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Why Bargain With God?

Once there was a woman who loved God deeply. She knew that He was good and she tried to follow Him every day out of gratitude for all that He had done for her. He was all she needed. But this woman had a deep desire to be married. And as he... Read More »

To the Woman Facing Change

To the woman standing knee high in boxes as she packs up her life. To the woman sitting on an examination table who was just told she is facing an uphill battle. To the woman who just lost a loved one. To the woman who just wore a cap and g... Read More »

A Tale of Stained Hands

Once there was a girl. One day, she sinned. But it was only a little sin. Yet, she noticed that after she sinned, she ended up with a drop of red that stained the skin of her hands. The next time she sinned, another small drop of red staine... Read More »

More Musical Musings: When It’s Not Your Fault

Last time I posted, I wrote about the Into to the Woods song, “So It’s Your Fault!” addressing the need of our generation to accept responsibility for our actions instead of shifting the blame. (Click here to read it.) In the song, m... Read More »

Musical Musings and Real Life: What I Learned from "Into the Woods"

I went to see Into the Woods, the latest movie-musical to hit the big screen. In case you haven’t seen it, the story is divided into two parts. The first part is the happily ever after of all the whimsical fairy tales. Everyone celebrate... Read More »

Why We Go

[Editor’s Note: The following post is from a journal entry after a recent return trip to India, where Kennedy had served for two years.] Six years ago, I moved to South Asia. This week I returned. From the day I left to the day I retu... Read More »

I Want to Be Great!

It’s the blessing and curse of our generation. We’ve grown up with grand dreams and been taught that we can do anything. We plan and toil and hope and dream and sweat and bleed because we want to be great. We want to be remembered. We w... Read More »

When Bad Things Happen to Good Missionaries

This past month has been a heartbreaking time for missionaries. News of a child dying, shootings, a wife being placed on life support, terminal illness, and perhaps most renowned, a missionary doctor contracting the deadly Ebola virus. Even... Read More »

A Letter to the Creative Christian

Dear Creative Christian, Yes, I’m talking to you. The woman who delves into the arts. The artist with paint splotches hiding beneath your bangs. The musician whose fingers continually drum to the beat of the song running through your head... Read More »

3 Things to Remember in Facing Your Fears

One of my favorite scenes in Indiana Jones occurs at the end of the Last Crusade. Indiana Jones comes to the edge of a cliff with no way forward. He glances to the side, but there is no way around. He rereads the clue that tells him that... Read More »