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Dear Dottie: Why Aren't Working Women In Your New Homemaking Book?

Dear Dottie, I was looking through The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook in the bookstore yesterday. It looks like a wonderful resource, but I noticed something missing. No where in the book (and I just checked the Table of Contents on A... Read More »

Dear Dottie, What are Your Travel Tips?

Dear Dottie, I’m preparing for my first mission trip! Actually, it’s my first time to ever travel out of the country. I’m excited (a little nervous) and a little overwhelmed at all that I will need to bring with me. I heard that you t... Read More »

Making Christmas Memorable

Make this year’s celebration of Christmas more meaningful to you, your family, and friends! Here are some ways to do just that:   Announce Your Intentions. In the Greek New Testament the word translated gospel (euaggelion, from eu me... Read More »

Dear Dottie, from a Not-So-Domestic Diva

Dear Dottie, I hear so many women talk about hospitality and frankly, it just sounds intimidating! I feel an incredible pressure to make everything go off without a hitch – getting my house perfectly clean, planning and preparing a dinner... Read More »

Dear Dottie, How Do I Heal After a Miscarriage?

Dear Dottie, I’ve been married for three years now and have been wanting to start having children. About four months ago, I discovered that I was pregnant and I was elated! But my happiness ended when last month I miscarried my baby. I’... Read More »

Dear Dottie, I Feel Too Independent to be Married!

Dear Dottie, What advice would you give women who are transitioning from singleness to marriage?  Unlike my parents, the Lord did not give me the opportunity to marry while I was young.  I’m in my late 20s and my husband is in his l... Read More »

Dear Dottie, I Feel Unworthy in My Marriage

Dear Dottie, I have been married for a few months now. The Lord blessed me with a wonderful, godly man who desires to seek the Lord in all that he does. He treats me with gentleness and care, and often does little things to show how much he... Read More »

Dear Dottie, I'm a better teacher than he is!

Dear Dottie, I’ve always loved to study God’s Word and have taught a Bible study for several years. Because of my husband’s job, we recently relocated and settled into a church that is much smaller than our previous one, and began att... Read More »

Dear Dottie: What's All This About Head Coverings?!?

Dear Dottie, I’ve noticed that you wear hats during worship services and it sparked my curiosity. Do you wear them because of 1 Corinthians 11’s command that women should cover their heads in church? I must confess I’ve always been a ... Read More »

Dear Dottie, Is the OT Unfair to Women?

Dear Dottie, This year my goal is to read the Bible from beginning to end for the very first time. As I’ve plodded through Leviticus and Numbers I found myself confused (and I must confess, a little offended) by some of the embarrassing l... Read More »