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Learning Value and Finding Dignity through Loss

Nothing makes a person consider the true value and dignity of life than being slapped in the face with the reality of loss. On my phone, there is a photograph…one that I catch a glimpse of everyday – sometimes intentionally, sometim... Read More »

A Biblical Model for Mentoring

Carole and Jessica sit across from each other and the awkwardness is evident. Today is the first time this mentor and mentee are meeting and neither really knows what to do or say.  They both have the same thought. . .  “Now what?” As... Read More »

Jesús, Sanador y Salvador

Leer: Marcos 5:25-34 En mi época, en mi país, cuando a las niñas les llegaba su primer periodo decían que “ya cantó el gallo.” Toda la familia se enteraba de que la niña ¡ahora era una señorita! y hasta era motivo de alegría. B... Read More »

Building For Eternity

After countless trips of gathering sand and water, my sand castle was finally standing tall. But, I quickly noticed that the ocean waves were coming increasingly closer to overtaking it. With great panic, I began building a wall-like barrie... Read More »

How Crying in Coffee Shop Taught Me About Abiding in Christ

So, it’s funny to find yourself crying at a coffee shop. I don’t mean “haha” funny …because bursting into tears in any public place isn’t fun. However, it’s funny because this is not the first time I found myself crying in a c... Read More »

En Su Palabra Meditaré

El semestre pasado, en una de mis clases, el profesor nos estaba enseñando sobre el cristianismo primitivo y su relación con las Escrituras.  En aquel tiempo, los cristianos no disponían de una copia impresa de la Biblia, y es por eso q... Read More »

Trade the Mirage of Lies for the Message of Truth

A few nights ago, my husband and I watched the movie, A Wrinkle in Time, which is based on a book by the same title. I, unlike my husband, have not read the book. So, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Though, at times, I found it to be a litt... Read More »

Lord, Until When? A Plea From Psalm 13

How many times do I find myself in circumstances that make life seem so frustrating? Oftentimes when the word “circumstances” comes to mind, I associate it with situations that are negative.  There are times when a state of affairs lea... Read More »

Guarda Tu Corazón

Hace algunos años se popularizó una canción que invitaba a que escucharás tu corazón “listen to your heart.” Muchos cantaban la melodía pegajosa y quizá practicaban aquel peligroso consejo.  Para muchas mujeres esto es común ho... Read More »

Biblical Hospitality From Her Bed

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” (Rom. 15:7). …as Christ has welcomed you. In her book, Table Life: Saving the Hospitality of Jesus in your Home, author Joanne Thompson says “opening up ... Read More »