie McCoy; (Mon/Wed/Fri) Three credit hours.

This undergraduate course surveys what the Bible says to, for, and about women. Dr. McCoy gives special attention to the development of a worldview of gender and womanhood as well as the biblical basis for the equality, distinction, and value of women. This class is available for College students.


Leadership in Women’s Ministry. Taught by Dr. Terri Stovall. (Tu/Th or Online) Three credit hours.

In this class, Dr. Stovall guides women toward developing their own leadership skills as well as a leadership team. The course also addresses issues in leadership that are unique to women’s ministry in the local church. Students gain an arsenal of future ministry tools, including personal evaluations of leadership skills, a plan for leadership development, and an administrative procedural resource. Leadership in Women’s Ministry is available for graduate students and those pursuing the Leadership Certificate in Women’s Ministry. This class is available on campus or as an Asynchronous course.


Overview of the New Testament I. Taught by Professor Karen Yarnell. Tuesdays or Online; Oct 24 to Dec 12) Two hours.

This 7-week class gives student wives an overview of the New Testament. During this class, Mrs. Yarnell equips women to know the authorship, audience, purpose and key doctrines of New Testament books. This class is available on campus or as a Flex Access online course.


Text Driven Communication for Women. Taught by Dr. Candi Finch; (Tu/Th or Online) Three credit hours.

This class equips women to speak publicly with skill and confidence. Dr. Finch guides women in the art of building and delivering a message based on a biblical text. Students will learn how to speak effectively, formulate a central idea and message structure, analyze her audience, and apply her message to others. Special attention will be given to the area of woman-to-woman communication. This course is available to graduate students and can be taken on campus or as a Synchronous (live-interaction) online course.


Wife of the Equipping Minister Taught by Professor Cindy McCoy. (Tuesdays; Aug 29 – Nov 14) Two credit hours.

This 11-week class is a crash-course in the practical issues ministry wives face. Mrs. McCoy’s class takes a whole woman approach, with topics like managing your home and cultivating personal evangelism, maintaining the spiritual disciplines, living a life of hospitality, and navigating the challenges of marriage in the ministry. For women enrolled in the Seminary Studies for Student Wives program, Wife of the Equipping Minister is a required class.


Women in Church History. Taught by Dr. Candi Finch. (Tu/Th or Online) Three credit hours.

This class surveys the many women in church history who have impacted their families, communities, and the world. Dr. Finch introduces students to some of the little-known heroines of the Christian faith. This class is available for Graduate students and can be taken on campus or as a Flex-Access online course.


Women’s Issues. Taught by Dr. Katie McCoy. (Wed/Fri or Online) Three credit hours.

This course studies the various issues facing women in their personal lives, relationships, churches, and communities, as well as issue women face across the world. The student will be introduced to a broad spectrum of issues, and have the opportunity to study in-depth an issue that is important to her. The class includes a whole woman approach to the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual flourishing of women. Women’s Issues is available for graduate students and those pursuing the Leadership Certificate in Women’s Ministry. This class is available on campus or as Asynchronous Online course.


What is a Flex Access Online Course?

Flex Access is way to enroll in an online class and have three ways to participate all providing the same level of teaching as those on our campus.  If a class is listed as Flex Access first, you may join the class live through a website login allowing you to view the course in real time, and experiencing the class as it happens. A second option is to watch the entire recorded class session at a later time. Third, Flex Access also means … if you’re ever around the Fort Worth area or happen to be on the campus of Southwestern Seminary, we encourage you to grab a seat in your own class!


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