Quick, Simple Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Home

Do you ever watch those shows on HGTV where they can restage a home in it seems like a few hours? I never cease to be amazed at just how much they can do with such a small budget and time.

When you see the same home day-in-and-day-out, sometimes you just want to make small changes to refresh your space without spending little to no money. Anyone can make simple changes to their home without having to paint a wall or buy new furniture. Below are some easy and practical tips on how to rejuvenate your home on a dime!


  • The most inexpensive ways to refresh your space is to change out your current pillows, blankets, candles, and silk flower arrangements. You can completely change the feeling of your home by simply swapping out pillows or pillow covers.


  • Use things you are passionate about to tell a story in your home. Being a pastor, my husband collects Bibles. Some of these were passed down to him from family members and influential men in his life. We have displayed several in his office where he studies and some throughout the living areas of our home.


  • When creating a new color scheme, stick with three primary colors and carry them throughout your entire home.


  • Want a fresh new look for free? Ever since I was little, I have gotten tired of things pretty quickly. I remember every week rearranging the furniture in my bedroom for a new look every week. I do the same thing now. Rearranging a side table or chair can make a huge impact when you do not want to spend any money. I also try and change out the pictures I put in picture frames, colors of silk flowers in vases, colors of candles I set out, books for the coffee table, colors of dish towels hanging on the stove, and dishes I display in our china hutch. This provides an effect of newness throughout your home without having to buy a thing!


  • I am a huge advocate for your home being a silent witness to those who enter. I love to display Scripture on pillows, plates, and a wooden chalkboard piece we have hanging in our living room. My husband and I made a decision early on that we wanted to have a Bible and Scripture in every room in our home.


One thought on “Quick, Simple Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Home”

  1. Pam says:

    Good tips in this article!! When choosing colors in decorating my home, what worked for me was somewhat different than going w/ 3 main colors to use throughout. For me personally, I basically went with what ‘felt’ right for each room. Hence, my kitchen, dining room & living room are in soft, muted ‘fall’ colors. Our bedroom is mainly blue with yellow and green accents. Master bath is mainly green and yellow. Main bath is mainly red and tan. Almost if not all these colors, I tend to go w/ soft and muted versions. Again, just me. 🙂