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Una de las enseñanzas fundamentales de Proverbios se encuentra en Proverbios 1:7. Aquí encontramos que “el principio de la sabiduría es el temor de Jehová”. De acuerdo con esto la sabiduría en una mujer se origina cuando esta teme ... Read More »

Beware of This Silent Killer

It was two weeks before my wedding. Like all brides, I was worried about the dress, the invitations, and all of the seemingly small details, yet so big in a woman’s mind when it is her turn to marry, without knowing there was somethin... Read More »

Cuidado: Puedes ser propenso a este asesino silencioso

Fue dos semanas antes de mi boda. Cómo todas las novias, estaba preocupada con el vestido, las invitaciones, y todos los detalles más pequeños, pero tan grandes en la mente de una mujer cuando le toca a ella casarse, saber que había alg... Read More »

An Audience of One

Once, when I was nervous about playing the piano for a church service, I asked my friend to pray for me. She texted a response, “I pray you will play for an audience of one.” An audience of One. To please and honor only One. As I played... Read More »

SWBTS Increases Opportunities for Women

We’re thrilled to share this significant news for women at Southwestern Seminary! Dr. Terri Stovall, formerly dean of women’s academic programs, has been named Dean of Women and now represents all women at Southwestern. In a Southwester... Read More »

Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Classroom

What did I learn this year? That’s all I can think as I sit in the student center watching a couple decorate for their wedding. While there are a lot of feelings about that, I think the best thing right now is to look back at this past sc... Read More »

Creada para Él

Porque en él fueron creadas todas las cosas, las que hay en los cielos y las que hay en la tierra, visibles e invisibles; sean tronos, sean dominios, sean principados, sean potestades; todo fue creado por medio de él y para él. (Colosens... Read More »

Resources for Women in Leadership

What is the most important resource for women in leadership? Dr. Terri Stovall partners with LifeWay to share the most vital action you can take to impact your leadership potential: . . . How can I use my gifts and calling as a woman in min... Read More »


MUJER DE LA BIBLIA es el nombre de este espacio donde mujeres nos comunicamos con otras mujeres acerca de temas que se relacionan con la Biblia. Pareciera algo sencillo, sin embargo, te invito a reflexionar si tú eres una de esas mujeres. ... Read More »

Hook Ups and the Whole Person

3 Dating Considerations for Christian Parents & Young People When I was in my early 20s, I experienced several dating situations in my life which eventually left me extremely confused. I had spent the last five years dating different gu... Read More »