Don’t Miss These 2017 Favorites!

It’s been a great year at BW! We’re so grateful to have been part of your lives and pray you’ve been spiritually encouraged and edified by what you’ve read here.

As we look forward to 2018, we’re looking back at these memorable posts. Catch up on them all here!

What does President Trump have in common with Amy Schumer? More than you might think. Candi explains “How We Hear Mixed Messages from Christians and Feminists” and why we must uphold a person’s value with consistency.

We women crave community. But sometimes, we just don’t know how to find it. Read Melissa’s practical tips for creating real connections in “Dear Women, This Is Community.”

Has the news stressed you out this year? Melanie shares how we can live with confidence in a world filled with uncertainty in “Watching the News Without Losing Your Mind (Or Your Faith!)

British pastor and author, Alan Redpath, noted that the Bible never flatters its heroes. So many of them began well, but faltered later in life. Terri gives three things we need to do finish well. Read “How To Live Life Without An (*)

From comparison to priorities, the woman married to a minister faces unique challenges. Dorothy offers five things every ministry wife needs to hear in “A Heart Message for Ministry Wives.”

This vulnerable yet victorious story describes a deep lesson from gut-wrenching moment. If you’ve ever ached over unanswered prayer, read Kim’s post, “How I Learned About Rejoicing in the Sock Aisle at Target.”

Polyamory – it’s the latest distortion of a Christian sexual ethic to surface among professing believers. But, Katie explains how this culturally “new” practice is an old deception in “More Than Marriage: What’s Behind Polyamory in the Church.”

In the Old Testament, having a “red door” on your house was an outward symbol of an inward reality. Jessica explains “Why Your Life Needs a “Red Door”

“What if God will deny, even if for a time, fulfilling a believer’s longing…to reveal that which the believer is withholding from the Lord?” This poignant post from Courtney describes “How God Speaks Through Our Unfulfilled Longings.”

Discover the beauty of your new identity in Christ as Amanda shares the spiritual similarities between our salvation and the rebirth of a butterfly. Read “A New Creation – Life Lessons from Butterflies