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Changing the World from Your Front Door

Let’s be honest, hospitality gets a bad rap. We have hijacked the definition of hospitality and replaced it with social entertaining that conjures up ideas of perfectly adorned rooms, dinner parties, and elaborate table settings. But, wha... Read More »


Change doesn’t happen unless you decide to put in the effort. This may seem like a “no-brainer” fact of life, but if you’re anything like me, you sometimes go to bed with the ridiculous notion that tomorrow will be different, not be... Read More »

Eclipse lunar

Salmo 19:1: “Los cielos cuentan la gloria de Dios, y el firmamento anuncia la obra de sus manos”. Hace unos días, aquí en Argentina, se produjo el primer eclipse total de luna del año. Fue todo un acontecimiento que acaparó la atenc... Read More »

Are You Living With a Misconception of Grace?

Never before have I heard the phrase, “Can I have grace?” so often since becoming a dean at a Bible school.  And why shouldn’t I?  We all want grace. We get pulled over for speeding, and we do everything in our power to convince t... Read More »

La integridad

Júzgame, oh Jehová, porque yo en mi integridad he andado; He confiado asimismo en Jehová sin titubear. Salmos 26:1 Escuché hace poco a un predicador que explicaba el origen latín de la palabra integridad. Este relataba cómo los soldad... Read More »

When God Doesn’t Do as I Ask

One night, when I was in college, I couldn’t fall asleep. I accidently had too much caffeine, and for hours I tossed and turned, fitfully coveting rest. In the morning, I was scheduled to take a very important exam, and I knew that if I d... Read More »

Removiendo barreras para ganar la carrera

El cristiano está llamado a perseverar en su vida espiritual no importa la persecución o las barreras que pueda enfrentar en el camino.  Cristo llamó a cada creyente a compartir su mensaje de salvación al mundo entero (Mateo 28:18-20).... Read More »

Girl, Same Here! How our desire to be relatable is hurting our morals.

If you have much of an involvement on social media, you may have picked up on some of the “unofficial” rules of communicating with others on these various platforms. You have probably noticed one guideline that condemns “shaming”, e... Read More »

Encomienda y confía en Dios

El diccionario de la lengua española presenta gran similitud en los significados de las palabras “encomendar” y “confiar”. Encomendar: “encargar a alguien que haga algo o que cuide de algo o de alguien”; “ponerse en manos de ... Read More »

Sparking Joy: How Marie Kondo Revealed a Blind Spot in My Faith

I’m a mess, and I don’t just mean figuratively. Coming home from a full-time job, while juggling school and a new marriage has kept me so occupied, I find it hard to regularly organize my things. My husband, however, is not, and because... Read More »