4 Women You Can Reach Out To This Valentine’s Day

For a couple of years now, my group of girlfriends and I have saved a date to gather on Valentine’s Day week to celebrate our friendship. As we grow older and we find ourselves in different seasons—some of us married, some single, and some moms—the uninterrupted time we get to spend together are ones we cherish and protect on our calendars!

One year, we set up a farmhouse table outside under the stars, strung lights in the trees, and celebrated with Italian food well into the evening. Another year, we got all dressed up, booked a reservation at a fancy new restaurant, and spent the night out on the town. Regardless of what we did, however, it was the love and fellowship we shared as sisters in Christ that we were celebrating. More importantly, it was His love we were celebrating since, after all, “we love because He first loved us” (I John 4:19).

As I was browsing the party supply aisles of Homegoods, God began to lay something entirely different on my heart for this year’s celebration. Instead of throwing ourselves a party, why not reach out to those women that do not yet know the love of God? Why not reach them by seeing them in their season, serving them where they are, and sharing the soul-satisfying love of God that fills us every day?

My friends and I set to work, calling different organizations and women’s leaders in our community and churches we knew, and put together a plan to take our party into our community. We wanted to look past ourselves, and bless other women who might not otherwise receive such a celebration.

Would you like to join us? Here are four women to reach out to this Valentine’s Day, plus a list of creative ideas to share God’s love with them!

See, and serve, the broken ones.

Contact your local Southern Baptist Association and inquire about local women’s shelters for domestic abuse survivors and recovering sex trafficking survivors. Many programs invite you to host a holiday party or offer ways you can volunteer. Consider gathering your Valentine’s Day party supplies and host a creative gathering for the women and children in these shelters. Make it personal and purposeful by getting the first names of the women ahead of time and writing each one a handwritten note.

Whether you celebrate over dessert, a full meal, or a creative craft to give them something of their own, introduce God’s love into the conversation.

Here are some verses that the broken woman needs to have written down for them to keep in front of them: Psalm 147:3, Isaiah 61:3, Psalm 140:12, and Revelation 21:4. 

Share your time with the struggling ones.

Turn your party into a time to help women in crisis. Many women who find themselves in a crisis situation desperately need another woman to extend mercy, show compassion, lend a listening ear, and speak truth in love.  They are not only struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, but also heavy decisions, lies from Satan, and familial/relational issues. Contact your Women’s Ministry Director at your local church; they will be able to recommend a crisis pregnancy center that promotes life.

Whether you use your gifts of organization to tidy their donation room, or attend a training to help with the hotline, front desk, or become an advocate, gather your girlfriends and volunteer together. God can only move the hearts of women, but His mercy, compassion, and love can shine through you and soften a layer (or two, or three).

Struggling women need to hear strong women speak these truths over them: Jeremiah 1:5, Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 102:2, and Psalm 25:3.

Share a table with the lonely ones.

As a daughter of a widower, I have come to know firsthand how precious sharing even the simplest parts of everyday life can be for those among us that were once married, but now alone because of death. The possibilities are endless. Consider inviting those widows you know and hosting a Valentine’s party. Before the party, make personal favors for each woman attending.  Thoughtful gifts, regardless of size or expense, are a treasure to those that live by themselves.  Instead of catering, gather in the kitchen and make the meal together. Linger over the stove, the table, and dessert.

Listen to their stories of loss and grief if shared, and follow the Spirit’s leading on how to share these truths with your hand over theirs: Psalm 71:20, Exodus 33:14, and Psalm 119.

Savor God’s hospitality with the hurting ones.

Do you know a woman who is a caregiver or is living with a terminal illness?  Gather your friends and put together a day of pampering, respite, and refreshment for her. Show hospitality. Contact those family members closest to her for ideas on her idea of relaxation, her favorite foods, and what she really needs right now. Whether it is a day at the spa, an overnight getaway at a local hotel, or a day to herself while everything is being taken care of at home, plan a day full of things that breathe life into her.

However you choose to spring the surprise on her, make sure you write these words on her heart by text or hidden notes throughout the day: Psalm 119:28, Psalm 46:1-2, Psalm 62:5, Lamentations 3:23, and Psalm 89:1-2.

 “We love because He first loved us” (I John 4:19).

This year, gather your girlfriends and reach out to other women in your community!  Get together and determine your plan.  Whatever season or crisis they may be in, see them, share your time with them, and shower them with the love that we know and receive because we are co-heirs with Christ. After, catch up and share your thoughts on the day over a delicious dessert and coffee.  I suspect that as you gather with your girlfriends to plan and create these personal and purposeful experiences for other women, grace, mercy, unity, and love will grow and strengthen the cords among you!

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  1. Kelly King says:

    Great ideas Melissa! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Melissa Meredith says:

      Thank you for the kind and encouraging words, Kelly! Thank you for reading; have a blessed day!