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'Temporary' Temper Tantrums

You have probably heard it in the store, a scream that escalates in pitch and volume.  A harried parent who just told their child “no” relents and the child triumphantly clutches the item he just won with his angry outburst.  The chil... Read More »

Martha, Martha, Martha! Kicking Your Anxiety to the Curb

As I raced through the house trying to restore order I was barking out brief staccato commands to my children.  Suddenly my youngest stopped me and asked “Mom, are we having company tonight?”  God used her innocent question that day t... Read More »

When Anxiety Comes Knocking

Many of us have felt it – suddenly, a little gerbil starts spinning its wheel right in the middle of our chests! Our minds race to keep up and our thoughts become prods that drive us from one place to the next.  Living life at such a fra... Read More »

A Life of Forgiveness, Listening to Joseph

Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. (Rom 12:17a) This is difficult to live out. The opportunity to repay evil with evil is certainly there since we live life in a fallen world. We are sinned against and we , in turn, sin against them. ... Read More »

Learning from Grief, Listening to Job

No doubt, you’re familiar with the story of Job. But have you considered that, just like Job, our response to tragedy and difficulty reveals our hearts? Job’s crisis was completely unexpected and utterly incomprehensible.  This bla... Read More »

What Story Will Your Marriage Tell?

My parents are moving to Texas.  He is 87 and she is 88.  They have taken care of each other for a lifetime and when she gently told him that she needed our help, the issue was settled. I cannot imagine how difficult this change must be f... Read More »

Walking the Tightrope: Thinking Critically Without Being Critical

One of the challenges of ministering to others is dealing with what we know about them.  Fellow believers come to us with hurts and sorrows and we end up knowing more than we ever thought we would.  They entrust us with their lives and we... Read More »

The Real Issue Behind Our Words

By the time my first child reached the age of two, I was desperate!  My strong-willed daughter needed little sleep, and God was using the stress of exhaustion to expose my heart.  He already knew what was there, but I was clueless.  I wa... Read More »

The Gift of Pressure: How God Reveals Our Hearts

I can just hear the women as they bundled babies, chased children, and repeatedly packed and unpacked belongings with each move.  It was after all the wilderness and any complaints were surely justified – just consider the circumstan... Read More »

Loving God by Caring for Our Bodies

As I made the long climb up the steps with my fellow exercisers, we greeted each other as we had for so many mornings.  It was 6:20 am and the sun wasn’t entirely up but we were!  As we hauled weights and mats to our meeting place, one ... Read More »