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When God Doesn’t Do as I Ask

One night, when I was in college, I couldn’t fall asleep. I accidently had too much caffeine, and for hours I tossed and turned, fitfully coveting rest. In the morning, I was scheduled to take a very important exam, and I knew that if I d... Read More »

Removiendo barreras para ganar la carrera

El cristiano está llamado a perseverar en su vida espiritual no importa la persecución o las barreras que pueda enfrentar en el camino.  Cristo llamó a cada creyente a compartir su mensaje de salvación al mundo entero (Mateo 28:18-20).... Read More »

Girl, Same Here! How our desire to be relatable is hurting our morals.

If you have much of an involvement on social media, you may have picked up on some of the “unofficial” rules of communicating with others on these various platforms. You have probably noticed one guideline that condemns “shaming”, e... Read More »

Encomienda y confía en Dios

El diccionario de la lengua española presenta gran similitud en los significados de las palabras “encomendar” y “confiar”. Encomendar: “encargar a alguien que haga algo o que cuide de algo o de alguien”; “ponerse en manos de ... Read More »

Sparking Joy: How Marie Kondo Revealed a Blind Spot in My Faith

I’m a mess, and I don’t just mean figuratively. Coming home from a full-time job, while juggling school and a new marriage has kept me so occupied, I find it hard to regularly organize my things. My husband, however, is not, and because... Read More »

El esposo (novio) perfecto

Según una publicación del 2018 en el blog weddingwire.com, el 14 de febrero es el segundo día más popular para las propuestas de matrimonio, precedido por el 25 de diciembre. El mes de febrero se ha comercializado como el mes del amor. ... Read More »

God is Not Silent About Sexual Assault

God is not silent about sexual abuse. The Bible neither covers up nor ignores sexual assault. God’s law shows how the Lord takes up the cause of the victim and the vulnerable. There is one passage in particular, Deuteronomy 22:23-27... Read More »


En los tiempos que nos ha tocado vivir, no es fácil agradar a los demás.  Se nos demanda mucho para ser agradables a otros. Y sí, es importante ser agradables a los demás pues no vivimos solos y debemos mostrar amabilidad y amor hacia ... Read More »

The Secrets of Self-Harm

She sat in my office stiff and straight-backed looking down at my desk as though something was keeping this 16 year old girls’ rapt attention. She twirled her hair. She bit her lip. She looked at her shoes. She fussed with the sleeves of ... Read More »

Psalm 143: Just Don’t Be Silent

What do you do when faced with a frustrating situation? Have you ever tried to make your point and people just won’t listen? Have you ever expected something to happen, only to be disappointed once again? Been relentlessly targeted as a s... Read More »