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What I Learned During My First Years of Marriage

Before I got married, people told me that the first few years of marriage would be difficult. Sound familiar? You probably have heard this too. But, the first few years of my marriage  were nothing short of a special blessing in my life. T... Read More »

Submission: A Beautiful Picture of the Gospel

Last weekend I had the privilege of speaking at a women’s retreat. I spoke on my favorite topic: biblical womanhood. Of course, there are many facets to being a biblical woman, and today I want to address one of those. Submission. Dependi... Read More »

Don’t Be An Elephant, Girl! Pick Up Your Shield!

“Why can’t I get over this?” “What is wrong with me that I keep struggling with the same thing over and over again.  Am I an idiot or something?!?!” “This will never cease being a temptation in my life.  I might as well just r... Read More »

Adultery, Divorce, and The Believer

She sat in my office and tearfully told me she was leaving seminary to go fight for her marriage. This promising student, let’s call her Shari, had discovered her husband was the epitome of unfaithfulness. The details are not important ot... Read More »

What Story Will Your Marriage Tell?

My parents are moving to Texas.  He is 87 and she is 88.  They have taken care of each other for a lifetime and when she gently told him that she needed our help, the issue was settled. I cannot imagine how difficult this change must be f... Read More »

How to Redeem the Next 24 Hours

Do you struggle with having enough time to accomplish your goals? Do your responsibilities seem greater that the 24 hours included in your day? Is your ‘to do’ list greater than your resources? Part of the limitations of being human is ... Read More »