The Message Behind Hozier’s "Take Me To Church"

A few weeks ago I had never heard of Irish recording artist Andrew Hozier-Byrne. However, as I was riding in my car scanning through radio stations one day, his song Take Me To Church caught my attention. I stumbled across the song right before the chorus, and Hozier’s haunting and compelling voice sang “Amen” several times before belting the line, “Take me to church…”

I was immediately intrigued because the song was playing on a secular station. Had a Christian song crossed over? I couldn’t understand the rest of the lyrics clearly so I googled it when I got home. There is a strong message behind his song and video, but it is anything but Christian. In the song, Hozier reimagines religion—his object of worship is his lover:

My lover’s got humour
She’s the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody’s disapproval
I should’ve worshipped her sooner
If the Heavens ever did speak
She is the last true mouthpiece
Every Sunday’s getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week
‘We were born sick,’ you heard them say it
My church offers no absolutes
She tells me ‘worship in the bedroom

The only heaven I’ll be sent to
Is when I’m alone with you

I was born sick, but I love it
Command me to be well
Amen. Amen. Amen

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life…

…No masters or kings when the ritual begins
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin
In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene
Only then I am human
Only then I am clean
Amen. Amen. Amen[1]

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I even care about this song? There are thousands of songs with secular messages played every day. Why look at this one in more detail?” The song and its accompanying video reveal an approach to religion and sexuality that Christians must not ignore.

Take Me to Church was actually released back in 2013, but since the September 19, 2014, release of Hozier’s self-titled album here in America that included the single Take Me to Church, he has been receiving a lot of attention. His song hit number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in November. Hozier was nominated for the “Best Song with a Social Message” by the European MTV Awards, and he has been nominated for “Song of the Year” for the 2015 Grammys. Nevertheless, it was his performance on Saturday Night Live on October 12 that served as a catalyst for his popularity in America. Rolling Stone’s review of his SNL performance proclaimed that Hozier “delivers the gospel” and that “he managed to transform 30 Rock into a perfect setting for a gospel sermon.”[2]

What “gospel sermon” is Hozier preaching, exactly? In an interview, Hozier explained:

“Sexuality, and sexual orientation—regardless of orientation—is just natural….An act of sex is one of the most human things. But an organization like the church, say, through its doctrine, would undermine humanity by successfully teaching shame about sexual orientation—that it is sinful, or that it offends God. The song is about asserting yourself and reclaiming your humanity through an act of love.”[3]

The accompanying video depicts a homosexual couple that is brutally assaulted because of their sexual orientation. The video was actually released over a year ago coinciding with rulings against homosexuality in Russia. Hozier says the video:

“…references the recent increase of organized attacks and torturing of homosexuals in Russia, which is subsequent to a long, hateful, and oppressive political campaign against the LGBT community. The song was always about humanity at its most natural, and how that is undermined ceaselessly by religious organizations and those who would have us believe they act in its interests. What has been seen growing in Russia is no less than nightmarish.”[4]

In another interview about the video, Hozier hedges by saying he really isn’t singing about religion. Instead, he is “indicting” any institution that undermines humanity by denying what is most natural to a person:

“I have strong opinions . . . I wouldn’t like to think of it [the video] as an indictment against religion or an indictment against institutions . . . It would perhaps be an indictment against institutions, specifically in Take Me to Church, institutions that would undermine some of the more natural parts of being a person, undermine humanity in some way, shape, or form.”[5]

The “gospel” Hozier is preaching is that men and women should be allowed to pursue whatever comes natural to them. His “church” offers no absolutes (hello, postmodernism!). A church that does teach things like moral absolutes is, according to Hozier, only teaching shame.

Hozier does get something right. His song does depict humanity at its most natural. The Bible teaches that all human beings were born sick; that “sickness” is sin (Rom 3:23). At our “most natural” we are enemies of God. Yet, our God, while we were still His enemies, made a way for us to have a relationship with Him (Rom. 5:8). He loves us enough to know what comes “most natural” to us often leads to our own destruction.

It may be easy for someone reading this to think, “Oh, there is just another Christian bashing alternative lifestyles.” However, that is not the case. I agree with Hozier that violence against a LGBT person is something that must be stopped. Any Christian harming another person for this reason is sinning—there is no other way to state it. However, for me to call homosexuality a sin is actually showing love. Often the most loving thing a person can do is tell the truth. I am afraid that the sermon preached through Hozier’s song that every person should just be allowed to do what comes natural is in actuality a very deadly sermon. In an effort to empower and “free” people, Hozier is actually contributing to their destruction by leading them astray.

At the end of the day, Hozier’s religion is hedonism—the pursuit of pleasure as the highest good. He “worships in the bedroom.” Just like Paul pled with the church in Galatia not to be so easily swayed by a “different gospel” which is no gospel at all (Gal. 1:6-8), I pray that men and women will not be swayed by this “false gospel” proclaimed in Hozier’s popular song.

[1]For complete lyrics, see

[2]See Rolling Stone’s “Hozier delivers the gospel for breakthrough SNL performance” at



[5]You can view an interview of Hozier discussing the meaning behind his song Take Me To Church here: However, I recommend just listening to the audio and not the video because of the graphic images from his music video that are including in the interview.

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177 thoughts on “The Message Behind Hozier’s "Take Me To Church"”

  1. Shan says:

    his ideas about homosexuality do not concern me near as much as just the blasphemy he sings right from the beginning. It sure is sad that my kids love this song and I have had to explain to each why this song is so wrong. We are to only worship the One, True, God, and Heaven does speak! He just makes light of the very One who created this universe and the price He paid for sins we committed. I love current, popular music. I was sure drawn in by this very catchy, interesting song. It broke my heart when I listened to the words.

    1. anonymous says:

      I was surfing YouTube and started watching this thing on the Illuminated and Satan worship through music. One thing above all stuck out.

      The narrator stated “now you can listen dance w/e but be aware is all. It’s all about intentions. If it’s your intent to do what they are “really” doing then you have a problem. If your heart is in the right place then your’re fine” of course I paraphrased
      but generally if you follow what these artists are singing then you are in the wrong
      hear is don’t listen
      sing don’t live or put your heart into it. Most of these songs and artists outright tell you their agenda (jay-z) but as long as it’s not yours you’re fine. If you’re heart is in the right place it’s fine….btw I’m sure some one is arguing about the “right” religion
      I will completely frank but about all of them are the same….the ones with this premise ‘higher power, profit, born of a virgin’ it’s in most of the religions out there just geographically separate
      think about the tower of Babel the story about a tower to heaven ….looking at that would and should prove to people what happened and who is wrong and right.
      But back to the intention part
      be good overall and love have faith generally what every religion says keep your intentions good and you will be fine

      But this is my opinion and how I feel about it all
      and tbh unless he outright said what the meaning is it’s wrong and unfair to put your opinion on and say”this is what it is”

    2. Carla says:

      If you really knew the ‘Christ’ or god, you would know that there was never any judgment. It’s man that judges. Religion has been the downfall of many.

      1. The 3rd Doctor says:

        Christ told the prostitute to “Go, and sin no more”. He was very clear about judging sin. He wanted people to stop doing it.

      2. Elizabeth says:

        Actually christ didn’t say that. That story is a forgery–read the footnotes in your bible regarding John 7:53-8:11

      3. Tim says:

        What does the Greek say? Translations, by their ver nature, do not always convey context.

      4. Ls says:

        Every word written is the true word of God. Just because you choose to look at a footnote does not make the story a lie. Don’t pick and choose which parts to believe. Take it all or nothing.

      5. sibert says:

        So, so TRUE!!!!!!!!

      6. Sarah says:

        Amen sister x

    3. lily says:

      I loved the song before I really listened to the lyrics, today i decided to google them and I was shocked by what I was reading!

      1. nezzy12 says:

        Me too!!! I really liked this song because it has a really good beat to it. But my mom showed me the lyrics and i totally freaked out when i figured out the meaning. Now i feel really weird and scared when i think or hear that song.

    4. Doreen says:

      “We are to only worship the One, True, God, and Heaven does speak!”
      Not really an open view on religion, there are other gods worshipped out there.
      Personally I have no god to worship, but would never force that view on anyone!
      Your God help your kids, to choose.

      1. mr marc says:

        Child you truly are lost and it’s a shame. I hope that one day you come to find and know God for who he is…the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. The only way to ever truly understand is to study the Holy Bible from front to back, otherwise you are going to drift through life thinking you have it all figured out, which is right where the devil wants you. The ONLY way to God is through real humility. One can never come to find God by mere human intellect because by that route you are influenced by the pride of the ego. Everything you believe stems from that source, the false self, which is all the devil needs you to do in order that you miss the touch of God, who loves you so dearly.

      2. Jan Palace says:

        The only way to God is Jesus, humility on its own won’t get you to God.
        There is so much to know about God & yes, one has to have humility to surrender to God, but as Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth & the life, no-one comes to the Father except by Me.”
        He, (Jesus) is the “narrow gate” spoken about in the bible, without Him there can be no rebirth of our Spirit, without Him we are all spiritually dead, hell-bound & living in hell-on-earth, enemies to God and man.

      3. Kels says:

        …So? The bible also says that Christians would be hated and persecuted. Looks like you guys kinda hit back first on that one. Whatwith the crusades and the Malleus Mallificarum and 11 hundred yeara of murder, greed and unchecked power. I mean, the Catholic church did organize history’s most successful pedophile exchange program and your religion did murder and torture it’s way across the world in almost two thousand years of unchecked prosperity.
        But sure, that’s the way to heaven.
        Honestly, you guys make Hell out to be such a big deal. It’s not. For one, I’ll be dead. Everything after that is kinda immaterial, don’t you think?
        Secondly, if your god is the type to send people to hell – not because they are morally bad people or because they have ever hurt anyone – but because they don’t think the same way as people like you… why is that a god worth worshipping?
        Why isn’t it more important to live a life of love and acceptance and honesty and friendship than to say the right words from the right book.
        If your god is that petty… Sorry, but I’ll take my chances with the angry angel who gave humanity the ability to think for themselves in the first place.
        We are having this conversation because Lucifer convinced Eve to eat the apple (according to you all. I rather think evolution played a hand there) With that came all the ugliness and beauty and complexity of human thought. Would you really want it a different way? To be some brainless Stepford wife in Eden?
        Maybe, I don’t know you. But I certainly wouldn’t. If your god is so little and so limited that there is not enough room in his heaven for people who don’t think the way he’d want them to… Well, I suppose I’m not missing much by not getting an invite, am I?
        And Hell definitely has better music.
        Hozier, for example.
        So, yeah. I tend to think death is death and that’s what makes life cool. But, assuming I’m wrong… hell doesn’t sound too awful, really.

      4. Jan Palace says:

        You are right, religion has a lot to answer for & I believe that everyone involved will have to answer for their words & actions in this life.
        I don’t believe that you can opt out as easily as you seem to think tho, you will not just be dead, you will be judged. I am not judging you but I do believe that we all will be judged.
        Please don’t think that I mean this as a threat, I dont.
        I have been involved in a lot of bad stuff before I met Jesus, & I looked everywhere else first but only through daring to believe that what He says is true did I eventually find peace. If there was any other way I would’ve found it, I spent my whole life looking…

      5. TJ says:

        What people have done in the name of God is not necessarily God’s will. There was a serpent that told a particular couple that they would know everything that God knows if they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They wanted to be like God and that set the ball in motion. The rest is history. People decided to act on God’s behalf through murder and conquest. God sacrificed His one and only son to atone for that and all sin. He didn’t start the Crusades, set up an Inquisition, or otherwise promote violent intervention. People do that. There is a particular group under a four letter acronym who believe they are doing God’s will by murder, conquest, and other maleficence. Those are sinful acts of people, not God’s will. God is love, and love does not kill. People do.

      6. Illa says:

        In my opinion, the above commenter was being far more reasonable than you. She merely stated her opinion and said she would never try to force it on others. In contrast, the forcefulness and patronizing nature of attempts to proselytize are often part of what makes non-believers dislike Christianity, given the predominance of evangelical culture among conservative sects oday.

    5. Anonymous says:

      You should let your kids use their racionality to make their own clonclusion about the truth of the universe and not force them your believes

      1. Mia says:

        Yet here you are telling this woman how to raise her children.

      2. Gabrielle says:

        Exactly!!! For all of those who tell christians not to judge, yet they can bring judgement! God judged Sodom and Gomorah and he judges sin and Christians need to stand on the word of God and proclaim it, hello!! that is why they are called Christians aka Christ like. Kids need to know right from wrong and who is going to tell them? Definitely not this video. It is a parents job to raise up a child in the way they should go not by everyone elses opinions. I came across this video in McDonalds and I was disgusted, i just felt horrible. I’ve never been in a church and walked out feeling like that.
        Oh by the way, this is a website called ‘biblical woman’ so if you are on hear you know that it is going to be biblically based, if you don’t like it I would have to ask what is your purpose in being here?

      3. Jan Palace says:

        Totally agree!!

      4. Kimberly says:

        But you’re not acting Christianly. At all. All American Christianity is is misinterpreting the bible, hating anyone who is different than they are, misunderstanding the DIRE consequences of making abortion illegal, and flags and guns, lately. Ever since the Republican Party decided to politicize Christianity, it’s been a downward spiral. Where are the true followers of Christ? It’s not the Conservative Christian community, by far–they’re doing all the OPPOSITE of everything Christ commands us. It’s disgusting and sad, and dare I say heartbreaking, to see politics ruin the name of Christ, and even more discouraging to see dumbed down, uneducated people bidding their dirty work for them by voting for these false prophets.

        The churches are dying all over the world, and Christians have only themselves to blame. When you brought politics into your religion, you should have known it would be a death sentence for the church. God isn’t about bigotry, racism, guns, flags, and hate. He never was.

      5. deb says:

        I’ll not tell my toddler the fire is hot. I should just let him choose whether he belives it is hot or not. Children do not know or understand scripture so parents have to teach them truth based on what scripture is stating. To do less is to let your child stick their hand in the fire.

    6. anonymous atheist says:

      And where is your proof that god exists? That god even loves us? If he was real, and he truly loved us, why would he give us free will and then condemn us to hell for doing the wrong thing? Why would he punish us for loving someone of the same sex as if we are some kind of evil person? I think he wouldn’t if he truly was perfect, as some Christians claim he is. He’s not perfect, because he was invented by man, back when there was no science and man had to find a way to explain the world around him. God is just a leftover artifact, clung on to by those who fear death.

      1. Christian Faithful says:

        Faith comes from the Holy Spirit. Knowledge of the Holy Spirit comes from Holy Scripture. If you don’t study it, we have little to talk about.
        None of your assertions are true. God does not want to punish us. He does not condemn, but saves. We are not condemned for loving anyone, but for having carnal knowledge of someone other than the one which we have become one flesh. Adultery comes in many forms. Sexual immorality is well defined in Scripture, but not in the context of your post. If you want answers, you must look in the right places. When you rely on human reason and logic, you will be deceived every time.
        God “invented” man, not he other way around.

      2. Jan Palace says:


      3. Illa says:

        If God does not want to punish us, why did He drown millions in one of the Great Flood of Genesis? Why do we teach our children this is a good, perfectly justified thing to be celebrated? If a human parent did as our Heavenly Father did, drowning all their children except one, they would be hunted down and put to task for their unspeakably evil act. Yet we praise the Lord for this very act. Pray tell me, is there no inconsistency in this?

      4. jason says:

        Right and Wrong
        some people FEEL the need to hurt, or steal and that makes them happy! BUT that does not make it RIGHT! the same thing with a man wanting to be with another man, though it may make them happy it does NOT make it RIGHT!! WE all have bad thoughts but we should know beter than to act on them. We live in a time where the world wants to justify being HAPPY at all cost and have gotten so far from GOD that they cant see his will or his presence so its easy to justify the evil desires of the flesh which seperated us from our HOLY GOD

      5. Julia says:

        There’s a difference, though. With acts such as stealing and assault you are intentionally causing harm to another person. Homosexuality in and of itself doesn’t damage anyone. Telling people that they are wrong for being homosexual is wrong because it can severely damage a person’s psyche and is the reason why the LGBT+ community has a much higher suicide rate than the rest of the population. And you can’t just say homosexuality is bad because the bible is agonist it because the book of Leviticus (the same book that calls homosexuals “abominations”) refers to both mixed-fiber cloth (polyester) and shellfish as an abomination. I think the only non-hypocritical stance is that you either have to take the bible as the literal truth and follow ALL of the laws in it or you realize that the bible was written by men and even if it’s god’s word it is god’s word through the impure lens of human recordings passed down through the millennia and that sometimes you can’t take what it says at face value.

      6. Gabrielle says:

        We aren’t called to live by the law but Jesus is the word of God and He died for our sins so that whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life, we are saved by grace through faith and not by works so that no-one can boast. You need to understand the true meaning of grace. Grace is God giving us what we don’t deserve, ie eternal life, eternal forgiveness and Mercy is not giving us what we deserve ie the wages of sin is eternal death. There is love and acceptance in Jesus Christ the problem is they want the salvation but still want to be their own god living life their own way doing what they want. What a selfish way to live. Jesus died for us… he gave his life so that others may live. Real love is sacrificial, most people want to get not give.

      7. Amare says:

        It could be easily argued that, Biblically, the acts of theft and bringing physical or other harm to a person are clearly prohibited in the Ten Commandments. The alleged prohibition of acts of sex between persons of the same sex are of dubious at best. For one, the reference to same-sex relations as an “abomination” carries relatively little weight today in equivalently condemned areas, such as eating shrimp, pork, or wearing blended fabrics, which although all grave Biblical abominations, are readily, gladly committed by innumerable devout Christians today, even on church grounds.

        Further, and of more substance, the references in Leviticus appear to have been prohibitions of ritual prostitution as committed by pagans of the day, and it must be taken in context of the culture of the day, as well. Men would rape other men upon conquest of their armies as a means of bitter humiliation of the defeated. For a man to lie with a man as with a woman, in that day, meant entirely owning him, and making the victim, if you will, as the man subjected to same-sex sex at that time would, socially speaking, have been gravely shamed.

        So it was also for a woman who was raped in that day; she was shamed and could have been put to death for being sexually impure, as it was adultery as sex outside of marriage. Yet, you might note, we no longer put to death women who have been raped. Mary, herself, the Mother of God, could have, had Joseph and the Lord Himself not protected her, been stoned to death for adultery.

        May one not consider that the Lord was dictating what was right and true for the people of the time; that same-sex relations in the day would have been a grave matter which would lead to the ostracization and most likely death of the partakers of the act?

        Today we do not enforce this stringent, and objectively quite unjust code of strict sexual purity, as we are, I should hope, compassionate rather than judgmental of the survivors of the brutality of rape. Why so should we condemn those who science shows are merely living as they were created by Him to be?

        If He knew us before we were even in our mothers’ wombs, and his designs for us are perfect, as we are made in His perfect image, how can someone be born wrong?

        If the greatest is love, why would He damn a heart for expressing this most perfect gift in all of Creation?

      8. Love says:

        It that is true to you…you should run and hide because this sinful world has not end and it getting worse and worse

      9. E says:

        Beautifully said.

      10. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Religion is nothing more than a way to deal with someone’s inevitable mortality, and a haunting fear that once we die, there is a permanent state of absolute nothingness. If I had to describe death (before the fact) I would say it’s akin to being anesthetized before surgery (but never subsequently being woken up by the anesthesiologist.

      11. Jan Palace says:

        You are hoping not to have to give account of how you have spent this life which was given to you by God?
        No, no anaesthetic, no hiding, we are to give account of not just every word but also every thought. Comfortable with that? Conscience clear? Ready explain to God why He isn’t?
        Just asking…

      12. To, Anonymous atheist says:

        14 God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”

        By reading such a post on such a website I.e biblical woman, you are clearly seeking and your soul within you is in a desperate place, needing an eternal hope. Pray your heart will soften.

    7. Who is this God person you keep talking about? says:

      You should really update yoursleves with some science documentaries to move on from the funny idea that there is a God who “made” us. There is no God. I know it makes you feel better to rely on god, but it doesn’t exist. It’s like believing in Santa Claus, but at least this is not a potentially dangerous belief. Enjoy this life, you won’t get another. And stop influencing your kids with limited thinking. Why don’t you let them make their own opinions?

      1. Tim says:

        The blind can’t see rainbows either, but such is the gift of eternal life. Believing is seeing.

      2. Laurentiu says:

        What do you mean by let them make their own opinions? Like the society today letting them making their own opinions by feeding them the religion of evolution every day in the classroom? ?? That millions and millions of years ago we came to be from a primordial soup? From nothingness? ? So you want me to believe a fairytale that my ancestor was a rock, and I have to believe it just because Darwin had a stupid idea , not backed up by any proof? ? And now you’re going to tell me that the scientists have been at the beginning of the world, and that they observed the whole process, aren’t you? I’ll just say that in the Bible, God tells us haw He created the world and what is right and what is wrong, and this Santa story includes historical facts and prophesies that actually happened. And we can actually prove them.

      3. Some guy says:

        Darwin…had a LOT of proof. Go to the Galápagos Islands some day and look at the finches. Same species, different beaks. I really doubt you actually studied him. On top of that, evidence suggest we evolved. How do you explain Lucy? Teach kids right from ring, don’t force something like religion onto them. Let them have an open mind. For all we know, Christianity is false and Hinduism is right.

      4. Jan Palace says:

        I know Jesus, I know God but who is Lucy?!

    8. Zack says:

      I liked this song until I watched the music video it says in the bible not to have sex with the same gender to me I just don’t listen to it I disagree with it as well as my church but that doesn’t mean I’m against gay people if that’s the path they choose they may go just don’t bring me in with it.

      1. Josephina says:

        It also says not to cut your hair or trim your beard in the Bible. I’m assuming you have never done either of these. If you have in fact ever cut your hair then you are sinning and God shall judge you as harshly as anyone who sleeps with someone of the same sex. You don’t get to pick what parts of a religion you want to practice. If you aren’t going to follow exactly what the Bible says like a good sheep would to his shepherd do not talk poorly of anyone else who does the same as you.

        “You shall not shave around the sides of your heads, neither shall you disfigure the corners of your beard.”-Leviticus 19:27

    9. GrownUp says:

      Sorry some of us grow out of our imaginary friends maybe you should too.

      1. Jan Palace says:

        No need to be rude (& do you realise judgemental!)

    10. Michael says:

      This song is nice…but to justify something that which has no ground is something is worthless to justify his lyric over the teaching of the church is something funny and exist for century and will continue to exist. Who is he to question that?.do youknow why a man is a man and not a women and vice versa? Who wil fill what is lacking in them if not their union…any sexual activity which oppose against the law of procreation is sin against love and it is selfishness..

    11. Denham says:

      FIRST time I ever heard that song and only the last few seconds of it. Loved it instantly! Judge not lest you be judged (paraphrasing) I’m what my mom describes as a fallen Catholic …raised by a Roman Catholic, parochial schools, catechism etc etc- I believe in God. Bible was written by man folks. Ur born gay, I firmly believe that. Tangent or not-God made us ALL in his image.LOVE IS EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE, It’s a song people

    12. ben thornton says:

      Never listened to the song, I am not harmed by your words. The lyrics are not mine but if I was going to judge; you are not a shepherd so tend to the herd for our lord and cut off that tongue. Lol hey thing is I was just acting and I am wrong trying to speak in circles. I guess even God’s elect will be blind in the final days, I just spit random crap out and I will stand before God and accept the lake.

    13. DD says:

      Mine too! It’s in a HBO series called Every Where or something like that .. people disappearing .. preacher loosing his church and thinks sin took these people .. anyway, the song played during the credits and I loved the beat and I heard too the word church and amen .. so before I bought it my spirit told me to ask if this guy Hozier was singing about evil . And I found your response. Kids will love this stuff and we have to pray against all these musicians that are corrupting our youth … Please pray for deliverance for they guy as he is in a lot of pain!

    14. None says:

      This whole article is wrong. This song is very blatantly obvious if one studied the scriptures of Edypt, Sumarian, and Biblical. This song is openly stating the worship and rituals of the occult who worships the Egypt Deity Isis. This is tied to “Satanic”, “Illuminati”, and other chains of attached occults. Sexual rituals are performed, “no sweeter than our gentle sins” references the sacrifice of children whether its blood or sexual. “I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife” references the blackmail of taking part of said rituals and needed to keep secrets and have control over members. “I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies” references the lies and secrets of the society. The reference of Pagan and sunlight, the godess Isis is the symbol of the sun worship. This song has nothing to do with sexuality it has everything thing to do with the Illuminatis and the branches that are involved with. Secret societies that are birthrights to higher ranking members. To others you have to sacrafice yourself. If this sounds crazy then enjoy your life of ignorance. If this is starting to click start by researching the Sumerian tablets and the ties to Egypt that the Vatican wants you to believe is just mythical stories of aliens and magic. I’ve studied theology for over 20 years..its a good start

    15. hayley says:

      if you really new the “christ” or god you would know that there was never any judgement. its man that judges. religion has been the downfall of many.

  2. transgressingwaffle says:

    Hey I read through your post and I do agree he seems overly critical of the church. Personally I grew up Southern Baptist and am now non denom. However I am also apart of the LGBT community. You calling it an act of sin is not love. I tried to pray away the gay so much and it never worked. Upon studying the clobber verses there are so many other ways to interpret. By saying we are sinners, you are bringing a group of people down. It’s because of people like you amongst other things I felt like giving up and wanted to die. I about gave up religion all together but instead realized humans are imperfect and God is loving. Your view is not loving. It is going to be a part of someone’s suicide because they can’t change who they are but you keep lovingly point out they are in sin. Being gay or trans is part of who you are. You are really calling them evil. You will loom at this like I’m biased and I am. Just think what you say. What you are doing isn’t love. It is judgement. No matter how you try to spin it. And because of this amongst other factors suicide attempts in gay and trans youth are way up because society does not accept us. You utilizing your religion as such is an example. So not only are you judgemental but a murderer by proxy. Perhaps instead of freaking out about the Song, maybe use it as a way to see what is wrong with the church. Sorry if I seem jaded. It’s finals week and I’m running in no sleep so this probably cane out more rude than I meant it. Also it was done on my phone so sorry for bad spelling and grammar

    1. Love says:

      Hey I don’t think that what the person was saying was not wasn’t his own was just truth. Guess what… we are all sinners and that doesn’t mean that I’m giving myself an excuse for me to sin but I do..but I don’t feel evil because I know I have the power through God to overcome any obstacles and to be redeemed. Sin is sin. God wants us to work on not sinning and to repent so that we can give light to the world. Don’t feel pointed out. We all fall short. I pray that you will overcome as well as I. Have a good one!
      P.S.I forgot my password to that email I posted.

    2. Judith Polson says:

      Dear person who is gay and has been through so much torment: your comments just broke my heart. I hope you have found happiness love and acceptance in a better place. You do not deserve loving ‘discipline’ by those Neanderthal ‘Christians’. Westboro is the worst, but not as heinous as to be judged by Christians who “love you in the name of the Lord and who only want what’s best for you”. I’m a heterosexual lapsed evangelical Christian and I have many issues with you judgmental evangelicals. Let it go Let it go already…

    3. Tim says:

      If one focuses solely on Law without the sweetness of Gospel it’s no wonder one would despise Scripture. We are all sinners and we cannot pray it away, but we can ask forgiveness with a repentant heart and have it. We will always sin, but as long as we have faith that we will receive the gift of eternal life through the blood of Christ and that our works have nothing to do with it, the truth is much easier to understand. Is any one sin any worse than another? Not in God’s eyes. Scripture also tells us not to judge or to be judged. Let God do the judging. We are hardly in a position to point out the speck in our brother’s eye while a log rests in ours. If you’re gay, you’re gay and nothing will change that. If you sleep man sleeps with man or woman sleeps with woman defending that as freedom of choice is what God condemns. When we are comfortable in our sin, we get into trouble. I do things that I shouldn’t and don’t do things that I should, which makes me a sinner as well. I pray that God will give me the strength to turn away from sin, and I truly try to do so, but no one is sinless. No one.

    4. monster says:

      I’m sorry youve been through such bad stuff… personally i believe that theres nothing wrong saying its a sin. So is lying, envy, lust, many things we do every day. Doesnt mean we should turn a blind eye and say it isnt sin. And as long as you know that jesus was the son of God who died for your sins and you are saved through him, you shouldnt worry too much. I have a friend who is pan and a christian and she still strongly claims her faith and has no problems with it. If you are saved thats whats most important, in my eyes at least. And you arent expected to be perfect or stop sinning because its impossible and thats kind of the whole reason jesus died for us, cause we fall short of the glory of God, but thats allright because he loves us and we can see him in heaven and will get to experience the world as God intended it someday!

    5. Tim says:

      It is very easy to sit back and call the LGBT community sinners, but if your precious bible dictated that heterosexuality was a sin, that the person you are disgraces the community you love, I feel your faith would be stretched beyond limitation.

    6. You fling says:

      You cannot deny that the Bible starkly proclaims homosexuality of sin. I’m not condemning or judging, I’m simply saying that the Bible says that it is sinful. Plenty of people have tried to pray away their sins, homesexuality is a sin just like any other. There’s a temptation, and there’s the action. Being an alcoholic, or a pornography addict, or a convulsive liar, there is pleasure to be found in all of those, pleasure that the devil wants you to think is better than the pleasure of Gods commands. I’ve struggled with a multitude of sin over the course of my life, not including homosexuality and it’s a daily battle. Accepting homosexuality is the same as accepting sin. I do despise that homosexuality is considered a terrible sin, because it really is no different than any other.

      1. mimi says:

        Well said! You took the words right out of my mouth!

    7. Jan Palace says:

      I so hope that you experience the loving embrace of Jesus ?

    8. DD says:

      Don’t forget you have a choice! There is no where in Gods word that says Man can sleep with man and woman can sleep with woman .. God has a plan and designed the Earth ,people and all creepy crawly things, to have a male and female to multiply .. same sex relations can’t do then there would be no Earth .. same as how God designed the Earth .. so that we can live here. God is good and He loves you enough not to allow you to stay this way? Please no one is judging you!

      1. Elle says:

        Every single part of that statement was judgemental…

    9. Julie says:

      God bless you. Live a wonderful life and ignore the haters.

  3. Lilian says:

    Hello, sometimes we mix the word religion and relationship. Religion is believe and practice something you adopted by your culture or family. Relationship with God, is the real approach you personally got with your Savior.
    The lyrics of the song tell me that there is not moral respect to the church, simply because church (physical) is to go to worship and have communion with your sisters and brothers in Christ, learning and sharing with them. The song shows different meaning for the author. Why? He/she has his/her reason. Is this correct looking the scriptures? No, it isn’t, Bible says we have to worship God, no ourselves, that is the purpose of our redime life’s. Since we have new life in our Lord JesusChrist, we are different, we are new creatures and we can recognize what are the things God’s like and what is wrong. We are trying to be better every time (holy) if this isn’t occurred in your life, think about it. God is speaking to each of us, but we can’t accept what we can believe or the culture said, we need to go to the Word of our Creator, this is our mirror.

  4. Leta says:

    This why religion is dying. Love trumps sin. Sin, as a concept, is illogical – some sins are immoral according to the Bible and some are not. Sex, among agreeing adults, is one of the latter. To preach that humans are born sick is abominable; would you teach this to a child?

    1. Katy says:

      Leta, remember Christ also told us to love the lord thy God with all your heart and soul and keep his status. Love overcomes all things, but the love of God will never justify sin, remember he hates it.

      1. Kayla says:

        God doesn’t hate sin. He new from the very beginning that mankind would sin. To say that he hates sin is saying that he hates all of us, because we all sin. Sin is inevitable but God knows when we repent our sins, we grow closer to God.

      2. Jeanine says:

        Sin is not inevitable. The Bible says we are born in sin and shapen in iniquity, but we all have the power of choice to do the right things in life. And God does hate sin, but He also sent His Son to save us, so we get forgiveness. But the onus is upon us to live right. Truly, we cannot judge others, but people shouldn’t be looking for reasons to justify their wrongdoings either.

      3. Jan Palace says:

        Agree totally!

      4. AnonAtheist says:

        This is the part that gets to me:

        “And God does hate sin, but He also sent His Son to save us, so we get forgiveness.”

        I’m sorry, but save us from what? He sent his son so we could be forgiven by whom?

        Let’s quickly go over something… God sent himself to Earth in the form of a human, and that human is known as the son of God, but he’s also actually God. And this human/God died as a sacrifice to God (himself), so that God would forgive us for our sins, and save us from God’s wrath… God sent himself to Earth, to die on a cross as a sacrifice to himself, to save us from himself.

        God works in mysterious ways… but I think he might also be a bit retarded.

    2. Tony says:

      Illogical? Human logic has no place with God. Logic is applied by the seeing is believing brigade. Put two and two together and the answer is whatever your logic wants the answer to be. The only answer is to be found in scripture. If you let go of human logic and let the Holy Spirit guide you then you find the Truth but your new age mumbo jumbo will only lead you in the opposite direction. Confusion will always reign with this approach as it is an idea that has no foundation other than in the self. God doesn’t want us to look to the self, he wants us to look to Him and again the only place to find Him is in your heart by way of scripture and accepting Jesus Christ as your saviour John 14:6. Don’t be fooled by your own “logic”. Live long and prosper Leta

      1. Jan Palace says:

        Well said!

  5. Lane says:

    You like the tune but not the lyrics?…then just hum it. Problem solved. If all you believers would realize that all the various gods and religions from the beginning of time were conveniently invented by people in order to control others, then you wouldn’t have a problem with this guy’s “hedonism”.

    1. sibert says:


    2. Anon says:

      I like you. Finally, some sense on this board.

      I almost spat out my water when I read telling someone from the LGBT community that they are a sinner is an act of love. Please. Is stoning said person also an act of love? Is putting them in a diversion program also an act of love? May as well load a gun and hand it to them.

      The true acts of love come from the people who understand that kind actions toward others will affect your and their life 100x more positively than actions in the name of your religion. If you think God will favour you more by telling someone what they are or how they feel is unnatural and a sin, then you’ve forgotten it’s people you live and interact with every day, not “god.”

      If people spent more time being concerned with what people hate, instead of who they love, the world would be a much better place.

  6. Linda says:

    Excellent review, Candi. Sadly, secular world (and even some “Christians”) thrive on making their own rules, interpreting the Bible to suit them, and then defending themselves against those like you (like me) who seek out and speak the truth. The “untaught and unstable twist them to their own destruction…” Thank you for teaching TRUTH.

    1. KEN A. says:

      Sometimes the only way to get your message out there is through music as most forms of publication are so censored that your message would be nixed at one level or another.

    2. Tyler says:

      I do interpret the bible to suit myself. For instance, although the bible recommends it, I don’t stone my children for disobeying me. I also don’t support the stoning of girls who are not virgins on their wedding night. I think genocide is wrong, as well as slavery.

      1. Tim says:

        You can’t interpret Leviticus in a vacuum. Much of the Pentateuch describes what we must to to be sinless, an impossible goal to be sure. That is why we need a Savior, which was prophesied from Genesis (I will send another. He will crush his head and he will bruise his heel) through Isaiah who was very specific on Christ’s purpose. Christ told the Pharisees that it is not what goes into a man’s mouth that defiles him, but what comes out of it. What goes in passes as waste. What comes out reveals our sinfulness. By that statement, he negated the dietary rules outlined in the Old Testament. I’m paraphrasing (a lot) but that is the gist of it. Context is everything in Scripture. It isn’t what is said and by who, but why, when, to who, and for what reason. Cherry picked verses do not the message make.

      2. monster says:

        Agreed! Thank you for that, exactly how my family would explain it.

      3. Jan Palace says:


  7. Elizabeth says:

    Personally, I don’t support gays. If you’re gay and you truly can’t help it, fine. But I don’t need to see gay people out in public together. I love god and loved this song, but then I actually read the lyrics. Society is pushing to a world where being gay is just normal. As Christians, try to follow god, not everyone else. It is important to not become one of those careless people who don’t believe in god that will most likely go to hell. Point is, society is doing more and more things against god and we can’t just be blind and follow it.

    1. nicola says:

      So you believe that gay folks shouldn’t be able to go out as part of a loving couple? May I ask why? God made them them the way they are. I take it you are attracted to men, so can you imagine sex with a woman? That “Ewwww!” that went through your head is what a truly gay person thinks every single time they go to bed with a member of the opposite sex. Something they do in order to be accepted by a church that won’t accept them as they are, as the way God made them. I’m 100% heterosexual and I believe in God. I also believe that folks such as yourself, who think gays should hide how God made them, will have quite a shock when they get to heaven.

      1. leyla says:

        God didn’t make them that way in the beginning He made one woman and one man

      2. hhr says:

        No he didn’t. The bible says that and the bible is all lies. Adam and Eve never existed, ever. I discredit anyone who believes in stories of talking snakes and a child being born from a virgin or a man who could walk on water.

      3. starberry says:

        So because you discredit them they are a lie?

      4. Poppycock says:

        No, that is typical progressive ideology replacing theology. God does not make gay people “the way they are.” God does not snap his fingers and create sinners who embrace their sins. We are all imperfect creatures prone to sin, but God does not make us to sin nor does he force us to do so. You either choose to try to be righteous or to embrace your preferred sins.

        The nonsensical “God made me this way” argument is just an attempt to justify one’s continual sinning without any sense of being penitent. If you not only sin but embrace your sin and wrap yourself in it like a warm blanket, you are not of God. As Jesus said to the Pharisees, you cannot see because you are not of the Father. You are blind because you are of the father of lies. The Bible is clear that homosexual acts are an abomination to God as they are unnatural and unclean, and such acts are condemned in both the Old and New Testaments, which means Christians who are not bound by Mosaic law must still recognize the sin.

        In this day and age, people love to sin, but they also like to tell themselves that they are righteous as they do so. That is all this “born that way” nonsense really is. Progressive “Christians” do not condemn sin for what it is, but they rather embrace and encourage sin in so many of its forms. It truly is about hedonism and embracing every earthly pleasure without feeling guilty. Why be righteous when everyone can just excuse everyone else’s sins? If we all sin while telling each other it’s alright, surely God will decide that our sins are OK now, right?

        Utter nonsense. God makes the rules, not you. A sin is a sin. Penitent sinners can be forgiven. People openly engaging in the sin of homosexual acts are not penitent. People marrying the same gender are flaunting their sin, not showing penitence.

      5. Katy says:

        Wow, do you realize you just blasphemed God name, God did not make people that way, so don’t put God in sin. The last time I checked when he begin to make men he gave the desire for woman not a man. I can’t believe you said that, wow how horribly have people fallen. however it is not surprising since Jesus predicted in the last days men will fall away from the truth of the faith in God and to sin. Every man doing what he thinks is right in his own eyes Judges 21:25, this is what is sadly happening these days.

      6. Jeanine says:

        You are entitled to your opinion, but you should also make INFORMED statements. God made everyone, we all know that. He made Christians and Muslims alike. But We weren’t born Muslim or Christian. We labelled ourselves as such. And there’s no homosexual gene anywhere. Yes, we’ve come a very long way from the Stone Age and yet, with all our technology and scientific equipment, there are only educated guesses and suppositions to support the theory of homosexuals being born that way. There’s nothing to back that up. So, some people like members of their same sex, that’s their choice. But all this publicity and drama just because some people want to be gay! There are so much more important things to fight about!

      7. Nathan kuro lees says:

        Your so misguided it’s sad. Those that don’t fight for their freedom let only religious people have their voice. With no conter point to balance it. Don’t fight for your freedom. What a ridiculous notion. And FYI I was born gay it not a choice. However making missinformed statmets about a gay gene when you not a genesestist it outrageous. Until I read this response to the song until I read others comments on it. I was woefully unaware how much hate still existed. It is truly sad.

      8. starberry says:

        Is it hateful to disagree then?

      9. Anon says:

        There is actually genetic proof that non-heterosexual have different gene expressions. They had a big article about it and Discovery News covered it.

        Science has come a long way. Time to step into the light of true knowledge and wisdom.

      10. snackcakes says:

        Very well said. I’m a Christian and a ‘flaming heterosexual’ but I say live and let love. (Between two consenting adults)

    2. hhr says:

      You don’t want to see gay people out in public but its perfectly acceptable to see a heterosexual couple making out and groping each other while you’re out trying to enjoy your lunch in a restaurant? Would that make you more comfortable? The gay couple who are not bothering anyone shouldn’t go out in public together, because it would make you feel better if they sat at home and dwelled in their “gayness” together so you can go out and enjoy yourselves and pretend that gays don’t exist in this world. Because this world should revovle around your ignorance and comfortability.

      1. Nathan kuro lees says:

        Your so right. So many are blind the the hypocrisy the preach.

    3. mimi says:

      Well said!! It seems like every tv show I watch has someone gay in it, I don’t hate anyone but that doesn’t mean I want to see it

      1. Jean says:

        People starving makes me uncomfortable. Can’t they just go and starve somewhere else?
        It seems like everywhere I look, I see someone like you. I don’t care that you exist, you can go and pretend that your a good person in your own home, you can write on Internet forums and discuss how society should bend to your preferences, but having to actually interact with you? Ugh. I don’t hate you, I honestly just feel sorry for you, but I don’t like being reminded you exist.
        You think that saying “I don’t hate them! I love them!” makes everything better. It’s the same as saying you don’t hate black people, but would rather them be segregated so you don’t have to see them.
        Honestly, pretending to be loving while encouraging discrimination is almost worse than blatantly saying you hate us.
        I’m sorry for sounding so mean, but don’t you see how much pain this strain of thought causes us. There are people who have been murdered for holding hands, people (me included) who had to move because they said “I love you” to the wrong gender, and it might not seem like there’s a correlation, but there is. Saying this validates the thought that gay people have less rights, that they are less human, that they don’t deserve to express love.
        I actually am sorry for being rude, but if you feel the need to express your displeasure with me, than why should I hold back.

  8. tanya says:

    this song gave me a shiver when I heard it as the hate for God and Christians are apparent, yet people sing along and don’t know the damage this is doing. God said he will come again and all will bow down and I would not want to singing along with this nonsense when he does. we were a blessed Christian nation not many years ago and its a worry how people believe whatever media, comedians, song writers feeds them. if you know little about the Christian faith just investigate and seek further look into before you comment. pray!! life is more than this! you just need to look into it and not assume what its all about. this man is naïve to say its to stop discrimination against gays when he is discriminating against a religion that cannot be proved wrong . this beautiful world did not appear from no where we just need to seek to find.. this is my opinion anyway 🙂

    1. Katy says:

      Thank you Tanya, you are right, this guy is bashing the church and obviously has a problem with the church. I don’t know if he had a bad experience or just never believed every, but I do know he is attacking the church, the faith and God himself. what he doesn’t realize is that he is at war with God a war he will never win. Jesus said upon the rock of faith(solid) he will build his church and the gates of hell will not overpower it, Matthew 16:18. People can say what they want and do what they want including the GBLT but they will never overpower the will of God. These groups blasphemy the name of God and his spirit ( Holy Spirit ) and because they do this the Holy scriptures say they will never be forgiven. Jesus said it, ” forgive them for they know not what they do” I wonder if these folks who claim to have to relationship with Christ really realize what they are doing?

  9. JustThatOneGirl says:

    I disagree with a lot of these comments. I am a worship leader at my church and I don’t see Hozier’s “message” as some anti-Christian, anti-God message. I read multiple interview transcripts where he explains a lot of where the song came from. In one interview he states that he grew up oppressed by the church and never felt accepted – even though a church is supposed to be about God’s love. What I see and hear in this song is a man in need of a Savior – REGARDLESS of if he’s gay, bi, trans, purple, green, whatever. We are all broken humans in need of Christ. I grew up in and out of church and there are PLENTY of times where I turned from God entirely for one reason or the next, but I was always accepted back with a loving hand, no matter what my sins were. The church building isn’t what drew me in, it wasn’t the sermons, it wasn’t the music… when I came back it was because the people showed me love. To judge Hozier because he’s gay and treat his song as if it is from Satan himself is the most horrific thing a believer could do. Nothing sends a man packing the other direction quite like casting stones at someone who sins differently than yourself. I have plenty of friends from the LGBT community, do I understand or agree with the lifestyle? Not entirely… But does it make my friends any less human or any less in need of the same Savior I need?

    1. Cathie Redman says:

      I finally agree with a comment that isn’t purely judging. Imagine how it would feel to be tormented and tortured because of your personal sexual preference?I’ve heard the Bible states those who are not straight as “abominations” for goodness sakes. That means it is hated. Where in the bible does it teach to hate people for any reason? If anything, child molesters, those who gain sexual power through harming a mere child should be the one and any only sexual disagreement any religious, respectable people should have. Never once has a gay person committed a hate crime against me because I am straight. In fact, I am from Fayette County Pa. and have agreed to just recently to begin an advocacy group for the LGBIQ community in our area. I will do everything in my power to help them and protect their rights. They can marry in Pa. yet, since Pa. is a free will state, a person who is gay can be legally fired from employment because they are gay and no other reason is needed. That to me is sickening to say the least! I work as a Certified peer Specialist in Uniontown Pa. and encounter every type of trauma or abuse possible from the consumers I have as clients. One fear is of admitting their sexuality for fear of hatered and what can happen if they openly admit they are gay. I’d have to say there are a whole lot of things that are horrible in this world and being gay isn’t one of them.

      1. starberry says:

        It is an abomination because it is against God’s natural order. So are many other things that humans practice.

        The gay community is forcing people to accept them whether they like it or not. That is wrong. Civil unions already existed as well as their rights as an American citizen. Wake up, look around. Judges are forcing bakeries to bake cakes for gay men amongst all kinds of other nonsense. That is not freedom. Businesses reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, remember?

        For the record, those who have gay tendencies should all be respected and loved.

        But make no mistake, it is a spiritual battle. What spirit are you following?

      2. Levin says:

        First you rant about giving businesses the freedom to deny any customer, just so they (aka you) can discriminate freely against anyone that doesn’t fit into your very narrow and absurdly particular model of how exactly the world and the people in it should be like to facilitate your perfect comfort at all times. Then in the same breath, right after you encourage the active discrimination of people you and your particular brand of belief happen to disapprove of, you actually have the nerve to slobber your token and transparently false pseudo-Christian “they should still be loved and respected” bogus. I thought you realized that lying is a sin and at best you are lying to yourself here, because you obviously harbor deep disdain and disgust for people who do not conform to your particular version of belief.

        You seem to me like a [edited for content], this is exactly how Jews were treated and thought about in Nazi Germany, before they eventually started shoving them into the ovens. Bit by bit their rights were revoked, their business shunned, their freedoms taken and more and more they were treated as less than human. And when they -along with gay and disabled people- were but cattle in the eyes of enough people, the ovens were heated and they were quietly disposed of out of sight and out of mind, to rid “normal” people from their supposedly vile influence on every aspect of life, and all of it happened with full knowledge and in quiet support of the Roman Catholic Church at that time I might add. This process of dehumanization happens in small steps and while to some your drivel sounds reasonable, you are but encouraging others to take the first step on a road to the ruin of the soul. If you look for hate speech you don’t need to sit in a KKK meeting or visit a fascist group nowadays, you just need to visit a church or two until you witness the pathetic fits of a more and more radicalized and splintered flock, as people with any decency who value close contact to people outside their little belief cluster abandon their dying and shriveling religion for worldviews that allow them to act and be seen as decent human beings. If this comment section shows anything, then that modern Christianity as an organized Religion is doomed in the long run because you cannot bring individualism, freedom, dogma and your authoritarian approach to preaching into anything even resembling a coherent system. May the demise of organized Christianity and all of its dehumanizing dogmas be swift and painless. I hope you will find comfort in the thought that I would never petition government to revoke your rights or treat you as anything less than human, even as you become a little fringe minority seen by others with pity at best and as vile raving lunatics straight from the 18th century at worst.

    2. Poppycock says:

      Hozier is not gay. He is merely condemning Christianity for saying that committing homosexual acts is a sin. The Old and New Testaments are clear on the subject. The Bible is also clear on sinners being penitent. A person who fully embraces their sin, declares that it is not a sin, and then lives freely in that sin is certainly not penitent.

      This is the problem with replacing theology with progressive ideology. Christianity is not about recruiting drives or popularity. It is about God’s truth. Jesus said he did not come to bring peace but a sword. Bastardizing the Word because it is easier to declare that sins are A-OK is beyond ridiculous, and it is sad that so many people claiming to be of the cloth spread such messages. We are not to judge others as from a position of hypocrisy, but that does not mean that somehow we are to embrace unrepentant sinners as being righteous.

      Churches that embrace and tolerate sin to the point that they will not even condemn it lest unrepentant sinners leave are not doing God’s work. Christians speak the truth of the Word even when it will hurt them to do so. If you put your “friends from the LGBT community” above of the Word, then it is sad that you are a “worship leader” at any church of any denomination. How can you lead anyone in worship when you think you know better than God?

      1. JustThatOneGirl says:

        I will disregard the personal attacks as you have no idea who I am or what my faith looks like. You don’t know what God has brought me through or the darkness I’ve seen or endured. I worship, and lead worship as a broken, imperfect sinner. To pretend I’m perfect or have it all together would be a disservice to God and to the congregation I stand before. Not once did I say I put my friends from the LGBT community above God, if you read what I wrote, I stated that although I don’t understand it – it doesn’t detract from the need for a Savior. There is plenty I don’t understand, but what I do understand is we all need saving. And not once did I ever claim to know better than God. What I was simply saying in my last post (if you truly read it) is that every comment on this thread is generally from a standpoint of anger, judgment, and condemnation. I’m not saying I love sin or whatever you are trying to imply. What I’m saying is that I am also a sinner and I need to embrace Christ daily. He says to pick up our cross DAILY, which means, you guessed it, we are vulnerable to sin on a daily basis and need to seek Christ daily.
        You mention this “progressive ideology” which I admit I have. Let me explain, I feel it’s progressive to not cast the first stone, I feel it’s progressive to recognize that regardless of the sin – Jesus died for them all, I feel it’s progressive to understand that just because I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ it does not make me magically free of sin, but that we all sin and fall short – sin is human, remember Adam and Eve? The broken relationship between God and man occurred the moment God was disobeyed. Striving to live like Christ, free of sin is the action. It doesn’t just happen because I said a prayer 15 years ago. Living with Christ is a daily adventure. Therefore, the plank in my own eye must be taken care of before I point out the splinter in my brother’s… I feel it’s progressive to recognize that leadership requires vulnerability, I feel it’s progressive to understand that God’s grace covers a multitude of sins, I feel it’s progressive to love the way Christ loves. To sit and cast judgment based upon this Richter scale of self-righteous sin evaluation is ridiculous. I choose to not fall into the trap of “who sins worse” when I could focus on “we all need Christ” – and that is the God I know. One who saved all of us, one who loves all of us, one who died for the drug addict, one who died for the depressed, the helpless, the hopeless, the gays, the murderers, the thieves, the selfish, the judgmental, the liars, the cheats, the self-righteous, the drunk, the over-indulgent, the greedy, the hypocrites, the list goes on… His love has no bounds and we as a church are to be his light, to be his love, to lead by his example. I refuse to put Jesus in my self-righteous box that says he can only love those who I feel deserve it.

      2. Nathan kuro lees says:

        Freedom gives you the right to belive as you do. But there are many who use that freedom to breed hate into our world. I don’t belive in God or Jesus. If there was truly a god all peoples would know and follow him. But there are so many religions all different all to praise a different God. Which tells me only one thing these are all stories invented by man to help men control mankind. They are dangerous and outdated. Use your freedom to belive as you do and I will use my to belive as I do. But take heed that what you belive, is your choice, and it is given to you freely. Help to bring freedom to those that your belifes have taken it away from.

      3. starberry says:

        Friend, you’re right. There are many religions and many gods. Only one can be right.

        We do know God and can see Him by His creation – but most suppress their knowledge of the Creator in favor of their feelings. There is freedom in Christ Jesus.

      4. sibert says:

        Christians do not speak the truth!!!!

      5. SomewhereSoutheast says:

        I saw or read an interview with Hozier who said he had actually written the song at 19 or so when he broke up with his first serious girlfriend. If, like others have stated, he did have issues feeling welcome at his church of origin, it was probably related to dealing with good ole adolescent hormones while being in love for the first time and receiving messages that wanting to be with a person sexually is sinful while at the same time learning it is natural/normal for a person to want to do it..haha! It also sounds, based on the lyrics, that maybe the girlfriend wasn’t raised with any sort of religious background or had already rejected it; therefore, she was making her case that church doctrines regarding the role of sex among unmarried couples were contradictory to human nature.

    3. Katy says:

      I don’t think people are judging this man, but they are questioning his lyrics, I heard the song and I don’t like it either. You are right, this man is in need of a Savior, but bashing the church because they may not agree with him is not the answer. I find that people try to use the church as an escape goat for their own wrong doing, while not taking responsibility for their actions. Church does not save anyone only God does, but the church can be a useful community in for a person to grow within in the Lord. I agree that we need to really pay attention to some of the things people are saying because some can be blasphemy against God. I also think it is wrong to defend a person because they don’t like the truth of the Gospel. Judges warns us that when man do what he think is right is his own eyes, he gets himself in a lot of trouble. The scripture are God- breathed and useful in teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness according to the will of God, 2nd Timothy 3:16, if people buck against it they are bucking against having a holistic life. Also the bible tells us that man ought to not lay with another man like he lay with a woman because it causes confusion in their lives, Leviticus 18:22 and it is a problem for the Creator. The GBLT does not like because it calls out what they doing as wrong, and because they some don’t want to change they reject this teaching,

      1. Nathan kuro lees says:

        I truly feel sorry for you. Your view of this world is so myopic it actually troubles me. Your suggesting God made us all gave us freedom then must stand against it and punish and hate people for that very freedom. Walk a mile in the the shoes of a homosexual person before you say it’s wrong. It could be you one day. Or your childeren years from now hated because they belive in God. There may come a day when people like you have their freedom taken away for their beliefs. And just remember that the next time you start making grand gestures that your way and view is the only way. You bring only hate into a world choking on it.

      2. starberry says:

        “There may come a day when people like you have their freedom taken away for their beliefs” – Indeed, that is already happening.

    4. Jeanine says:

      I agree that no one has the right to “cast stones” at any other person because we all sin indifferent shapes or forms, but that doesn’t make one sin better than another. It’s not better to be a murderer than a homosexual. It’s not better to be a pedophile than a murderer. And it’s not somehow better to be homosexual than a pedophile. It’s all sickness. No one should point fingers, but you can’t excuse a certain form of sin while condemning another.

      1. Nick Mesic says:

        being a murderer, rapist etc.. are sinful because you are hurting someone. Being gay doesn’t hurt anyone. Spreading love doesn’t hurt anyone.

    5. Christy says:

      Hozier isn’t gay. He wrote the song after a break-up with his girl friend. the video just explains that loving someone is not a sin. Love is about the soul…..not the body people!!

    6. Not buying it says:

      You must think we are really dumb. If you are fine with lyrics like “every Sunday’s getting more bleak, a fresh poison each week” then you really really lack discernment. Show me a Christian hymnal with those words or antichrist spirit. “It’s innocent” you say, the secular world has better discernment than you

      1. Not buying it says:

        In reply to JustThatOneGirl

      2. JustThatOneGirl says:

        You don’t know my level of discernment, so I will disregard your comments regarding such. I also don’t know who you’re implying I think to be dumb… Who’s “we”? I think religion is dumb, yes… so defending religion over relationship, of course I’m going to see that as dumb. But that’s just me.
        Also, to say that I claimed “it’s innocent” is putting words in my mouth (quotation marks are referencing a quoted excerpt…) and I never said it was “innocent”… If you’ve read both of my posts, you’d see that I actually focus more on the heart of the man behind the song, rather than the words he writes. I’m grateful that I love and serve a God that allows me to express my hurt, my anger, and my frustration in a healthy manner. Luckily, I know Jesus as my Savior and my expressions come through worship – where I find myself both broken and mended all at the same time. For those like Hozier, he’s lost. Jesus came to seek and save the lost, not cast stones. If I’m to live and love like Christ did, I’m not going to cast that first stone… but I’m not going to get in to all of that again, you can re-read my previous posts to see my stance on loving others the way Christ loves me.

  10. hhr says:

    You teach women studies and your view of homosexuality is that it is a sin? Really? You also truly believe that telling people that their sexual orientation, something that they cannot control, is a sin and you call that loving them? No, you’re hurting and shaming them. You also call it “the truth”, which it is not. The bible is an outdated set of beliefs and fairytales concocted by men in the church over 2000 yrs ago,let’s try evolving already. This is why I’m glad that songs like this exist.

    1. Sukma says:


  11. littlevoice says:

    Beautifully said. Thank you JustThatOneGirl.

  12. Nathan kuro lees says:

    It is absolutely outrageous that you can take this mans song and call it teaching hedonism and worshiping in the bedroom. You are wrong, freedom to act in the way that is most natural to you is the very thing that empowers religious people to actively hate and bash on gay people, and as a gay man I have searched for love and have found it. Why is my love a sin whilst a straight couples is not. Why would God make any of us the way we are if he did not intend for us to act in that way. I think religion is a dangerous and outdated element choking our world. Religions have been the cause of so much hate and many wars. If an all powerful God created us, which I do not believe, the. He created somthing that is destroying this world. The worlds population is rising at an exponential rate. Maybe the evolution of homosexuality is a direct biological response to this. Or maybe God just said WOW to many breeders. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but teaching your children to hate and belive me by telling them it’s wrong to love someone because they’re the same sex, you are breeding hate into our world. Humanity as a whole needs only to move past this idiotic notion of an all powerful being that created us and thik and feel and band together as humans. I recently started a new job, and I unfortunately have to work with a racist man. At one time his hate was common place now it is no less dangerous for him to pass that hate on to his children. We as a race, no matter the colour of your skin the origin of your birth, need to evolve past hate in all its forms. I do not pretend to be an expert. And I have a lot of hate myself to work through hate for misguided people who breed more hate into the world. But two wrongs don’t make a right. And freedom allows all a voice. But I would ask this of you out there who chooses to belive in God. What if one day there was a law that took away your CHOICE to worship the god you belive in. What if you were hated for it, made to feel ashamed, hunted down, tortured and killed for it. What if you were sat at home and you came across an article bashing a song that had touched you deeply a song that to you made all the diference, a song about God. And you found a website of comments filled with hate. People telling you how much love they have for you, because to them your so misguided. Remember this. Wall a mile in the shoes of your Enemy. Feel all his fears. Know his sorrow. And take heed. That you enjoy your freedom, somewhere in the world, even today, religion, will claim not only the freedom of many, but their very lives aswell. And then thank your God that you enjoy this freedom. Then use it not not to hate but to love. And remember what you belive is given to you freely. What I feel for the man I love was born into me.

  13. Timothy says:

    One thing that is certain is that we were all born into sin. The difference is on who you belong to. If you belong to the world, which is dying by the way, then the world will embrace you and take you as its own. If you belong to Christ, then you understand that there is nothing you can do about your sinful state and that Jesus bought your forgiveness and will share His righteousness in the eyes of God. I do not support sin, yet I cannot stop sinning. Paul mentions this in his epistles. If you repent, you are forgiven and receive His Grace. If you choose not to repent (change of heart) then you will not be forgiven. We are all sinners, whether we bear false witness (gossip), murder (turn our backs to those in need), or simply worship false idols (money, celebrity, status, worldly success). Those who sin in comfort, like LGBT for example but not exclusively, they wish to glorify their sinfulness and insist that the rest of us embrace it as well. Same sex attraction may be a part of them, but adultery is part of us all. We all turn away from God at one point (adultery) but when we repent we gain His forgiveness. Our deeds have absolutely nothing to do with it. God understands that we are sinful, but those who choose to worship mortal values are doomed by them. We can’t pick and choose what scripture we like or don’t like to follow. God’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. Scripture must be taken as a whole, not just what we can reason.

    1. Nick Mesic says:

      Why are LGBT people sinful? What logic makes this sinful? Doesn’t sin imply that you are hurting someone through an act? Why is opposite sex attraction not adulterous but same sex attraction is? Who am I hurting for being gay, trans, bi etc..?

      1. Tim says:

        Sin doesn’t have to ‘hurt’ anyone in the short term, but in the long term it kills us. All of us. We are all adulterers because we turn away from God. We are murders because we wish ill will on those who offend us. We all bear false witness when we gossip or judge one another. You get the idea.

        How one believes depends on who one belongs to. Everyone is sinful even though we use our logic to distance ourselves from that fact. No exceptions. You will have to read the source to understand what sin is. It all started when Adam and Eve believed Satan’s lies when he said that they could know everything God knows and be like him if they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Sin has corrupted the world ever since. If we are comfortable in our sin and insist that others do so as well, we are misguiding our brother and Scripture tells us what that leads to.
        Do you belong to God or world? The world is dying and has been since Satan induced Eve to sin. God is everlasting.

      2. Anon says:

        So, do you feel remorse and repent for being with your spouse?

      3. judz says:

        For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
        JOHN 3:16

        Now, we have or own freedom to choose!! believe or not!! its your choice… but always remember that our DECISION today!! affects our TOMMOROW!! I will pray!! for everyone who will read this message!!

        #ACCEPT or DECLINE

  14. Mr Mango boy says:

    Thank you for posting this I helped me understand what the song meant in christian rilgion kind of view.

    thank you. 777

  15. maddie says:

    i use to really likethis song and i am 13 i am very careful with what i listen to and i don’t like the meaning, i agree.

    1. Nick Mesic says:

      There’s nothing wrong with this song. It is not saying “do whatever makes you feel good”. It is saying love is sacred (including homosexual love). Remember, just because people are older than you, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily right. Try and logically figure out why homosexual love is bad. It’s not. We live in an overpopulated world with many kids that need to be adopted, so the procreation argument is null. Many religions that are much older than christianity such as Buddhism and Hinduism actually have dieties that portray homosexualism, transgenderism etc… The catholic religion is outdated. Since you’re already taking everything on the radio with a grain of salt, remember to take articles like this on the internet with a grain of salt.

  16. anna says:

    I am not a none believer but I find it strange that the people spreading gods words or the words of monks who wrote thousands of years after god did his all making of the world ( think Chinese whispers) are now being brought to justice for the same thing that are saying is wrong in this track. Surely this makes a mockery of everything , people are what they are the world should love , if there is but one god what are all the wars about.

  17. Yolanda says:

    This is dizzying. Maybe instead of judging everyone and everything around us we should just start improving the world from within ourselves, whether you believe in Christ or not. As a Christian, I try to follow the tolerance and love Jesus taught me. However, as much as I try to walk in the steps of Jesus, I acknowledge that I am only human and will never be able to know what Jesus knows or be like Jesus. I am a sinner. I am human. I can be good. I can be bad. It’s really about constantly striving for an inner state of peace and self-improvement. You preach through the way you live and your kind actions, not through the words you shout or through your judgements.

  18. James says:

    What Hozier is saying in this song, and what those who agree with his stance are saying is not “do whatever makes you feel good”. No, this is a simplistic and incorrect argument that Christians seem to have applied in order to justify their own stance.
    When he speaks of “worship in the bedroom” it is alluding to the deep sacredness of sexuality. Worship is not about personal pleasure, it is about respect and awe of a higher being, something that is far greater than any one human being, and that transcends this physical, visible world. That is, that this act provokes and induces an emotional experience so sacred and awe inspiring that it can come only from the Heavens, and not from the personal tastes or pleasures of a human.
    There is no ‘do it cause it makes you feel good’ anywhere but in the minds of the misguided. This song is anything but secular. It is about real human spiritual experience. Of course, even a Christian can understand this association of spirituality with sex and love, but the mistake of the right wing Christian is to assume that this suddenly ceases to apply to anyone who is not Christian, or who is unmarried, or who might be attracted to their own gender. And in their blanket admonishments they do a great disservice to other human beings by denigrating their own spiritual experiences as worthless and sub-human.
    Nobody’s sexuality should be regarded as worthless or somehow sub-human. We must all act with good faith towards one another, be respectful of one another’s hearts and deep feelings, and allow others to worship and experience the sacred mysteries given to us all as gifts from Heaven.
    After all, how would Christians react if their own acts of worship, are belittled and degraded by others? What sentiment would this arise within you? Never be fooled into thinking that your job as a Christian, as a Muslim, as a Jew, as a Hindu, as whatever, is to criticize others because they do not do as you do, especially when you do not understand the reasons why they act as they do.

  19. Nick Mesic says:

    Wait, don’t you realize when he says “We were born sick.” He is saying it sarcastically? Hence why he says “I was born sick. I love it.” The post modern irony is great because it was supposed to draw people like the author of this article in. You’re supposed to think it’s a Catholic worship song so that you will listen to it and hopefully learn something. I literally cringed when I read “The best way of showing love is by telling the truth” because where does your purported truth come from? Where is the logic in it? (other than that you were told this is wrong.) Homosexual love is perfectly fine, because even if the purpose of humans is procreation, we live in an overpopulated world with tons of abandoned kids that need to be adopted. When he says “worship in the bedroom” he is again being sarcastic, in my opinion, saying that people like the author of this article are saying that there is a place for religion in the bedroom, that religion should be able to tell us who we can and cannot love. Also love is the greatest form of worship. Lots of double meanings in this song.

    You totally stated what was wrong with your argument in the article and didn’t even provide a sufficient logical backing to null that argument. This article sucks.

  20. Jess says:

    I came to this site with an already shaky faith. Congrats to all you ignorant commenters and bloggers for successfully deterring me from Christianity on the whole. I’m a PROUD bisexual woman who was raised in a family that forced our religion on us without giving us a choice in what we believed. I was raised to be judgemental and I hated myself for YEARS because of the way I saw woman. If you tell me that I CHOSE YEARS of misery and self-hate and torment up to the point of suicide attempts, you’re really pathetic and sad. I realized how terrible and judgemental Christianity can be today. From my pastor saying that women are “asking for” rape to once again hearing biased, discriminatory and bigoted comments about my sexuality and even BASHING ON AN ARTIST FOR HAVING A CREATIVE LICENSE, Christianity is just too hypocritical. At least hedonism doesn’t repress people, contradict itself or actually put lives in danger.

    1. Tim says:

      Do you know who Christ hung out with? I guarantee that it wasn’t those who judged, ridiculed, blamed, or belittled others because of their sinfulness. They were lepers, beggars, tax collectors and prostitutes. Everyone who knew that there were sinful also knew that they couldn’t help themselves. Before you completely turn your back on God’s grace, do your own research. Satan is pretty good at turning us against one other. Scripture shows us what sin is, what it does, and who is guilty, which is all of us. There is no sin so bad that God will not forgive anyone. All of us, without exception, are sinners. Repent for your sins, ask for His forgiveness, and it is yours. It’s that easy. Does that mean that you turn your back on your partner? No. Christ didn’t turn His back on anyone who didn’t turn their back on Him. Does that mean that sex outside of holy matrimony is sinful? Yes, and it doesn’t matter if that sex is homosexual or heterosexual, consensual or not. If you only listen to ‘Bible Thumpers’ without getting information from the source, you will only get a warped perspective of what Christ’s love really is.

    2. starberry says:

      I’m sorry that you went through all of that.

      1. starberry says:

        Sorry that was meant for Jess, above.

  21. Reason says:

    When your book is found to be morally bankrupt, perhaps it is time to find a new book.

    Your religion has been wrong since its inception. You worship a false idol- your “son of God” is such. You worship Adonai. You do not worship anything else. The Old Testament is clear on this subject. To forsake the Commandment is to forsake all.

    Do not hide behind your millenia old book any longer.

  22. Brae says:

    First if all if you don’t want to deal with gaya people in public then keep your judgemental self at home in your narrow minded world you live in. Everyone has the right to worship or not worship, that is, how they want. What makes your jaded opinion more important than anyone elses. If you don’t like the song then don’t listen to it but your negative comments toward someone’s views or opinions really aren’t needed. If you choose to believe in god, buddha, or the flying spaghetti monster that is up to you, be we have a right to have opposing viewpoints than christianity. Have you ever thought that people who stray from worshiping a god is not because of the god itself, or even the teachings it’s because of people just like all of you. I’m sorry but if being a Christian is to judge, criticize, or even hate someone for doing what they believe is right then I am proud to not be a christian. I would hate to be like you. There is a reason behind everyone’s actions and whether you see them as wrong or not is their choice, so get off your high horses and snap into reality because the times have changed and soon Christians are going to be the minority and that is going to be sweet karma. Finally, gas aren’t the ones ruining the sanctity if marriage it’s straight people, so point your finger at yourselves and let people whom are different from you live their life.

    1. monster says:

      I think I can agree with certain points of yours, though I disagree with others. It is sad when other people who throw around the word christianity say hateful or hurtful things, especially because how I was raised that is totally unacceptable. You are supposed to love the sinner hate the sin, and I think that some people will likely never change open minds so its just damaging to argue and try and yell at them about what they are doing. I have seen people have open, respectful discussions about what their faiths are about, why they have or dont have one, ect, and I wish people could have more of those because its so much better.

      I might not support gay people actively, because I disagree with it, but i would NEVER be mean to someone or disrespectful because of it, that is terrible. Others are entitled to their opinions and beliefs, even if some think it’s wrong we can all still be civil and tolerant of the fact that some people are always going to feel different.

      I will say that Marraige comes from the bible and from God, that is what christians believe and hold to be true whether or not you or others of the same opinion may think. In the bible it says it is to be between a man and a woman, and it is a pretty big deal at least to us. I realize that especially in the world today it is unlikely that gay marraige will be prohibited in most states a lot longer, or so i think, but theres a reason a number of christians dont agree with or support it, not always to be mean or try and stop people from expressing their love but because we are standing firm in our beliefs.

      And now, i sleep. Have a lovely happy day/night/whatever, and i might not ever find this thread again because i lose these things.

  23. Ang says:

    I love Hozier’s voice but I don’t like how he paints God as a controlling, overbearing master that shames people for their shortcomings and sins. That is not the God I know. I understand Hozier’s intent–he is trying to get across the fact that many people, religious or even non-religious, do not accept gay people. He is pointing out the hatred/judgment that is evident even today. We are taught to love one another and I don’t disapprove of LGBT relationships because I don’t see myself as any judge on the matter. Who am I to say it’s wrong? It’s love in my understanding.

  24. Tim says:

    I see a lot of comments in this thread from people attempting to force their beliefs on others, being judgmental, and spitting plain old bile and venom at those who disagree with their perspective. Then I read those comments from Christians. There is an enormous difference between the two.

  25. Debra L. Walters says:

    So sad! Let us pray that The Word of God would convict those in this state and let us love them unconditionally. Actually The Word has already convicted them. The Sharpened knife. It exists and God holds that knife. God is sovereign and loves us so desperately that He is forever becoming us to come to Him. We come to Him where we are in our sins but we must allow Him in us to be able to come out of our sins and call ourselves Christian. We will never be perfect but with God’s help it’s amazing how much better we can be.

  26. monster says:

    Okay, so my personal feelings about this might be different from some people. For one, not a fan of the song and yes I think it is hating on the church as a whole, and while I believe that the relentless censorship of America will surely turn it into something I do not want to be a part of, I find the song a bit hurtful and frankly I think it fosters antichristian sentiments. If it offended/could be offensive to another religion it would be less widely liked I think. But, I also think that people should read the lyrics of songs they listen to and decide if they really want to support that, with all songs.

    Now I am not in any way disliking gay/whatever sexualities. I think we live in a fallen world and essentially it is not possible to be without sin because of that. Jesus was the only one who could do that, which is why he was the perfect lamb of God and the only one who could die for our sins and save us. I do however not actively support things like I wont vote in favor of gay marraige. Thats my right, i am entitled to a differing opinion and I do not have to say I think what others believe is okay or acceptable. That said I do repest people of different opinions and the like, i understand that they think and feel differently and I wouldn’t ever want them to not be able to have that. I think that one big problem in american is the cry about intolerance when in fact it is just not supporting their views and holding true to your own. I am not intolerance because I belive that homosexual acts are a sin. I lie sometimes, likely more than i think, and thats a sin as well. A numer of my friends are of varrying sexualities and beliefs, many of them holding strong antichristian sentiments and though it hurts and i disagree with them, i am capable of hearing them out and respecting that they have a different opinion even if i dont personally agree.

    Thats my two cents.

  27. JamesT says:

    If your God hates love, then he is no God of mine.

  28. Sophia Reed says:

    I agree with your whole post, I thought it was just me that sees things this way. In Christianity, we all sin, and no sin is greater than the next. But to glorify and justify sins is wrong. I do not believe anyone should be a victim of a hate crime. But to blame Christianity for the victimization of gays is not right. True Christians are against all types of sin including violence against others. I do not see why the “church” has the be the focal point of saying that our belief system is wrong because many Christians believe that being gay is a sin. As mentioned in the post above, all were born sick because we all sin. No one is perfect, but just because everyone lies, cheat, steals, and all the rest of it, does not mean that we can say “it’s human nature and therefore okay.”

  29. JustBelieveInOneLessdog says:

    How can a serious review of a song cherry pick a few lines and ignore these obviously ridiculing religion.

    “Every Sunday’s getting more bleak
    A fresh poison each week”

    and this…

    “I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
    I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife”

    showing the controlling nature of religions, and finally the irony in these words….

    “Offer me that deathless death
    Good God, let me give you my life…”

    It all points to an anti religion song and in no way should be interpreted in the way you have.

  30. Evan says:

    Before we get started here, I am both a male, 14 years of age, and agnostic. It’s a bit disappointing that you misenterpreted this song to such a signifigant degree. I will explain it a bit more. This is condemning many things in the bible, you are correct. However, they are things that are meant to be condemned. The main thing Hozier is condemning is institutions that judge others based on things they cannot control, sexuality being one of them. I understand that in the bible it states that two men having gay sex is considered an ‘abomination’, but the bible also states it is an abomination for a man to have long hair. There is also a massive amount of damning evidence to show that sexuality is not a choice, but that’s another issue for another day. You assume this song is condemning all of Christianity, however it is only condemning those institutions who preach blind faith and judging other people. In this sense, Hozier is agreeing with the bible. It states in the bible that only god can judge a person. Hozier is condemning people who believe they have the power to judge others. The “sharpen your knife” part is a stab against corrupt institutions who would use a persons sins to judge and blackmail them. The part that refers to worshiping like a dog is a very justified attack on people who have blind faith in something. An unfortunate example of this would be parents forcing their child to be a certain way/ worship a specific religion even if they believe something else. Luckily for me, while my father is a Christian, he is very accepting of my agnostic beliefs. My mother unfortunatly doesn’t really think this way, and believes I am just a rebellious teen, even though I’ve never once attacked her beliefs. The point he is making is that blind faith is wrong, you should only have faith if you know what your are worshiping. Being born sick, well take that anyway you like. I find it ridiculous that a person is born evil. Especially when god himself is not a perfect being. This is a bit off topic, but allow me to read you a verse from the bible.

    20 Then Noah built an altar to the Lord and, taking some of all the clean animals and clean birds, he sacrificed burnt offerings on it. 21 The Lord smelled the pleasing aroma and said in his heart: “Never again will I curse the ground because of humans, even though[i] every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood. And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done.

    In this case, god actually ADMITS to having done wrong. How would a savior save us from sin, when he himself is not perfect? And in this case, why are we automatically washed in evil, just because we exist? This is all for now, I hope everyone on this page understands this song more now, and how it doesn’t attack Christianity as a whole.

    1. H.T says:

      Being perfect is not about not being able to use another method to deal with a situation. I don’t agree with that logic. You can have 3 options that can achieve the outcome, use one and decide not to use it again. Was the option he used effective, yes.

  31. mr clem snide says:

    The song is woeful. It is tuneless and has no hook. The lyrics are pretend -profound, I think Patti Smith would have binned the ’em after writing. Christianity can be viewed as a tradition that has a history going back over 2000 years. Of course , it’s just all wrong and bad and nasty and retards the flourishing of individual libido’s and desires. It has been foundational in the development of the liberal western democratic forms of government which we enjoy . Hozier is just another narcissistic 30 something with a nice beard. That people find this song “profound” just shows the extent to which we really do have a dumbed down culture.

  32. g says:

    the story about been gay is wrong came from the story of Sodom and Gomorrah… the question is why did God want to destroy the cities! hence H e must have had stated the reason before the angels arrived in the cities

  33. jake says:

    The bible says., “my people perish because they lack knowledge”.. From reading the lyrics of the song, I was convinced I had to find out what christian reviews are saying about this song.. May God give us wisdom In our daily life encounters.. Thank you for the review

  34. Jake says:

    This song to me perfectly sums up the hypocrisy and perpetual [edited for content] perpetuated by the church. I appreciate that at one time (many hundreds of years ago) that the church was necessary to give order and reason to a generally indicated public, but in this enlightened day and age imaginary friends are an unnecessary burden.

    The question I routinely ask is this, if a non religious person was to walk around talking about (and talking to) an imaginary friend we would call them insane, however when you mask this same condition with religion it is deemed sane. The lack of logic in this confuse me to no end. I think that religion in itself is generally harmless however, but when it dictates how others should live their life, it becomes venomous. I think this song is a perfect response to the hypocritical [edited for content] that spews from the church on a regular basis. Especially considering the horrendous acts over the years that the church had been party to.

    1. Tim says:

      When one studies the Word, it is remarkable how much it explains itself. For example, Leviticus might seem brutal and intolerant, but if you read what Jesus had to say about dietary laws for example, it makes perfect sense. The Bible isn’t hypocritical. People are. The Bible has to be studied, not just picked apart for passages without its context that align toward a certain personal opinion. Knowing history, the politics of Ptolemy and Seleucid empires, how close the Psalms and the prophesies of Isaiah were to future history, and even the etymology of ancient Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic helps us understand Scripture. Just reading a passage once or twice does not create understanding any more than reading a physics textbook once or twice makes one a physicist. Even the most learned theologians cannot possibly understand all that God is or what He does. His thoughts are not our thoughts.

  35. erin says:

    Without any “absolutes” think of the horrible things humanity would do to one another. True love is honest even when it seems hard to take. Thank you for your wisdom and honesty in this blog!

    1. Levin says:

      Exactly. Imagine all of the horrible things humans would do to each other without absolute morality for example. Just look how terrible countries that by and large have adopted a relativist attitude towards morality are faring nowadays, I’m talking about those little Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark and Norwegian – each of them has a population consisting of somewhere between 50 and 80% atheists! Can you even imagine, they don’t go to church, believe in nothing, all their morals are totally relative: “if it makes people feel good and happy and doesn’t hurt anyone then it’s fine”. They also got free healthcare, a flat social hierarchy in the workplace, free childcare services, by law a man is entitled to just as much paternity leave as a woman is, lengthy vacations are guaranteed by law, gay marriage is legal, most people there don’t bitch about high taxes because they are fine with investing in the social well-being of their society, there’s much less violence and crime and much fewer mental health problems per capita… that’s what they get for their insolence of rejecting absolute dogmas. And to top it all off for whatever strange reason they are actually also the happiest people on earth according to several polls. Oh and I should also add that being all up into everyone’s face ranting on and on about your private beliefs and trying to meddle in the business of others is considered extremely rude over there. It’s madness I tell you, it’s like opposite day every day. Seriously some people’s horizon begins at Texas and ends in Alaska: societies and nations would do not just fine, but in fact way better without dogmatic absolutes and that’s not merely an opinion, it’s a completely obvious and visible fact to anyone who visited Scandinavia and got to know its pleasant inhabitants. Seriously people, if you choose to be ignorant about the world at least stick to it, ideally you go all the way and become a social recluse and stop pestering the rest of us with your dogmatic bile. And stop spreading fantasies about how society would surely descend into chaos and madness if relative morals and atheism continued to spread, you will just embarrass yourself when talking to people who know about and have visited the world beyond America’s borders. You are wrong about the corrosive effect of relative morals and the spread of atheism – so what are you gonna do now, plug your ears and sing “lalala”, or do you look up my claims, own up to reality once you realize I’m not spinning fairy-tales here, and adapt your world-view in accordance with the evidence? Seriously people who make this “oh without our infallible morality from the good book our society would turn into hell on earth” need to stop. Now you know there are places with exactly the kinds of features you fear so much, and they are doing perfectly fine and in fact better than America and I think we can learn a thing or two from them.

      1. Kay says:

        Relax, those little Scandinavian countries behave like all well-established countries who have been built on Biblical principles but are now reaping the benefits of it while giving little credit where credit is due. Take a history class or two and realize that these Scandinavian countries were home to some of the most doctrinally hard-core theologians. This is not a coincidence. It’s also not a coincidence as to why most countries that historically were considered Christian are much better off than other countries where Christianity is not predominant. The Scandinavians are largely atheistic because they feel that once their country is established and successful, that they do not need God.

  36. Atheist says:

    “Offer me that deathless death, Good God, let me give you my life.”
    Basically this sums up the whole religion systems in the world. Everyone is so afraid to die, people created the concept of after-life and a promise of everlasting life. Basically, our own wishful thinking.

    1. Michael says:

      God’s not dead….if God is not there for you….how comes you use that very Word “God” that word comes about???nothing can come from nothing…every thing has a cause…to call u so and so, you need to exist at the first place then only the name will match the reference..

  37. Pagan says:

    This song is not a false teaching lol. It’s far to easy for a Christian to say don’t be swayed by this… People are afraid of what they don’t understand…I was Christian until I was 23 and the things I learned from that church was hate. I was taught black people were not gods children because they were black…If we were to believe the bible and the teachings that go along with it we would be led to believe that there is only one way to see the world. The way the bible states it as it is supposed to be.

    God gave all humans free will (or so it was taught to me) and he then would have to be well aware that humans would sin. That was declared in Genisis when Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden for sinning. No teachings are going to make people do as other people wish even if it is in a ‘holy’ book.

    He would not have created us ‘sick’ if he didn’t know that some would pervert it to their own liking like radical Musims and Russian Christians. If I were to respond to this in one simple sentence it would be this…

    This God you speak of gave me free will and my own thoughts and feelings, and no matter how I choose to use them it is none of anyone’s business but my own.

  38. Carol Foster says:

    I am a Christian and I was drawn to this song as it was just awesome, however, when I discovered what the lyrics were saying, I was disappointed. I thought it would have been a very moving song which would have been wonderful had it expressed a faith in God and understanding of a relationship with Jesus. I understand how human beings do fall i love, however, I do not think that worshipping at the shrine of your lover gets your needs met in this life. I think I have done that a couple times, and both times, I suffered horribly emotionally and spiritually as a result. I believe God allowed me to get offtrack, but then when the consequences of both of those dysfunctional relatioships set in. it brought me running back to the Lord. They were learning experiences, ones that I am sure God would have wanted me to avoid, but I wasn’t strong enough spiritually at that time in my life to do so. However, there is forgiveness and absolution, and God loves us even when we stumble. Still, the song is great when you just let the music and the energy flow over you. I just try to put in the words that represent how I believe and live my life, the words of faith, God’s love, God’s redemption, God’s forgiveness, the list is endless.

  39. Adam Snyder says:

    Completely agree. Fantastic article, by the way!

  40. Michael says:

    You the so-called biblical women which denomination do you belong?…I hope you will not interprete the bible as you like

  41. Brittni C says:

    When you are taught to fear anything you are not familiar with, you will find evil everywhere. If you educated yourself on Paganism, and what he is actually talking about, you might be more inclined to listen to the things he has to say, rather than judge. I am not going to do your research for you, but i will tell you that most of his words are very symbolic. “If I’m a Pagan of the good times, my lover’s the sunlight. To keep the goddess on my side, she demands a sacrifice. Drain the whole sea, get something shiny. Something meaty for the main course, thats a fine looking high horse. What you got it the stable, weve alot of starving faithful. That looks tasty, that looks plenty, this is hungry work.”

    By someone who knows nothing of consiousness, or the levels thereof, could never see this verse as anything more than ritualistic animal sacrifice. The truth behind it, is that the goddess being referred to is an aspect of himelf. He symbolizes the goddess in himself. Most likely, he revers Sophia as the goddess, Sophia meaning wisdom. Philosopher= Philo Sophia.. Lover of Wisdom.
    Light is information, therefore, Sophia. The goddess demands a sacrifice, meaning to come into wisdom, you need to lay down your previously misconcieved notions. Draning the whole sea is symbolic of eliminating all emotions. Emotions are “Satan” which control you and lead you into temptation. Water and emotions go hand in hand in every religious text. I am sure you can see the symbolism in being baptized in the holy spirit now. Getting something shiny, meaty, tasty, and plenty as the sacrifice is symbolic of laying down and leaving behind those old dead bricks that you used to build your first temple. This is being BORN AGAIN.
    As Jesus says, the kingdom of God is in you, and the churches and pastors allow you NOT to enter the kingdom of God, for they have taken away the keys to the kingdom. I do hope that you do some research, just so you dont have to live in fear any longer.
    Much love.

  42. Lucas says:

    For me this song has nothing much. Hozier only explained his opinion about religious doctrines with minorities, and he does not criticize God, quite the contrary. People who think that everything they have in the Bible were written by God or in their entirety are totally blind to what “truth” means. From an early age I learned that God loves us as we are, and we will be judged by what we have done well here on Earth, if we have loved, respected and hated our neighbor. Interpret the Bible the way you want it, judge it, stone it, torture it, treat people differently the way you want it, there, religious as you are, God will show you how bad you have done to Humanity.

  43. Magi says:

    This song never had any intention of being a gospel song. It has nothing to do with Jesus or a church. Its about the goddess. The goddess is what you people think satan is in this world. Its the pinacle of ‘pagan’ beliefs. Im suprised after all these comments that nobody knows this already.

  44. J. Valjean says:

    I have read this entire board, and there are some very emotional comments here, some that could be considered attempts to logically argue a particular point of view and yes one or two that seem to come from very indoctrinated people, whether they be for or against God or homosexuality.
    It seems to me there are three points being discussed here 1) did god make gay people gay? 2) is it ok to be gay? 3) is god real?
    I would like to ask a fourth question for consideration ; Does it Matter??
    we are all different, wired in unique and fascinating ways; fingerprints, toe prints, the lines on your hands and even the creases of your ears are completely unique to you, so of course you are gong to believe something different to me of course you are going to judge how i choose to live just i will judge you for your choice and we will probably try to preach our own doctrine at each other because we each believe we are right, again i would ask does it matter?
    Humans have a tendency to seek turmoil instead of peace, there will always be war there will always be those that take advantage of the good natured, there will always be crime and there will always be the law abiding and we have been this way since the earliest days; if not, there would have been no need for law.
    However everyone that has taken the time to post here has one thing in common; you are all very passionate about what you each believe in.
    so why let the differences between us divide us, why not accept that difference is infinate, but there are some things we all have in common, we are all human, we will all die, we all breathe and need to drink to survive, and we all have emotions that can and often do get the better of us.
    Does it matter if a man chooses to love god or jesus or a woman or a man or even car as long as he is given the strength to face this world of meaningless routine, endless drudgery where the rich are made rich off the backs of the poor and where greed replaced charity?
    I say that a person is lucky to find love in this world, regardless of the object of that affection because love is essential to life as essential as breathing, without it no single person can hope to survive in this world, for if they tried they would be beaten and broken until they lose all the desire to carry on.
    So why begrudge people the ability to express their love for whatever it is they love why say “keep gays off the street” or “there is no god” why not instead see that each of us is finding what we need, what works for us to fight the evils in this world (including but not limited the possibility of satan).
    I do not follow any organized religion nor am i homosexual in this argument/discussion i could quite easily sit on the fence, but i see such passion on both sides, and see that you are all saying the same thing from different points of view tolerance, love, devotion, dedication to what you feel is right; these are things you all have in common, so why not celebrate your similarities together rather than letting your differences divide you?

  45. Carlos Oliveira says:

    WOW people, wake up and welcome to the 21st century!

    How is it possible that you (religious) can believe in a good god and just god that will deliberately create a person that is destined to sin (sin according to your religion) and be Condemned to an eternity to (your description of) hell for living their life naturally and trying to be happy??!!?
    What kind of God would make someone in such a way that their only chance to be allowed into heaven to be with the god they choose to believe in, is to live their life on earth unhappily and unnaturally, contrary to how they were born!
    Yes, because homosexuality is natural, it is not a sin, it does not mean that you are sick!
    IF any of you really believe that being homoseual is the equivalent of being sick, then you cannot believe in an all powerful god that does not make mistakes….it just makes no sense that you can believe in an all powerful god that would create people sick with out a chance in hell to make it in this world!
    and do not use Freewill as your justification as Science can proocve that it is not a choice to be gay, just as it is not a choice to be straight!

  46. woman says:

    I loved the song before I really listened to the lyrics, today i decided to google them and I was shocked by what I was reading!

  47. Bringer of Light says:

    I am amazed that so many people still actually believe in god. Of course there is no such thing as god. It is interesting that you easily discount the existence of Zeus, Osiris, Brahma, and thousands of other religious superstitions, but believe in your own god. Maybe if you cracked open a book other than the bible, you’d learn a thing or two that makes it blatantly obvious that science leaves god largely unemployed. In other words, because we’ve learned things since the dark ages, we don’t need the existence of god to explain the things we don’t understand.

    How about a few exercises in logic:

    Omnipotence. If god is all powerful, can he create a rock to heavy for him to lift? If he can, then he isn’t omnipotent because he cannot lift the rock. If he can’t, then he isn’t omnipotent because he cannot create the rock. The rock is a metaphor for everything else: Can god irrevocably kill himself? If no, he isn’t all-powerful. If yes, he isn’t all powerful. Face it: omnipotence is a paradox. There’s no such thing.

    Omniscience. If god permits such evil to exist, he cannot be good; if he is powerless to prevent it, he cannot be god. So you believe that god knows all? God knows everything that has ever happened, is happening now, and will ever happen in the future, right? That means that there is no such thing as free will. God created a race of slaves that have no choice but to do what he created them to do. If god knew every murderer would murder, every rapist would rape, every thief would steal, etc. before he created them–then he created them to do those atrocities. They had no choice to do anything other than what god knew they would do when he created them. If we are to judge a being by the sum of all their actions–there is no evil without god. God is the embodiment of evil. Or maybe it’s man–but the only way that’s possible is if god isn’t omnipotent, benevolent, and omniscient–in which case he’s not god.

    I have an idea: instead of clinging onto ancient superstitions written thousands of years ago by ignorant people desperately trying to explain things they didn’t understand–how about opening your mind to the thousands of years of learning that have occurred since then. Only then will you be freed from your enslavement. Intellectuals find religion false. The sheeple find it true. Tyrants find it useful to control the minds and actions of the flock. Good luck!

  48. Annie says:

    Seems to me that it’s the Christian opposable to this song that’s become the SOURCE of conflict. Someone is making a deep, personal statement… and BOOM!, here comes the backlash.

    Now, surprise surprise, suddenly there’s this great big dispute with two increasingly opposing sides. A dispute where, originally, there was only a very broad declaration of love that could be just as easily applied to ANYONE AT ALL.

    Because it was presented in a way that somehow defies certain social and religious constructs, those of “FAITH” have, **themselves**, turned this into an “LGBT vs. GOD” issue. It’s anazing really, because we all see what happens to these lovers at the hands of overzealous Christians… yet the argument keeps circling back to the morality of homosexuality.

    THEY GET IT, bible-thumpers. You disagree! DUH! Has it ever even OCCURRED to you that the message here **isn’t** “LGBT vs. Christians” at all? Has it occurred to you that the message may actually be “Believe whatever you want about us, but LEAVE US THE [edited] ALONE”?

    It’s not up to anyone to declare who is or isn’t damned. The second these extremist-inspired Christians stop passing judgement upon everyone else as if they **are** God and just mind their own [edited] business, they’ll finally BE the “good Christians” they’re striving to be.

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