Fit Tip Tuesday: Sugar Addiction and How to Beat It

Hello, my name is Angela and I was a sugar addict.  I have been relatively clean for 4 years now.  I smile as I write that, not to make light of the statement but rather the journey I have taken to admit it.  Four years ago, I went through an incredible life change where I lost a significant amount of weight.  Before I went through my “life change” I am pretty sure that I consumed an incredible amount of sugar-the obvious sugar and the “hidden sugar.”

I wasn’t just an over-eater; I was straight up addicted to the white stuff!  I had it in my sweet breads for breakfast, in my morning coffee, in my afternoon snacks and before bed to “curb” that sweet tooth craving.  At the time, I didn’t see the crazy amount of sugar or more importantly the incredibly NEGATIVE impact it had on me.  I was tired, moody, unmotivated, achy and completely malnourished.  I had no idea that I was voluntarily poisoning my body on a regular basis.  That’s crazy!

As my “life change” began to unfold, sugar was the first thing that HAD TO GO.  So, I went crazy extreme and eliminated ALL sugar from my diet – cold turkey.  I am not sure that I would recommend this to others because it took incredible dedication and willpower and it would have been very easy to set myself up for failure (Isn’t there a saying…absence make the heart grow fonder?).

Since then, I have tilted the scale back to a moderate balance and I have found several things that help me keep my sugar cravings in check.  I needed to figure out how to incorporate sweets into my life without overdoing it every time I ate them.

Here are some obvious tips that helped me kick the sugar habit:

  • Drink water.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Exercise.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Reduce caffeine. (Always a hard one but limiting myself to 1 cup of coffee per day has really helped.)
  • Eliminate artificial sweeteners.

All of these are great tips and many of them work well for others, but even after I tried most of these things, there were times when I still WANTED something sweet!  I love to eat, and I love eating sweets even more, so my goal was to figure out what worked best for me without becoming a slave to my previous addiction.

  1. EAT real food – the kind God made, not Nabisco.  I find that when I am full up on clean whole foods, my nutrition needs are satisfied and I don’t crave sweet things!
  2. My house is FULL OF FRUIT.  When I want something sweet, I grab some frozen grapes or an apple.  It’s a double whammy to my sweet tooth and my nutrition needs!
  3. I try and keep all the junk out of my house.  If you are just starting this “sugar beat down,” then I recommend you clean out ALL junk food/sweets from your house.  You won’t reach for it and eat it if it isn’t there.

Set yourself up for success by preparing your heart, your head and your home to BEAT DOWN that sugar addiction!  You can do it!

“All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything.” 1 Cor. 6:12


Angela Carl Buck holds her undergraduate from Liberty University, a Master of Arts from Liberty Theological Seminary, and a MDIV with a concentration in Women’s Ministry from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  In addition to maintaining her own ministry schedule of singing, missions, and speaking at Ladies retreats and conferences, she currently resides in Westerville, Ohio where she works in ministry and partnership in the Worship and Music department at Genoa, with her husband Pastor Kerry Buck. Angela is also on staff and works as the Connections Director at Genoa Baptist Church. She a leader in fitness and health and the founder of Redefine Ministries. Angela’s passion for fitness and health stems from a lifetime of abusing food and living significantly overweight.  Angela found freedom and through that process and is now living a life that has been changed not only physically but internally.  She leads others to redefine their own lives, sharing their stories and moving forward in optimum health physically and spiritually. Visit Angela’s website at