Upcoming Online classes

What is Flex Access?

Flex Access is way to enroll in an online class and have 3 ways to participate all providing the same level of teaching as those on our campus.  If a class is listed as Flex Access first, you may join the class live through a website login allowing you to view the course in real time, and experiencing the class as it happens. A second option is to watch the entire recorded class session at a later time. Third, Flex Access also means … if you’re ever around the Fort Worth area or happen to be on the campus of Southwestern Seminary, we encourage you to grab a seat in your own class!

What are Synchronous classes?

Synchronous classes may still be completed online, however, the student needs to be able to log in live at the time of the class to receive full credit. Instructions for log-in and participation will be provided to you after registration for the class.



Seminary Studies for Student Wives

Basic Christian Doctrine II (SSSWP 1412). Taught by Dr. Katie McCoy; Online – Flex access; August 29 to October 17. Two hours.

A study of the biblical, historical and contemporary interpretations of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.

Overview of the New Testament I (SSSWP 1102). Taught by Professor Karen Yarnell. Online – Flex access; October 24 to December 12. Two hours.

An introductory overview of the New Testament with attention to the authorship, audience, purpose and outstanding doctrines of the books of the New Testament.

Leadership Certificate in Women’s Ministry

Leadership in Women’s Ministry (WOMIN 3513). Taught by Dr. Terri Stovall;  Online – Flex access. Three hours.

A study of the philosophy, theology, skills and methods of personal leadership development, leadership team development and administrative procedures that are unique to women’s ministry in the local church. Students will conduct personal evaluations of leadership skills, develop a plan for leadership development and create an administrative procedural resource.

Women’s Issues (WOMIN 4373). Taught by Dr. Katie McCoy; Online – Flex access; Wednesday and Friday 8:30am to 9:45am. Three hours.

This course will provide a study of the various issues facing women and the church in reaching, teaching, and ministering to women. The course will include a holistic approach to physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development of women.

Graduate Courses

Women in Church History (WOMST 4013).  Taught by Dr. Candi Finch; Online – Flex access. Three hours.

A survey of women in the history of the church.

Text Driven Communication for Women (WOMIN 4043). Taught by Dr. Candi Finch; Online – Synchronous; Tuesday evenings 6:15pm to 9pm. Three hours.

A study of the oral presentation of a biblical text. Basic principles of communication will be studied and applied in a speaking experience, including the formulating of a central idea and structure developed from a text, audience analysis, support material, delivery, and application. Special attention will be given to the area of woman-to-woman communication. This course is available online, but students must log in live for each classroom session on Tuesday evening to receive credit. Women students should substitute WOMST 4043 for PRCHG 3313. Prerequisite: BIBST 3023.