Are You Not More Valuable Than They?

It was a complete surprise – a wonderfully sweet surprise.  We were expecting our second baby! In a time riddled with trials, it seemed God had finally given us something to rejoice over.  While at the doctor visits, we glimpsed the small head and body that God had so lovingly knit together and heard that precious heartbeat that filled our hearts with unspeakable love and joy.  We began telling friends and family about our new little one and making plans for a nursery and the changes that were on the way in the coming months.

In just a few short weeks everything changed.

It was a day like any other, except for some bothersome symptoms that would not go away.  After increasing concern, we decided to visit the emergency room. While waiting to be seen by the hospital staff, we tried to be positive and remain hopeful.  The ultrasound tech entered the room and lathered up my belly with the cold gel, all with the anticipation of examining our little miracle.  I chatted nervously with her, once again trying to stay optimistic.  At eleven and half weeks, our baby (who I was convinced was a boy), no bigger than a poker chip, was in trouble. The words came that we never wanted to hear, “There is no heartbeat.”

No heartbeat. The words the hospital staff said as they discharged us stand out so vividly, “We are so sorry for your loss.” Our loss. But this little soul was now sitting on Jesus’ lap and would never have to experience the troubles, heartaches, and evil of this world. It was our loss but this little one’s gain. The words, “we are sorry for your loss” are the words sadly spoken to families after tragedies, accidents and long battles with sickness. But they are not the words uttered after someone has a tumor removed or after part of the body fails to function. I didn’t know anything about these medical workers’ relationship with the Lord, but in this world that so quickly desires to strip these souls of their dignity, they still recognized that it was a loss.

When God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, He did not just speak them into existence. The Master Craftsman fashioned this man and woman with His hands, masterfully shaping them into His image and giving them breath of life. When sin entered the world and mankind became separated from God, He implemented His great plan of salvation.  Our Savior came to this earth in the very form of His creation and willingly paid the penalty for all our sins by laying down His life on the cross. The Creator, Life Giver, All-Wise Lord did not die to save the suffering whales, abused animals, or abandoned pets, but to save His image bearers. O how valuable, loved and cherished are we!!

As Christians, we are called to live differently than the world and positively influence the culture around us. Why are we surprised at the direction our culture is headed when we, even as Christians, have cheapened human life in almost every area?  Once we began to question the value of life at any point, where does it stop? Will it cease in our schools where unspeakable violence has become commonplace? Will it come to an end with the media that says we are not good enough and that our lives are not worth living unless we look a particular way, have certain possessions or take part in certain activities?  We continue to see the countless lives taken by their own hands because they have bought into this lie.  What about the churches across our vast nation that have become so seeker-sensitive they will change the gospel to soothe our itching ears?  Will it stop in our homes, where we tear down our family and others around us with our harsh words and thoughtless actions?

My third child, who is four months old, is sleeping on my chest and as I write. My thoughts focus on each life, just like his, that was not considered precious and those lives that still aren’t aware of how prized they truly are.  God lovingly created them, sacrificially died for them and He has specific plans for them.  God had a plan for our second child when He took him home to be with Him that memorable night before Easter.  The meaning of Easter brought us such unspeakable comfort in knowing that God valued the life of our baby.  This undoubtedly demonstrates how perfectly valuable all our lives are, no matter how big or small!

Human life must first be valued in my own heart. Only then can I cherish those around me as I love them the way God loves me. I must live my life in such a way that my children, family, neighbors, and friends know that I treasure their lives and so does my loving Savior. “Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But the very hairs of your head are numbered. So, do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.” Matthew 10:29-31.

You and all those with whom you cross paths are immensely treasured by your Creator and Savior.

How will you live out this truth today?


Chelsea McCurdy moved to Fort Worth three months ago with her husband, Scotty, 3 1/2 year-old-daughter, Harper, and 6-month-old son, Tripp. Her husband is a Master of Divinity student at Southwestern Seminary. Chelsea enjoys exploring the new city with her family, taking walks, watching her kids grow and learn, coffee, and Christmas lights. She also loves to encourage other moms and women in their daily walk with Christ.