Planning a Romantic Picnic for Two

Need a fresh date night idea that is both simple and romantic?  Look no further!  The following is a guide to planning a perfectly romantic picnic for two.


The Perfect Location

Choose a special spot that can become your special place, just for the two of you.  To help pick the perfect location, think about your personality as a couple.  Do you prefer quiet solitude or being surrounded by people?  Also, think about what your city has to offer. Does your city have a botanical garden? Any nearby lakes, national parks, or scenic outlooks?  Do any downtown buildings have rooftop gardens?  Know a friend of a friend that owns any country acreage? Nothing nearby? Consider taking a spontaneous day drive to add a touch of adventure. Also, consider the time of day for your picnic.  Does your significant other love the stillness of the morning?  Do you love watching the stars together at night?  Do you love the feeling of the warm spring rays of sun on your face?  Whether you are a morning or evening person, personalize your picnic to you and yours’ tastes.


The Perfect Setup

To make a picnic extra special, consider going all out.  You’d be surprised at how simple {and fun} trading in the paper and plastic for a smidgen of fancy.   Regardless of your location and time of day,
bring your home on the road.  The following is a guide to packing the perfect picnic:

  • A picnic basket (or any oversized basket will do)
  • Two comfy and oversized outdoor pillows
  • Soft Blanket (think cotton/linen blends)
  • Two Linen Napkins (think greys, blues, or naturals)
  • Two China or Dinner Plates (layer with paper plates for toting)
  • Two Glasses
  • 2 Sets of Silverware
  • Bouquet of Flowers (think favorites and keep wrapped in tissue)
  • Fragrance-free Tea lights and glass holders (don’t forget the lighter)
  • Wet Wipes and Trash Bag for cleanup


A Perfect Menu

Step up the romance and order out a “tasting” of food from your favorite restaurant.  Or. order out from that restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try.  Consider cooking something new (but plan to make it one day earlier to make sure it comes out right).  If you like adventure, stop by a local food market and build your picnic menu together.  While you are planning a romantic picnic, it’s always good to keep in mind that it is still a picnic.  If you and yours love messy barbeque, go right ahead and enjoy the very messy {and memorable} time of eating it right off of your china plates.

A Perfect {and Surprising} Touch

To make the time together extra special and memorable, consider bringing your guitar and playing you and yours’ favorite song.   Or better yet, write them a song or poem.  It might sound mushy, but it will be a memory that the two of you will not too soon forget.  Later, you can handwrite the lyrics or lines, frame it, and place in your home.

An {Imperfect} Surprise

Just as life has surprises, you might experience a few of your own.  Don’t get discouraged if you have a flat tire on the way to the countryside, or if a rainstorm drenches your beautiful spread, or if it turns out to be children’s day at the park.  Embrace the surprises and don’t let it ruin your special time.  Surprises give couples a chance to laugh together, make adventures of their own, and have a fabulous story to tuck away until the perfect dinner party with friends.

As biblical women, our marriages are faint images of the true marriage between Christ and His Bride (Eph 5, Col 3:18-19).  Spending quality time as husband and wife is essential to building a strong and loving marriage, and can be a model for younger women in our lives (Titus 2).  Planning a romantic picnic for you and yours is a creative and meaningful way to spend time with your significant other while embracing simplicity and without abandoning charm.  Plan the essentials, throw in a few  surprises of your own, and embrace the interruptions.  You’ll create a romantic space and a memory to share.

Here’s to making your house a home…even on the road!