Who We Are

Distinctly feminine.
Doctrinally faithful.
Devotedly fearless.

At Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, we are training women to be just that! The Women’s Programs at Southwestern introduces women to the marketplace of ideas, preparing them for meaningful woman-to-woman ministry and equipping them to make an eternal impact in their entire sphere of influence.

The Women’s Programs student acquires a cogent and scripturally informed perspective of her Creator’s design for womanhood that is capable of bearing up under the cultural pressures of a post-feminist age. She gains a theological foundation that is bedrock of truth in a world of philosophically shifting sand. And she is sharpened by women of common convictions who have dedicated themselves to courageously living out biblical womanhood without compromise.

As a ministry of the Women’s Programs at Southwestern, you’ll find women of both conviction and compassion at BiblicalWoman.org. We invite you to discover the educational opportunities for women at Southwestern Seminary. We invite you to add your voice to the discussion at the BWVoices blog. And we invite you to join us in the journey, as we strive to be biblical women. Whether you are interested in furthering your education, looking for like-minded friends, fleshing out your own beliefs or finding a safe place to ask the tough questions, this online community is just for you. So join the movement. Add your voice. Be a Biblical Woman.