BW Reads: Spiritual Warfare for Women

Spiritual warfare is real, but how serious is it and what do the enemy’s attacks look like? How do I battle them? Leighann McCoy addresses these questions and more through scripture and personal testimony in her book Spiritual Warfare for Women: Winning the Battle for Your Home, Family and Friends. After ministering to women for years in the church alongside her pastor-husband, and going on to become a popular speaker and writer, Leighann teaches these truths about spiritual warfare with understanding, experience and biblical authority. She concludes that “the enemy is real, and his mission is to hurt you, your family and your relationships,” but that “every attack from the enemy brings with it a divine invitation from the sovereign hand of God to learn by experience what (His) love does. You have won already!” (234).

McCoy endeavors to teach Christian women that they have a God who loves them and has won victory for them over their sin and their enemy, but that it is still extremely important to know their enemy as well as the areas and ways he attacks, so that they “may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:11-12).

Part One: The Most Powerful Weapon of All–the Love of God discusses God’s love for us, the power of His love in and through us, and God’s completed work of love in our lives.

Part Two: The Enemy Exposed discusses the scriptural reality of spiritual warfare, who our enemy is (Satan; 1 Pet. 5:8-11, Rev. 12:10-11) and the schemes that he uses to combat believers.

Part Three: The Targets in Our Lives discusses the particular areas in our lives that the enemy targets, especially as women – our marriage, children, friendships with other women, health and church.

Part Four: Victory Is Mine is the “meat” section of the book! These chapters discuss who we are in Christ, how to defeat the enemy, and why we have nothing to fear, all through the power of specific scriptures. The book culminates by teaching how to scripturally win our spiritual battles and thus proclaim, “Victory is mine!”

Spiritual Warfare for Women is laden with scripture, even having a section after each chapter that reviews and summarizes the main scriptures within the chapter and how to memorize and apply them in your own spiritual walk with Christ. Her memorization tactics are new every chapter, creative and greatly beneficial.

Because of the book’s scriptural foundation, it would be an excellent personal or group Bible study in addition to your continual reading of the Word.

But before you pick up a copy of Spiritual Warfare for Women, there are a couple of aspects you need to be aware of. While the first two sections of the book were highly substantive, Part Three’s “The Targets in Our Lives” spoke more to personal experiences and was not as thorough in its discussion of the areas of our lives in which we face spiritual attack. Each of McCoy’s stories were valuable, their light-heartedness was (at times) necessary, and they provided helpful tips on how to handle such spiritual attacks. However, they did not always display the full depth and seriousness of the enemy’s schemes in these areas of life or how to handle them. It would be beneficial to read this book on spiritual warfare in addition to other resources (such as Kay Aurthur’s Lord, Is It Warfare?) for a greater understanding of the intensity and gravity of our daily spiritual battles and our enemy’s schemes. Despite this weakness, the book still contains a great deal of validity, strength and benefit to the believer for the Christian woman.

Part Four’s “Victory Is Mine” counterbalances this experience-heavy content of the previous section. These three chapters are saturated in scripture, are powerful and comprehensive, and give practical step-by-step teaching in how to have victory over the enemy through prayer, scripture, accountability and faith. McCoy’s stories in these chapters were helpful and poignant to illustrate and implement her teaching.

All in all, McCoy’s book is a scriptural and applicable introductory tool that lays out the truth, awakens believers to the understanding of spiritual warfare, equips them for victory, and relates the need to take our enemy’s attacks and God’s victory seriously in every situation. The Lord used this book greatly in my own life to better educate, strengthen and equip me for the spiritual battles that I was encountering at the time and will encounter in the future. It was a great blessing in my own walk with the Lord to hear the truths and experiences that give victory from an older, wiser woman in the faith! Spiritual Warfare for Women called me and will call you to wake up and see the battle we both are in, to “keep alert” so we can win the battle for our home, our family and our friends (Eph. 6:18).

Erin Griffith is pursuing a Mastor of Arts in Christian Education with a concentration in Women’s Ministry. She loves people, fellowship, food, and singing… really any and every form of worship. Erin is passionate about teaching women and girls that God desires to have an intimate relationship with them, and how to walk in that relationship, since she herself is learning that more and more each day. Connect Erin on Facebook!

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    Hey sweet lady. Thank you for not being condemning or persecuting me. Kind words are appreciated. Everyone has different experience in different purpose. God bless you God be with you. Sarah Nanette