What You Need to Know About The Nashville Statement

Do you have questions about transgenderism in our culture today? Have you wondered whether the simple truths of Scripture can speak to all of the gender confusion happening in our world?

Last week, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC and the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood released a 14-point declaration called the “Nashville Statement.” The statement addresses issues of gender and human sexuality from a biblical foundation and has been affirmed by a coalition of evangelical pastors, teachers, and theologians.

Several Southwestern Seminary professors are among the signatories affirming the statement, including Paige Patterson (President), Dorothy Patterson (First Lady), Malcolm Yarnell, III (Prof. of Systematic Theology), Evan Lenow (Assoc. Prof. of Ethics), Candi Finch (Asst. Prof of Theology in Women’s Studies), and Katie McCoy (Asst. Prof. of Theology in Women’s Studies).

We invite you to read the Nashville Statement and to add your name among those affirming the clarity and compassion of Scripture’s teaching on gender and sexuality. No issue in our culture is beyond the wisdom of Word of God. And no person created in His image is beyond the hope of redemption in Christ.

2 thoughts on “What You Need to Know About The Nashville Statement”

  1. Heather Cude says:

    Thank you for spreading the word about the Nashville statement. People are so far from God’s simple truths these days. He made us what we are, male and female created he them. As Christians we all need to stand together for what is right. I urge anyone reading this post to sign the statement. Take a stand for God’s word by this simple act.

  2. Lianne Simon says:

    I was sadly disappointed that the Nashville Statement called on those of us who are intersex to embrace the evil being done to us. Since the signatories make it clear that they don’t believe in a gender identity rooted in biology, the ‘biological sex’ that Article VI calls on us to embrace can’t be the gender God gave us. What’s left but the gender forced on us surgically and hormonally by the doctors? And, if we disagree with what the doctors have done to us, we’re ‘adopting’ a transgender ‘self-conception’ and therefore departing from the faith. I seem to recall the Judaizers insisting that people be circumcized before they could become Chrisitans. You’re insisting that we become male or female in order to become Christians. I’d rather embrace God’s Providence in my life and be content with the body He gave me.