Degree Descriptions


Seminary Studies for Student Wives

Student wives are a priority at Southwestern. This unique program combines practical, spiritual, and academic studies to equip a ministering wife to join her husband in the educational pilgrimage. The Certificate of Education and Ministry will be awarded for satisfactory completion of the full thirteen-hour program.

Women’s Studies Concentration in the School of Theology

The Southwestern Master of Divinity prepares students for the broadest range of Christian ministries, especially in local churches. Students receive training in classical theological disciplines such as Old Testament, New Testament, church history and historical theology, systematic theology, ethics, and philosophy, evangelism, and missions.

The concentration in Women’s Studies prepares female theology students for the unique needs and challenges of women’s communicating theological truth to women by developing competence in the biblical languages and exposition. Students will gain a foundation for a biblical theology of womanhood and gender roles as well as become equipped to address contemporary issues associated with this paradigm. This program trains women to become students of their cultures in order to effectively reach other women through evangelism, missions and discipleship.

Women’s Ministry Concentration in the Terry School of Church and Family Ministries and the School of Theology

The Master of Arts in Christian Education is designed primarily for the person who plans to perform various educational ministries in the church. Twenty-six hours of this 64-hour program consist of biblical and theological studies.

The concentration in Women’s Ministry equips female students with practical ministry experience as well as in-depth training in leadership and administration skills for the local church. Women in this program will acquire insights into the key spiritual and cultural issues facing today’s women as well as develop the skills needed for woman to woman ministry. This concentration is also available in the School of Theology, offering a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Women’s Ministry.

Doctor of Ministry

The Southwestern Doctor of Ministry degree helps those currently in ministry positions to think biblically and critically about practices of ministry and to articulate and demonstrate a biblical vision for ministry practice. The Doctor of Ministry degree is designed to sharpen the skills of those already involved in ministry and to enhance their effectiveness in God’s service. The degree offers training opportunities in both traditional and emerging ministries of the church.

Doctor of Philosophy with Women’s Ministry Minor in the Terry School of Church and Family Ministries

The Doctor of Philosophy degree of the Jack D. Terry School of Church and Family Ministries began in 1924 and is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in the nation. Students may minor in women’s ministry as a part of the Ph.D. degree. This degree is designed specifically for the preparation of highly specialized and competent professionals for various aspects of leadership in Christian Education. The program is designed to discover and nurture sound scholarship, meaningful research, and the interdependence of theory and practice. The Ph.D. degree is conferred on the basis of high scholarship and research skill demonstrated by the student’s resident work, examinations, dissertation and vocational experience.

Doctor of Philosophy in the School of Theology

The Doctor of Philosophy program prepares women to serve as teachers and writers in specialized areas of theology. Especially for women, a mentoring component is included in order to connect women’s studies with the student’s primary field of study. The Ph.D. program emphasizes the attainment of expertise in a theological discipline, resting upon competence in both biblical and non-biblical languages through quality research and critical evaluative skills, resulting in a significant contribution to the student’s field. Ph.D. study requires a high degree of originality, independence, analytical research, judgment, and skill in articulating research findings.