An Interview with Michelle Myers

Editor’s Note: Michelle Myers is wife, mom, pastor’s wife, fitness and nutrition coach, entrepreneur, and minister to women. But if that weren’t enough hats to wear, Michelle is also a dynamic encourager and a faithful friend. When I think of women who have used their theological education in creative ways, I always think of Michelle. Here’s just a snapshot of the ways God has opened up opportunities for her to serve women through her gifts, education, experience, and personality.


You graduated from Southwestern a few years ago. What have you been up to since then?

Two cities and two babies later, my husband, James, and I live in Asheville, NC with our two sons, Noah and Cole. James is a campus pastor for Biltmore Baptist Church, and I love serving alongside him in that role. God has also launched me into three realms of public ministry. While I was still finishing my master’s degree at SWBTS, I began an online faith & fitness community called Myers Cross Training, where I motivate women to be physically & spiritually fit. Out of that ministry, I developed a clothing line – Cross Training Couture – which exists to put a tangible reminder to the spiritual truths we discuss in our community. The beauty is – I’ve been able to do all of this out of my home, while keeping raising our children my top responsibility, mainly due to social media. Because social media has changed the “working woman” so much, God called me to begin a ministry for the working woman. He gave me the name “She Works His Way.” Essentially, She Works His Way exists to encourage women to pursue the talents God has given her to bless others well, while keeping her faith & her family her primary calling.

Tell us about your ministry and the opportunities for influence you’ve had. 

God has grown the platforms exponentially beyond what I asked for or imagined. I’ve been so encouraged to see thousands of women representing Scripture on their shirts while working out. In Spring 2015, we also released an eBook I wrote called Cross Training Devos. The 21 day devotional is designed to help women ground their physical journeys in the mission of Christ instead of the mirror. The outpouring response has been amazing. We’ve seen chains broken & lives transformed by His Word, and we are so grateful!

How has your education at Southwestern helped equip you for your ministry now?

My time at Southwestern grounded me in God’s Word, which is what anyone in ministry needs. While I may not have taken any fashion, fitness, or business-related courses, every step at Southwestern pointed me back to the Bible. Now, when I have any hesitation of what my next step should be, I go back to His Word and wait for Him to speak. He is so faithful, and I’m grateful for His timeless truths.

What were some of your favorite classes during your time here?

Systematic Theology was one of my favorite classes. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not asked a question in one of my ministries that points me back to the truths I learned in that class. Of course, I also loved Biblical Theology of Womanhood with Mrs. Patterson. I will never forget reading the entire Bible through in one semester. I had never done it that close together before! We started in August, and we finished mid-December. I wanted to shout the Gospel from the rooftops by the time I got to Revelation. Reading that much was difficult, but it also left me more convinced than ever that the entire Bible is true. How it weaves together so intricately is truly remarkable and something no author could do – only God.

What would you tell someone who wants to have a meaningful ministry from her home? 

Realize that God will never call you to anything that causes your personal relationship with Him or your family to play second fiddle. Our character and our family relationships are critical credibility points in ministry. Ask God to put appropriate boundaries around your home and to give you an unending supply of passion for being His daughter, your husband’s wife and your children’s mother above all.

How could a woman discover ways to use her gifts in “out of the box” ways?

What are passions or gifts you posses that bless others when you use them? God was so creative when He made each of us. He put special “ingredients” in you that would share His aroma with the world. In a world where everyone’s always looking out for themselves, you’d be surprised the opportunities you’ll get to share the ultimate Source of your joy when you work with the intention of blessing others vs. blessing yourself.

What’s the one thing you would tell a woman who is called to ministry? 

Shorten your approval list. Your vertical approval from God should matter most to you. Your horizontal approval list should be very short. People-pleasing is a dangerous road, and we are very vulnerable to it as women. But the more you identify in His opinion of you, the less the voices of others can distract you from His direction.


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About MichelleMichelle Myers has her husband, James love raising their two boys, Noah & Cole, in the beautiful Asheville, NC. Her top priorities are her faith in Jesus Christ, her incred­i­ble fam­ily, and her com­mit­ment to a bal­anced lifestyle of fit­ness and proper nutrition. After launching two successful businesses, God stirred a desire in Michelle to train other women to pursue their passions while keeping God & their family their top priorities. She Works His Way exists to put the focus on teaching the Bible & how that applies to business & life, rather than teaching business & time management skills, sprinkling with Scripture. As an extension of this ministry, she also does social media & brand consulting for like-minded businesses & ministries. She strug­gled with anorexia and obses­sive over-excercise for four years, but was brought out of her addic­tion and restored to health through a real rela­tion­ship with God and an under­stand­ing of His plan for her life. You can read about her journey in her book, The Look that Kills: An Anorexic’s Addic­tion to Control. In 2010, Michelle gradutated with a Mas­ter of Arts in Chris­t­ian Edu­ca­tion (Women’s Ministry Con­cen­tra­tion) from South­west­ern Bap­tist The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary. Learn more at or follow Michelle on Twitter (@MichelleLMyers).

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