A Ministry of Southwestern Seminary's Women's Programs

Madres profesionales

El mundo tiene muchas opiniones sobre el papel de una madre. Necesitamos ser fuertes, organizadas, independientes y muy buenas en las manualidades. ¡Cuando Dios me eligió para ser mamá, no sabía que Pinterest se iba a convertir en mi m... Read More »

Moving Forward

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of returning to a country where I spent two years of my life. I left in 2003, and this was my first time back. As you can imagine, my heart and mind were filled with countless memories of the people... Read More »

Why Should Women Study Theology?

I’ll never forget a poignant “question” I received from a family member when I shared how I was moving to Texas to study theology in a seminary context. This person implicitly stated his opinion about this decision in the form of a qu... Read More »