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We’ll Be Back!

Hey friends – we hope you are enjoying these summer months. At BW, we’re taking a summer break from the blog, but don’t worry, we’ll be back soon! Plus, you’ll still see us on social media to chat and encourage you. In... Read More »


Una de las enseñanzas fundamentales de Proverbios se encuentra en Proverbios 1:7. Aquí encontramos que “el principio de la sabiduría es el temor de Jehová”. De acuerdo con esto la sabiduría en una mujer se origina cuando esta teme ... Read More »

Beware of This Silent Killer

It was two weeks before my wedding. Like all brides, I was worried about the dress, the invitations, and all of the seemingly small details, yet so big in a woman’s mind when it is her turn to marry, without knowing there was somethin... Read More »