SWBTS Increases Opportunities for Women

We’re thrilled to share this significant news for women at Southwestern Seminary!

Dr. Terri Stovall

Dr. Terri Stovall, formerly dean of women’s academic programs, has been named Dean of Women and now represents all women at Southwestern. In a Southwestern Seminary news release, she shares: “I still will be responsible for those programs, but beyond the academics, I am also here to serve all Southwestern women, be they students, spouses, faculty, or staff. Particularly, this change indicates the administration’s desire to have a woman, who has some authority, to be a safe person for a woman to come should she need to express a concern or need. This was one of [President] Dr. Greenway’s first priorities and changes he made for women at Southwestern.”

Dr. Katie McCoy

In addition to her new role, Dr. Stovall will lead the newly established Southwestern Women’s Center. The Women’s Center will be housed in the Horner House and provide resources, connection, practical training, leadership development, and mentoring for every female at Southwestern.

“We want this to be a place where women can find community, networking, resources, leadership training, and assistance. In addition to our regular open hours, we will be planning specific opportunities for professional and ministry development, hands-on leadership skills enhancement, colloquiums for our female doctoral students, and other activities that will serve the Southwestern woman as she prepares for the next ministry the Lord has for her,” says Stovall.

Dr. Sarah Spring

Along with these developments, Southwestern Seminary has revised its Women’s Ministry and Women’s Studies concentrations, with courses including Women and Leadership, Women’s Dignity and Global Concerns, Engaging Women in Ministry and Missions, and Feminism in Church and Culture.

Dr. Katie McCoy joins Dean Stovall in women’s theological education, serving as Assistant Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies. Additionally, Southwestern Seminary has named Dr. Sarah Spring as Associate Dean for Student Success at Scarborough College.

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