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3 Things to Remember in Facing Your Fears

One of my favorite scenes in Indiana Jones occurs at the end of the Last Crusade. Indiana Jones comes to the edge of a cliff with no way forward. He glances to the side, but there is no way around. He rereads the clue that tells him that... Read More »

The World Outside My Doorstep

Today, I went walking through a store. I passed two men arguing in Hindi. I walked beside a group of students chatting in some language I didn’t understand. I ran into a woman wearing a churidar kameez. Where was I, you ask? ...Kroger in ... Read More »

Letting Go of the Divine Bargain

Once there was a woman who loved God deeply. She knew that He was good and she tried to follow him every day out of gratitude for all that He had done for her. He was all she needed. But this woman had a deep desire to be married. And as he... Read More »