Congratulations to Our Graduating Southwestern Women!

We are thrilled for and proud of our graduating Southwestern Women! Below are just a few of our female theologians who completed their seminary degrees this year.


Lizzie Carpinteyro

Master of Theological Studies

“Every investment we make in the Word of God has eternal benefits and also means knowing and loving more the God of the Word. No effort will be too high to achieve that sublime purpose.”

“My class on apologetics challenged my way of responding to the questions of the current society. Instead of getting defensive I had to change my focus to see the process of defending my faith as the pre-evangelization of those who still do not trust the Lord as their Savior.”

After graduation, Lizzie plans to continue her preparation, “because the more I know, the more I recognize how much I still need to know and be prepared for the new challenges of the ministry that God has placed in my hands.”


Katie Fruge´

PhD in Systematic Theology

“Theological education is not only for men! Don’t underestimate the importance of it. One of the things I love the most about theology is helping others find out how and where the theological rubber meets the road. My theological education has helped me put into clear and specific words the convictions that drive me.”

“My dissertation was on the image of God. I have never struggled and wrestled with an issue so hard in my life. How we define God’s image in humanity has a profound impact on how we understand God’s plan for humanity, human dignity and worth, and our future destiny.”

“The most impactful moments happen when you’re least expecting them. It’s grabbing a coffee after class because you’re not done discussing the issue. It’s having a professor see a spark inside you that you never knew was there and helping it grow. It’s sharing some of the realities of day-to-day life with others and having spontaneous prayer sessions break out. Moments like this have been so impactful in my life and have made me more attentive and intentional to continue them after my time at seminary.”

After graduation, Katie will serve as an Adjunct Professor at Southwestern Seminary.


Shana Kirkland

Master of Divinity

“The class that challenged me most in my walk with the Lord was Contemporary Evangelism taught with Dr. Matt Queen. On the very first day of class, Dr. Queen challenged the class by stating: “If you know enough of the Gospel to have been saved by it, then you know enough of the Gospel to share.” That quote sticks with me to this day! That moment of conviction helped evangelism take on a new meaning for me – it was then that I truly understood that people are saved only through the power of God rather than any ability of my own.”

“My advice? JUST. DO. IT. – especially if you know that God is calling you to it. The safest place in the whole wide world is within the will of God. It won’t be easy, but it is so worthwhile to pursue theological training in pursuit of Kingdom expansion.”

After graduation, Shana is serving alongside her husband and fellow graduate, Andre Kirkland at United Baptist Church in Chicago, IL, where Andre is senior pastor.


Kim Whitten

Master of Divinity, concentration in Women’s Studies

“The relationships that I have forged as a residential student have been undeniably some of the riches encounters of my life. To study alongside other God-called women and men is an incredible privilege and has shaped my time here. I will carry them with me throughout ministry and undoubtedly they will be my confidants in service to the King.”

“If you are considering theological education know that the Lord Himself has put that desire in you. As His daughter, you are uniquely equipped for this task and He will accomplish it in you. If the idea is overwhelming, begin with one class. That one simple “yes” will make all of the difference in your courage and you’ll be amazed and what the Lord will do through your obedience.”

After graduating, Kim serves as Girls’ Minister at Idewild Baptist Church (Lutz, FL).


Christina Windom

Master of Divinity, concentration in North American Church Planting

“It is always worth it to learn more about theology. You may end up with more questions coming out of Seminary than you started with, but to gain the tools and resources necessary to learn more about the Word of God is something that will also pay off in the long run.”

“The professors on campus have tremendously impacted my life. They have invested in me, prayed for me, and impassioned me through the Word of God. Seminary can be very trying when it comes to your personal relationship with God, however, there have been so many professors that I can point to who have always let me step into their office and share what was on my mind.”

After graduation, Christina serves as Associate Campus Minister at Portland Community College, Sylvania (OR).


Ni Zi

Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling

“If the Lord has instilled in you a desire to pursue theological education, do it! Single or married, it is vital to be equipped and gain wisdom in order to be able to minister to women of all ages well biblically. And Southwestern Seminary is an excellent place to acquire such treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

“God has graciously allowed Southwestern to cultivate a community that embodies multiple ethnicities from all over the world. It is incredibly heartening that there are men and women literally going to the ends of the earth from this very special place to proclaim Christ and Him crucified. May we continue to run the race that is set before us with endurance!”

After graduating, Ni will serve at Vision of Hope, a residential counseling center for women located in Lafayette, Indiana.


Courtney McLean

Master of Theology in Philosophy

“Theological education is holistic – involving the head, the heart, and the hands. If you want to kindle that spark for “more,” remember that God wants to cultivate your whole person – your mind with rich, transformative truths, your heart with movements of growth and grace, and your hands with acts of sacrifice and service. This training, if not involving all of you, will not serve you in all the ways it is meant to.”

“The faculty at SWBTS is committed to shepherding not only the mind of the student, but also the heart. As I Navigated the turbulent waters of the seminary season, the faculty provided needed counsel and anchor points in remembering the ultimate goal of magnifying Christ in seminary, life, and ministry.”

“The Cultural Apologetics course challenged me to see the world through the lens of the Christian worldview and to share the gospel in shrewd and winsome ways, with an understanding that the human heart has a deeply entrenched longing for goodness, truth, and beauty.”

After graduation, Courtney is moving to Wales for a year to serve in a local church.


Grace Hody

Master of Divinity

“The relationships I have built with my professors have been the most impacting aspects of seminary. My professors have been extremely intentional with their care for me as a whole person. Their scholarship, shepherding, and love have all shaped me into who I am in Christ today.

“No matter what I do vocationally, the theological education I received at SWBTS has laid a biblical foundation for how I view the world and eternity. This M.Div. degree has enriched my walk with Christ as I learn to love the Lord with my mind for which I am extremely grateful.”

After graduation, Grace is pursuing a career in education.


Kelsey Baker

Master of Arts in Christian Education

“All the fears of attending seminary melt away when you see faces and hear testimonies of people from all over the world who, like you, have in faith decided to attend seminary. We have an amazing opportunity to see the backstage of God’s global plans. Getting to meet, encourage, and partner with all these laborers of the Lord has been one of the greatest aspects of seminary.”

“The Introduction to Biblical Counseling and Theology of Biblical Womanhood classes have been a couple of my favorite and most sanctifying courses. Each course convicted me of my own sinful tendencies and helped prepare me for working with others.”

After graduating, Kelsey will serve at Scarborough College and teach middle school girls at her church.