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Potty Training…A Spiritual Discipline?

I am currently in full potty training mode. For the past three weeks, my schedule has revolved around a timer, asking Makaylan if she needs to go potty, and then spending what seems like hours in the bathroom. We have read books, sung songs... Read More »

Stuck in the Routine of Daily Quiet Times?

Following Jesus requires discipline. We all know this and we all have more victorious seasons than others.  However, when we decide to follow Jesus with everything in our being we also often lean towards the legalistic bent of that calling... Read More »

Of Blooms and Roots

There’s a lovely little tree in the front yard of my parents’ house. Well…it used to be lovely. You see, after it had been transplanted from their backyard, all of the clusters of pink flowers were completely snipped off. I was curiou... Read More »