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The Lethal Game of Comparison

The Comparison Game. It’s one we all play. And, in the end, it’s one we all lose. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, the woman on the latest episode of Fixer Upper – all present the newest ways in which we see what we don’t have... Read More »

I Wasn't a Plan…I was a Hot Date!

…or at least I’m pretty sure that was the case. You see, my parents were only 15 and 16 years old when I was born.  When they found out I was on the way, they headed to the courthouse and married. Like many other marriages that beg... Read More »

Weighing In on Your Weight-Loss Battle

Jill lost 17 pounds and went down to a size 4. Barbara lost 50 pounds and finally is able to fit into her size 12 pants.  But, hey, that’s nothing compared to Stephanie who lost 75 pounds and not only fits into her size 6 pants, size 8 ... Read More »