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Category: Theology

Does Anything Trump Scripture?

When it comes to women serving in different capacities in ministry, what acts as the final word for you in determining what is appropriate and what is not? What is your ultimate authority or final court of appeals? Does some human authority... Read More »

Why is Holiness so "Uncool"?

Why is holiness so uncool? I don’t mean among lost people; I mean among Christians. These days it seems that some Christians are afraid of holiness or have simply abandoned it as a meaningful concept. In 2012, Crossway released Kevin De Y... Read More »

Can There Be Real Equality with Distinctions?

Distinction: We believe that God has given women and men distinctive roles within the family and the church; that these roles were intentionally created and given prior to human sin; that according to God’s design, these roles are interde... Read More »

The Prosperity Gospel is a Tofu Burger

I’ve never understood the concept of a tofu burger. It’s not actually meat – it can be made to look like meat, it can even taste like meat. But the whole point of a tofu burger is so you won’t realize that what you’re swallowing i... Read More »

Dear Dottie: What's All This About Head Coverings?!?

Dear Dottie, I’ve noticed that you wear hats during worship services and it sparked my curiosity. Do you wear them because of 1 Corinthians 11’s command that women should cover their heads in church? I must confess I’ve always been a ... Read More »