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Preparando el nido

Hace unas semanas, tuve la oportunidad de visitar una reserva natural en la Provincia de Chubut, sobre el Océano Atlántico, en mi país, Argentina, donde se encuentra la mayor colonia continental de pingüinos patagónicos —pingüinos d... Read More »

Exchange Stressed for Blessed This Holiday Season

It’s that special time of year again, and like so many of you, it is one I look forward to all year long.  The warmth of home. The love of family. The joy of friends.  As a self-proclaimed “celebrator,” I love everything abo... Read More »

Red-Letter Words for Red-Letter Days

We all have special days – birthdays, wedding days, and special occasions. For centuries, certain dates have been printed in red on the calendar to indicate they were distinct and worth celebrating. That’s why we call special events... Read More »

El Amor Ágape: 3 Roles Importantes para la Mujer Cristiana de Hoy

Cuando me comprometí con quien ahora es mi esposo, mi mentora espiritual me dio una copia de un libro que trataba acerca de cómo la toma de decisiones basadas en el amor (ágape) de Dios es la respuesta a todos los problemas que pudiése... Read More »

Are You Not More Valuable Than They?

It was a complete surprise – a wonderfully sweet surprise.  We were expecting our second baby! In a time riddled with trials, it seemed God had finally given us something to rejoice over.  While at the doctor visits, we glimpsed the... Read More »

Where are you walking, sister?

Sometimes my life feels like a vacation in the Garden of Eden! Because I work at and attend Southwestern Seminary, about 95% of my week is spent among believers. Although this “vacation” is just for a short season of my life, it has bee... Read More »

Amando a Los Demás

Alguna vez te ha sucedido algo que te recuerda qué es realmente importante en esta vida?  Recientemente, el Señor me recordó a través de la muerte de una niña pequeña que amar bien hace la diferencia en esta vida y por la eternidad. ... Read More »

From Babies to Teens: Going Back to the Basics of Parenting

When we first began to have children, I truly loved the birth through preschool years. I was confident in what I was doing, and the calling God had on my life. Yes, there were stressful times, but overall, I was in control. However, my kids... Read More »

Psalm 49 Answers My Fear of Not Being Enough

Recently my family has undergone a lot of life changes. Some are good, like the birth of my daughter. Some are sad, like a cross-country move away from friends. Some are just hard. I find, in this season, my heart yearns for something more ... Read More »

Confiar en Dios

Todos los días las creyentes hacen decisiones que manifiestan su confianza en Dios. No obstante, la experiencia de confiar en Dios no siempre debería de ser experimentada cuando la confianza propia se agota y no queda más remedio que con... Read More »