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Stuck in the Routine of Daily Quiet Times?

Following Jesus requires discipline. We all know this and we all have more victorious seasons than others.  However, when we decide to follow Jesus with everything in our being we also often lean towards the legalistic bent of that calling... Read More »

Thriving in a Time of Frustration

Lord, what on earth do you want me to do with my life? I’m ready! Where do you want me? Read More »

But…What If I'm Not Happy?

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  This famous phrase found in our country’s “Declaration of Independence” defines the people who inhabit this great land of the United States.  In fact, the “pursuit of happiness... Read More »

Don't You Love a Good Love Story?

I love a good love story.  What woman doesn’t?  How many women do you know who are not curious about how a married couple met and how the man proposed?  We are all drawn to those stories that are love at first sight, the conflicting ba... Read More »

So We're Living Together…What's the Big Deal?

What a precious baby girl! …Wait. She belongs to my old college roommate? No way! …Wait. Did I miss her wedding? As I curiously stalk my old roommate on Facebook I realize I hadn’t missed anything. Not even an engagement. Just the rea... Read More »

My Downton Disposition: How TV is Teaching Us

If you are like me and thousands of women across the nation (and Europe too!), the hit drama Downton Abbey consumed your Sunday nights for the first few months of this year.  After getting my Downton fix, I often found myself talking to my... Read More »

Weighing In on Your Weight-Loss Battle

Jill lost 17 pounds and went down to a size 4. Barbara lost 50 pounds and finally is able to fit into her size 12 pants.  But, hey, that’s nothing compared to Stephanie who lost 75 pounds and not only fits into her size 6 pants, size 8 ... Read More »

PMS with Self-Control…Yes, It's Possible

  I hope you find yourself in this comic strip.  If you don’t, forget reading the rest of this post.  How many days have I walked through this exact scenario?  How many months of my life do I have this exact experience and more? ... Read More »

Discontent with Discontentment

There I was in my closet – crying.  The all too familiar pitiful scene of a mascara-stained face looking heavenward, crying out to God, not understanding why His timing hadn’t caught up with mine. What was I even crying about?  My... Read More »

Date Like a Princess

In the realm of Christian dating, what exactly is the best model?  We have so many choices!  We can always wait for a man to court us. We can go the route of the “normal” dating scene. We can go online. We can do a mixture of courting... Read More »