Faculty-Authored Works

BooksBeAttitudes for Women: Wisdom from Heaven for Life on Earth

Dorothy Kelley Patterson

Focusing on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, this book gives women an interactive devotional commentary on the Beatitudes (Matt 5:3-12). This work challenges women to develop a godly attitude that encompasses humility, sensitivity, meekness, submission, compassion, holiness, peacefulness, and commitment.



Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God—A Guide to Developing Your Biblical Potential 

Patricia Ennis and Lisa Tatlock

There is an enormous amount of confusion and deception about what it means to be a woman. Even within the church, women are continually struggling to define their femininity. Pat Ennis and Lisa Tatlock tackle the difficult question of “What makes a godly woman?” with warmth, compassion, and directness in Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God. Readers will find themselves challenged to re-think their priorities, re-examine the position of the home, and re-work their definition of what it means to be a woman in whom God is well pleased.



41fEo36908LBecoming a Young Woman Who Pleases God, A Teen’s Guide to Developing Her Biblical Potential

 Patricia Ennis 

Following the popular book Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God, this volume for young women explores—in context of the teen years—the timeless issues of building godly character. Following the journal entries of a fictional, contemporary high school senior, readers experience the challenges and triumphs of her “incredible journey” of everyday faith. Chapters include how to choose friends wisely; manage money well; embrace biblical principles in decision making; choose to serve rather than be served; and develop knowledge and skills that make life more creative, enjoyable, and emotionally satisfying.


The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook 51Oyin7QxiL

ed. by Dorothy K. Patterson and Patricia Ennis

This one-stop reference tool gives you tips and training on everything from meal planning to interior decorating, biblical womanhood to budgeting, so that you can become a holistic homemaker! It features practical teaching from Scripture, instructions for do-it-yourself projects, application questions, helpful resources, a comprehensive index, and more.


41KXyfDkCJLThe Family: Unchanging Principles for Changing Times
Dorothy Kelley Patterson

“Children are a family treasure—not a community trust.” It doesn’t take a village to raise a child. It doesn’t even take a church. There is only one biblically ordained group given the responsibility—the family. God began civilization with a single family, and he has outlined the duties and roles of each member. Current political correctness and agendas aside, it is still the family that is the cornerstone of society, and God’s commissioned roles of husband/father and wife/mother are still the spiritual and moral center for the family.


Feminine Threads: Women in the Tapestry of Christian History51HSBksvSiL

Diana Lynn Severance

From commoner to queen, the women in this book embraced the freedom and the power of the Gospel in making their unique contributions to the unfolding of history. Wherever possible, the women here speak for themselves, from their letters, diaries or published works. The true story of women in Christian history inspires, challenges and demonstrates the grace of God producing much fruit throughout time.


51ecJtZfe+LFrom One Ministry Wife to Another

Susie Hawkins

When a church hires a new minister, they are really hiring both him and his wife. Many women entering this role for the first time have never considered what it means to be a minister’s wife, and consequently suffer stress, chaos, and confusion. In order to thrive, she needs a solid understanding of the biblical teaching on her role and how to best serve her husband as he fulfills his role.



A Handbook for Minister’s Wives: Sharing the Blessing of Your Marriage, Family, and Home 

Dorothy Kelley Patterson

Prolific author and Christian personality Dorothy Patterson offers A Handbook for Ministers’ Wives for women who are in the challenging role of being married to men who serve in ministry positions. This book addresses the personal commitments to Christian character and conduct a minister’s wife must make and the commitment to family relationships to her husband, her children, and the extended family as well. It also speaks definitively to the ministry of community a minister’s wife herself is called to in the civic and church arenas.


41bf9Cy-ADLA Handbook for Parents in the Ministry: Training Up a Child While Answering the Call

Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Armour Patterson

This book offers help to ministry parents from both an experienced parent and an experienced “PK.” With an emphasis on biblical principles, both Dorothy and her son Armour are able to speak definitively with timely and authoritative applications. It is a book for a ministry parent to read and get a vision of what God intended the responsibility of godly parents who are in ministry to be—how parenting fits into the ministry call. A Handbook for Parents in Ministrywill enrich the parent/child relationship and answer questions and challenges unique to parents who are serving the kingdom vocationally.


Designing a Lifestyle that Pleases God—A Practical Guide41bR+iv25QL

Patricia Ennis and Lisa Tatlock

How does one live out being a wise woman? This guide gives feet to the life-changing message of Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God. The authors have included practical ideas for personal growth based on Scripture’s instruction to be wise. This guide will challenge women to delve deep into the wonders and blessings of being a woman who pleases God.


41R8a6T1MGLPracticing Hospitality, the Joy of Serving Others

Patricia Ennis and Lisa Tatlock

In Practicing Hospitality two longtime professors (and practitioners!) of home economics provide both the theological base and the practical knowledge to understand and implement God’s plan for hospitality. They provide a blend of theologically sound content, real-life illustrations, and practical application. They focus on developing both the Christian character and practical skills so the act of hospitality is a joy for the host and hostess and a source of encouragement for the guest.


Precious in the Sight of GodThe Art of Becoming a Godly Woman81rEV5HSPnL

Patricia Ennis

Every Christian woman wonders…’How do I know if I am pleasing my heavenly Father?’ and ‘What is God’s will for my life?’ Did you know that the answer to both questions is found in 1 Peter 3:4? We are to do whatever is necessary to cultivate “the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God.”


51IXYrU8RLLThe Study Bible for Women

eds., Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Rhonda H. Kelley

The Study Bible for Women will equip you to reach deep into God’s Word.  Perhaps the single most powerful aspect of this Bible are the “threads” of specialized study thoughtfully woven throughout, pointing you to God’s larger story and allowing the Holy Spirit to write His revealed truths on your heart. In The Study Bible for Women, you’ll join a host of other women, all academically trained in the original languages of the Bible and passionate about God’s Word, for an intimately deep dive into Scripture that will equip you to unlock the riches and majesty of His Word, and ignite a passion to mentor others in your life to do the same.


91IgyPZ3k6LTouched by Greatness: Women in the Life of Moses

Dorothy Kelley Patterson

Many women impacted upon the life of Moses. The woman who bore him, the young girl who shadowed him, and the foreigner who raised him are just three of the key influencers on his life. Their actions meant that a Hebrew child was reared as a prince of Egypt and became one of the greatest leaders of all time. Each woman who influenced the life of Moses was guided by God to bring his plans to pass. As you read about their lives you will discover the unique role women have to be mightily used of God too.


A Woman Seeking God: Discover God in the Places of Your Life680601

Dorothy Kelley Patterson

Discover God in all aspects of your life! Examining everyday experiences in the light of God’s Word, Kelley Patterson will help affirm your faith in God’s daily presence. In this collection of 36 essays, she shares insights on family life, dealing with adversity, the power of prayer, intimacy in marriage, and evangelism. A daily Bible reading plan is included.


Women’s Evangelical Commentary: New Testament41LYzTG4-0L

eds., Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Rhonda H. Kelley

The Women’s Evangelical Commentary: New Testament is a Bible commentary written and edited by women for women. While other commentaries take an egalitarian view of the relationship between men and women, the editors and writers of this commentary believe the complementarian view of the relationship between men and women most accurately interprets God’s intent as expressed in Scripture.


41ftvkKDEcLWomen’s Evangelical Commentary: Old Testament

eds., Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Rhonda H. Kelley

The Women’s Evangelical Commentary: Old Testament is a Bible commentay written and edited by women for women. While other commentaries take an egalitarian view of the relationship between men and women, the editors and writers of this commentary believe the complementarian view of the relationship between men and women most accurately interprets God’s intent as expressed in Scripture.


Women Leading Women41bZw43dNvL

Terri Stovall and Jaye Martin

Based on the precept that a biblical paradigm for women’s leadership must occur under the authority of the local church, Women Leading Women fills the void of research-based textbooks that address academic requirements for the core women’s leadership course curriculum and guide pastors n how women can help fulfill the church’s purpose. Women will be encouraged to lead and train other women, to engage the culture to reach women for Christ, to involve women in ministry, and much more. Anticipated for primary use in colleges and seminaries, this book is designed for a fifteen-week semester and will include a link to a Web site where teaching outlines and PowerPoint notes for each chapter are provided.


wheresMom-cover-webWhere’s Mom?: The High Calling of Wife and Mother in Biblical Perspective

Dorothy Kelley Patterson

Often women who have taken salaried jobs and titled positions have found themselves enslaved to the priorities of work and career. As a result many of these women face failures in child rearing and homemaking and find that the dual responsibilities of career and family may crowd out the time for personal creativity. Dorothy Patterson urges women to reconsider these priorities and not to forget who they are meant to be.