What Do You Think of Beyoncé and the "New Feminism?"

What exactly does it mean to be a “feminist” in Hollywood these days?

Beyoncé, a world-known fashion and music icon, gave a 15-minute shout out to feminism at the close of the VMS’s this past Sunday night. Just seconds after doing so, social media was sent into a frenzy. Although Beyoncé was dressed in a sequined leotard surrounded by minimally dressed female and male dancers, that was not at all what people around the world were fixed upon. Instead, they were talking about the background. Displayed on a giant screen behind her in large block letters was the word: Feminist.

Using her VMA performance as a huge platform, Beyoncé used her time to share a medley focused on female empowerment. Since Sunday, other celebrities have spoken out in support of her performance and ideas, making this a trending topic across the globe. But what exactly do they support? The feminist movement of the 1960’s and 70’s was originally concerned with the gender equality of man and woman, particularly in the workplace. While the solutions it offered were flawed, it did try to address many valid concerns.

This is not at all the issue we are dealing with today.

Beyoncé has never once addressed discrimination against women in the workplace or gender equality. She is addressing a new wave of feminism. This new wave of feminism is focused on the empowerment of women and a woman’s sexuality. This new wave of feminism is encouraging women of all ages to embrace their sexuality and follow what makes them happy. This view is solely based on selfishness, pride, and throwing all rules and modesty out the window.

Quite the saddest part of the night was not all of the tweets from young women praising Beyoncé for what she did or the standing ovation thereafter. The saddest part of the night was at the very end of her performance, when she gave a shout-out to her Christian faith: “I just thank God for this moment.” With reporters and TV hosts calling this moment in the VMA’s an emotional journey or a way for women to take a stand, the church must be ready to address and give a biblical response to this event.

We must proclaim God’s design for women found in His Word. God’s Word is living and active and able to convict the soul. Scripture clearly defines gender distinctions and roles between man and woman specifically in Genesis, although evident all throughout Scripture (Gen. 1:26-28, Gen. 2:18-25, Eph. 5:22-33). We must not be more influenced by what E! News and MTV say, but what Scripture clearly teaches. The young woman that sits in the pew on Sunday is the same young woman that sat on her couch soaking up every word that Beyoncé was proclaiming Sunday night. We need to constantly engage young woman about the ideas confronting them in the culture and point them to the truth of God’s Word.

What do you think of the new feminism? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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3 thoughts on “What Do You Think of Beyoncé and the "New Feminism?"”

  1. Karen Yarnell says:

    So glad you wrote this, Jessica. I think this will be the next big issue we need to address with women. Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, also a self proclaimed feminist, are very influential, even in the minds of Christian young girls! The problem is that when these musicians flaunt their sexuality onstage, men and women become enslaved to their sexual desires and often enslave others to meet those desires. Instead of freedom, it is slavery.

  2. Sarah Robinson says:

    I just wanted to agree with Karen Y.

    Thank you, Jessica, for reminding us that the young girls we saw/taught Sunday morning were hopefully just as intrigued with what was being taught in church rather than her living room TV set that evening. It is so easy, even as Christians, to “ooo and ahhh” at the World’s spotlight. The Enemy tweaks and emphasizes the slightest difference. Look where that difference in direction from God’s Word has lead us.

  3. Kris says:

    I thank you for your honesty and candor in which you address this new way of thought. How heart breaking to our Lord and how devastating to our future generations. We can only stand firm as Paul taught and lead well with the love of Christ to a generation of women who are truly in a struggle for their eternal souls. Thank you again for bringing this truth to light and helping all of us better understand this impact on society.

    We must continue to run the race well. We must encourage and share with all who we meet along our paths.
    Keep serving Him well…k