Staying Spiritually Hungry in 2016

Let’s be honest, January 1st can be the most intimidating day of the year. This is the day of starting, and starting can be scary. New habits, new resolutions, and new goals both stir in us a passion for more and better, and a fear that we will fail and not measure up. For a few years now, I’ve taken time in December to dream up my plans for the following year. What will I change? What will I do differently?

Resolutions are a beautiful thing when made for the right reasons. Most of these resolutions that I make aren’t kept for more than a few weeks. However, the resolutions that are made for the Lord and rooted in His Word not only change my own life, but the lives of those around me.

This year, instead of making a list of resolutions that revolve around myself and the temporary situations of my life, I am resolving to do the one thing that I know will change my life and the lives of others, and will also mold and shape my life to be more like Christ. 

I am resolving to be in the Word of God every single day in 2016 and to hide truth in my heart.


Pick up Your Fork and Knife

Have you ever been so hungry that you just snacked on a bunch of sweets like candy and cotton candy? Usually after eating those items, you end up just feeling really sick and not fulfilled like if you were eating a nice meal. I like to compare these sugary sweets to the things of this world. Time after time, they promise to satisfy your hunger, but instead they leave you feeling sick and unsatisfied.

The Word of God is unlike any other book that has ever been written. Each word is divinely inspired and breathed out by God (2 Tim 3:16-17, Heb 4:12). It has stood against every test and its promises hold true in every storm and trial of life. The Psalmist challenges us in Psalm 34:8 to pick up our spiritual fork and knife and to eat of the Word of God. When we fill our spiritual bellies with truth, the result is that our eyes will be opened and we will see that the Lord is good, in all things and at all times.


Bring Your Empty Cup

“Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you shall be satisfied.” Luke 6:21

Jesus explained to the disciples in Luke 6:21 that it is good to be spiritually hungry, because spiritual hunger results in satisfaction. The meaning of the word “blessed” is happy.

Happiness doesn’t come from achieving worldly success; it comes from being hungry for more of Jesus.

When we daily fill up on God’s Word, bringing Him our empty cup to fill up, and eating truth with our spiritual forks and knives, Jesus promises that we will be satisfied and well-fed. The ache in your heart for more will only be satisfied by knowing Jesus through the Word.

What if in 2016 we resolved to be spiritually hungry? What if we picked up our Bibles, journals, and pens, and ate the truth of the Word that never fails and answers our deepest needs? What if we tasted for ourselves and opened our eyes to see that God is good?

There are so many resolutions you could make in this life, but the one that will last forever is to know Christ and to make Him known. Trust the Lord to show you His incredible ways and to teach you truth in your secret heart (Ps 51:6).


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    Challenging and inspiring

  3. Angie says:

    I’m going to look at “New Year’s Resolutions” totally different from now on. Thank you!

  4. Amen, my sister in faith!