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Take Biblical Theology of Womanhood for free! This flexible-access class can be taken on campus or online and is free to anyone wishing to audit the course. Designed as a massive open online course (MOOC)—an innovative educational method practiced by the nation’s leading universities—this in-depth study of the Old Testament answers that question: “What does the Bible have to say about being a woman?” Along with gleaning principles from the lives of biblical women, you will discover a paradigm for biblical womanhood that is comprehensive and non-contradictory.

Taught by Dr. Dorothy Patterson and Professor Candi Finch, the course begins August 26th and ends December 13th. Click here to download the application.

Biblical Theology of Womanhood is a favorite for Southwestern women! Here’s what some of them are saying:

This class wasn’t just the place where I met my best friends as we came together each week to study His Word.  It was also the class where I better understood the heart of God and his plan and purpose for my life as a woman, how I could jump on board with his plan and change the world around me for His glory. I also learned how to articulate that plan better to other women that God brings into my life in my church.  All in all, it was the one class in seminary which I would benefit sitting under year after year (which is why I started re-teaching it when I left and went into ministry myself).  ~ Sarah B.

Whether you lead a woman’s bible study from your home, mentor young women, or want to deepen your understanding of God’s Word and what it says about being a biblical woman, I encourage you to enroll in Dr. Patterson’s Biblical Theology of Womanhood course. You will be in for a treat as you log in from the comfort of your own home and join a legacy of women studying and sharing God’s plan for women. In this course, you will study key biblical passages and wrestle with controversial topics on biblical womanhood. And as your heart and mind are opened to God’s rich and beautiful purpose and plan for creating woman and her role in her home, church, and community, you will be better equipped to teach with confidence God’s design for biblical womanhood, mentor women in the midst of everyday circumstances, and intellectually engage women’s issues in today’s culture. As the Women’s Ministry Director at my church, I am so excited to share this wonderful opportunity with my ladies and encourage them to enroll in what was my favorite class during my seminary studies!” ~ Melissa M.

Biblical Theology of Womanhood was one of my favorite classes, a highlight of my educational journey! Mrs. Patterson brings biblical wisdom, scholarly insight, and proven experience into the classroom, providing the Christian woman with an excellent foundation for life and ministry. What I learned in this class, I continue to apply to this day! So, get ready for an exciting venture through Scripture to explore the biblical paradigm for womanhood! ~ Melody S.

Biblical Theology of Womanhood gave me a solid, historical, biblical and spiritual perspective of womanhood. It is a fantastic course that showed me the value that God places on womanhood, and the ways God uses women to carry out His unique plans. The understanding that I gained in this class gave me a framework on which to build my own life. The best part about the class was learning from godly women who model biblical womanhood on a daily basis. ~ Lauren M.

Whether you’re a ministry leader, college student, Bible study teacher, working woman, or stay-at-home mom (or both!), this class is for every woman who has ever considered how God’s Word relates to us today.

This class will transform your perspective of what it means to be made “woman.”


The Study Bible for Women is the recommended bible for students taking WOMST 3113 Biblical Theology of Womanhood I. (It is not required) Links for purchase are below:

B&H Publishing

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  1. Courtney says:

    Hello! Excited to audit this course. My husband is finishing his B.A. at another seminary and we are currently praying about attending SWBTS for his MDiv. If we came, I’d do coursework through the Studies for Student Wives program. If I audit this course now, would it count toward anything later? Just curious! Thanks! :)

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