Is Door-To-Door Evangelism Worth It?

The first time I ever went door-to-door to share the gospel with people, I was quite nervous and filled with doubt that this type of witnessing would even work. As a matter of fact, the only reason I was going out was because it was a class requirement.

Some of you may wonder if people even open their doors to strangers these days or give you the time to present the Gospel. They DO open the doors, and they DO let you share the Gospel – some neighborhoods more than others. Dr. Paige Patterson had a goal for those who lived within a one-mile radius of seminary to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. So, from Monday to Friday the professors and students head out each day going door-to-door witnessing. The goal was reached, and the seminary is now embarking on the second mile. From all the evangelism practicum classes at SWBTS this past fall – 1,992 gospel presentations given by 148 students, and 387 people were saved.

Door-to-Door evangelism does work! As Dr. Alvin Reid stated, “In order to win lost people to Christ, we must talk to lost people.”[i]

Where do you begin? Start with your own neighbors. Do you know your neighbors to the right of you or to the left of you? What about those who live in front of your house or apartment? Reid suggests three simple ideas for approaching people to witness:[ii]

  1. Get to know the other person. Ask questions, listen, be alert.
  2. Raise their interest. Simple questions are effective:
    1. In your opinion, what is a real Christian?
    2. What do you think of ________? (God, Jesus, the Bible)
    3. Who do you think Jesus Christ was?
    4. Would you say you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, or are you still in the process?
    5. When you attend church, where do you attend?
    6. We’ve been friends for a while. Could I share with you a very important part of my life?
    7. If you ever want to talk about the difference between religion and Christianity, let me know.

Here’s an idea: Questions A-E may be used as a survey as you go door-to-door witnessing. Some may find that taking a survey gives them a purpose to knock on doors of people they do not know. F-G may be used in sharing with someone you know. Always ask if you could pray for them.

  1. Respond to their needs. Apply the gospel to where they are. There are a number of ways to present the Gospel: Using your testimony, marked New Testament, tracts, memorized presentations, apps, Roman’s Road, etc. The goal is to help the lost person realize his or her need for a Savior, the work of Christ, and having a biblical response of repentance and faith.

If knocking on doors of strangers is still overwhelming for you, then I encourage you to start closer to home. Begin with knocking on the door of the neighbor next to you. Move from being a stranger to a friend or at least get to know them.

If you share Christ with one neighbor/month, in a year, 12 people would have had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. If every Christian shared Christ with six neighbors to the right of them and six neighbors to the left of them, how different our neighborhoods would be today. Reid makes a sad observation, stating that “many Christians believe in the Good News but act as though sharing it is bad news.”[iii] Don’t wait! Start sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with your neighbors today!

If you have any questions or would like more suggestions, I would encourage you to e-mail or call 817.923.1921 x6480.


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2 thoughts on “Is Door-To-Door Evangelism Worth It?”

  1. Tammy henry says:

    Enjoyed your articles!! Will keep reading:).

  2. Praise God. To God be the glory. Yes, door-to-do works and it is worth it. Thank you Alicia for sharing your wonderful experience. I will include your testimony in a book I am writing titled, “From Incestuous Christianity to Making Disciples: At least one Sunday a Month”. I am encouraging the church to abandon self love and self absorption and leave the church building and go door to door to share the love of Jesus with neighbors. Please contact me via email. Will love to hear from you.