2017, Year of Priorities Not Resolutions

Are you viewing 2017 through the lens of the media or the Word of God? The media reports that, among other things, family values are crumbling, lawlessness is rampant, the weather system is producing unprecedented damage, the education system undermines parental authority, the economy is literally bankrupt, and morality is at an all-time low.

However, as a woman seeking to please God, 2017 extends the opportunity to establish priorities rather than resolutions that will allow you to experience a fruitful year in our Lord’s vineyard!

God’s Word states: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jer 29:11 NAS) Your response to my question could set the tone for the priorities you prayerfully establish for your year. If you believe that your heavenly Father holds both the future and your hand, then you will optimistically step out into a new year anticipating to end the year as a Conqueror (Rom 8:35-39). If you listen to the negative report of the media, you have potentially projected a year of failure and the prospect of hitting December 31, 2017 as a Fatality. The choice is yours.

May I offer you some suggestions for priorities that will allow 2017 to be one that continues to mature you into becoming a woman who pleases God?

What is a Priority?

The word priority implies that some things come before or prior to some others—not “instead of.” Spiritual priorities assist us in our quest to become women who please God. Early in my spiritual growth, observation taught me that spiritually mature women establish biblical priorities while weak women only have wishes. If our lives are going to significantly impact the Kingdom of God, we must prayerfully select activities that will contribute to our spiritual growth. Proverbs 16:9 teaches that we should make plans, counting on God to provide direction while Proverbs 23:23 encourages us to get the facts and hold on tightly to all the wisdom we can get. While there’s no “one size fits all” list for us to prioritize our lives by, there are some tactics that assist us in setting and reaching spiritual priorities:

Prayer. It is the most necessary, yet habitually the most neglected tactic in the quest to sort our priorities. Scripture teaches that God has promised to provide all our strength and all of our needs (Phil 4:13, 19), that without Him, we can do nothing (Jn 15:5), and that, with God, all things are possible (Lk 1:37)! Taking the time to petition our heavenly Father helps us prioritize the responsibilities we accept and can multiply our time and reduce stress (1 Pt 5:7-8).

Focus on the eternal rather than the temporal. This strategy requires creativity since we must live in the world (Matt 6:33; 1 Jh 2:15-17), but must not embrace its philosophy. A significant question to pose in decision-making is: Will this choice advance the kingdom of God?

Distinguish between spiritual and personal priorities. A highly organized person can make things happen. When they are organizing, they can be tempted to trust their organizational skills rather than remaining dependent on God—that is why prayer must precede planning (Prov 16:3). I frequently ask myself, “Am I well organized or controlling?” My symptoms of assuming the controlling mode include being manipulative, insisting on my way, failing to provide adequate information to those needing help with the task, withholding affirmation or encouragement, neglecting to express gratitude, and being critical and demanding of others. By God’s grace, each year of my life I become more like Ruth who followed Naomi’s advice and waited (Ruth 3:11), rather than Sarah who took the timing of God’s promise into her own hands (Gen 15:1-18:15, 21:1-7).

Set aside time to meditate. The time that we save far exceeds the time that we spend in planning. I must consistently remember during my planning sessions to refuse to allow the immediate to take the place of the important in my life. It is my prayer that the meditation suggestion that follows will keep your 2017 focused on the eternal rather than the temporal. 

17 Priorities for 2017

I love the book of Proverbs because of the timeless truth and wisdom it contains. As well, it presents the word portrait of God’s ideal woman (Prov 31:10-31). I searched its rich contents and prayerfully crafted seventeen priorities for 2017. They are included for you below. May I encourage you to:

  • Place each priority on a card that you can easily carry with you.
  • On the back of the card write the entire scriptural reference.
  • Weekly meditate on one priority and its accompanying verse for the entire year. Since there are 52 weeks in the year, you will review the priorities a minimum of three times.

Priority One

I will choose to fear (reverence) God because this submissive response is the foundation for all spiritual knowledge and wisdom (Prov 1:7).

Priority Two

I will choose to listen to God because in so doing I will be secure (Prov 1:33).

Priority Three

I will choose to seek wisdom from my heavenly Father’s Word because the words of His mouth are contained in them (Prov 2:6).

Priority Four

I will choose to walk in the way of the good (Prov 2:20).

Priority Five

I will choose to trust my heavenly Father and acknowledge Him in all decisions rather than relying on my experiences (Prov 3:5-6).

Priority Six

I will choose to seek godly wisdom and understanding (Prov 3:13).

Priority Seven

I will choose to be attentive to my heavenly Father’s words and sayings (Prov 4:20).

Priority Eight

I will choose to use my words carefully (Prov 4:24).

Priority Nine

I will choose to use the ant as a role model for my labors (Prov 6:6).

Priority Ten

I will choose to embrace godly wisdom above any other resource (Prov 8:11).

Priority Eleven

I will choose to consider carefully the results of acquiring a prideful spirit (Prov 11:2).

Priority Twelve

I will choose to strive to mature into a gracious woman (Prov 11:16).

Priority Thirteen

I will choose to be slow to anger (Prov 16:32).

Priority Fourteen

I will choose to focus on building my character (Prov 22:1).

Priority Fifteen

I will choose to accept with a teachable spirit the correction from those who are truly my friends (Prov 27:6).

Priority Sixteen

I will choose to dress myself with character qualities that provide me with the spiritual stamina to face the unknown challenges of the future with confidence (Prov 31:25).

Priority Seventeen

I will choose to embrace excellence in 2017 (Prov 31:29)!

Blessings on your year as you focus on being a Conqueror (Rom 8:35-39)!



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