Fit Tip Tuesday: Healthy Lunches for Children

Did you know…

Nearly 40% of children’s diets come from unhealthy fats and added sugars?

Only 12% of grains consumed by children are whole grains?

Only 21% of youth age 6-19 eat the recommended five or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day?

These percentages may not surprise us, but most are not aware of the serious problems with these nutrient deficiencies.

When children eat refined/processed sugar, they experience a sudden spike in their blood sugar. Once the sugar levels in their bodies fall- they experience a “sugar crash.” This produces the hormone called adrenaline which results in hyperactivity and a lack of concentration.  The release of adrenaline is higher in children than in adults and this can result in shakiness, sweating, and behavior issues.

And we expect them to be able to have energy and be able to concentrate throughout the school day?

Start by helping your child pack a healthy lunch to take to school. Weelicious is one of my favorite resources for kid-friendly healthy recipes – tons of varieties & creative ideas to get a wide range of nutrients in your child. They even have an entire website section & cookbook devoted strictly to healthy lunches.

One thing no healthy lunch is complete without: A note of encouragement written on the napkin. Your words might be just what your kids need (though they might not admit it until they have kids of their own!)