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Why Should a Woman Pursue Theological Education?

Every woman ought to study God’s Word, seeking to know the heavenly Father, to understand His principles for godly living, to discover His solutions to problems and disappointments, and to equip herself for service in His kingdom. An educ... Read More »

Tyranny Is Every Woman’s Fight

Women have been affected and hurt by tyranny for generations. Eliminating tyranny is not likely, so how do Christian women respond to tyranny crushing the lives of those whom they hold dear and planting itself into the home and family? We d... Read More »

Should I Hold Off on Having Children?

Dear Dottie, My husband and I decided that, until he is finished with his education, I would work full time to support us. I have a great job that pays the bills and I’m happy to work during this season. While we both want to start a fami... Read More »

What Is a Woman Who Wants to Serve Christ to Do?

Biblical Woman Statement, #8: Ministry – We believe that every Christian woman is called to fulfill the Great Commission and has the opportunity for significant service in the Kingdom of God; that all service to Christ according to biblic... Read More »

Dear Dottie: My Husband Won't Let Me Go to Church

Dear Dottie, I came to Christ a little over a year ago. Since then, I found a strong church family, was baptized, and started attending the worship service along with a women’s Bible study. My husband, who is not a believer, has been... Read More »

To Receive is To Give

. . . and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He himself said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)  This poignant beatitude from the lips of Jesus is so typical of the Savior. Though not found in the four ... Read More »

What Makes a "Great" Grandparent?

USA TODAY (9/5/14) featured a poll “What makes a ‘great’ grandparent?” 39% teaching/passing on values 36% not interfering with parental role 21% maintaining one’s health 17% not overindulging grandkids 7% embracing new technology ... Read More »

Dear Dottie, Can Women Be Deacons

Dear Dottie, Can women be deacons? I came across Phoebe’s name in Romans 16 and Paul called her a deaconess. But in my church, I see that only men serve as deacons. Why is this? Sincerely, An Inquisitive Friend   Dear Inquisiti... Read More »

Summer Reading List

Reading is one of the most profitable and edifying as well as entertaining disciplines. I describe even “fun” reading as a discipline because no one ever read a book from first page to last sentence without having some measure of disci... Read More »

A Salute to Mothers

Many women could have answered this classified ad: Woman wanted to help in house. 18-hour day. 7-day week. Must have experience in cooking sewing, medicine, child care, and psychology, law, elementary electricity and household repairs, book... Read More »