Terri Stovall

Dean of Women’s Programs and
Associate Professor of Women’s Ministries
Office: 817-923-1921 x3620
Email: tstovall@swbts.edu

Dorothy Patterson

Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies
Office: 817-923-1921 x4812
Email: dpatterson@swbts.edu

Candi Finch

Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies
Dorothy Kelley Patterson Chair of Women’s Studies, and Executive Assistant to the First Lady
Office: 817-923-1921 x7822
Email: cfinch@swbts.edu

Tamra Hernandez

Executive Research and Editorial Assistant to the President
Professor, Seminary Studies for Student Wives
Office:817-923-1921 x7825
Email: thernandez@swbts.edu

Katie McCoy

Assistant Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies
Editor of BiblicalWoman.com
Office:817-923-1921 x3606
Email: kmccoy@swbts.edu

Hongyi Yang

Director of the Mandarin Translation Project for the Master of Theological Studies Program
Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology in the Women’s Studies Program
Office:817-923-1921 x4420
Email: hyang@swbts.edu