Horner House

The Horner House is not your typical educational building! Equipped with a teaching kitchen, clothing and textiles lab, formal dining room and parlor in addition to the library and classrooms, this academic building is the on-campus favorite of many Southwestern women. In addition to facilitating various concentrations of the Scarborough College Bachelor’s degree, the Horner House also hosts master’s level classes for women as well as special women’s events.

“Having a facility that truly models the home environment will allow students to put into practice the foundational principles learned in the classroom. This is an exciting and practical way to impact a future generation of families in a way no other conservative theological institution can,” says Terri Stovall, Dean of Women’s Programs. Named after its primary donors, Andy and Joan Horner, this unique training facility is equipping women for effective ministry in the home.

Director of the Horner House
Melissa Meredith
Office:817-923-1921 x3610
Email: mmeredith@swtbs.edu