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An Introvert’s Guide to Building Community

Being someone who leans more towards the introverted end of the personality spectrum, I am especially grateful to God that He allowed me to marry an extrovert. Otherwise, as a friend once jokingly pointed out, my son might never see the lig... Read More »

Letting God Redeem the "Why" Behind Your Weight-Loss Battle

If you’re a woman, and you’re breathing in this polluted air of impossible cultural standards with me, this post is for you. I see you. You’ve been on my heart and I need to encourage you. I need to tell you not to give up. I need you... Read More »

Overcoming My 7th Grade Self

So what do you need to say to your 7th grade self? What has God said about you that you need to believe about you? Read More »

The Beauty in the Mirror

Recently, The Dove company, whose logo is “you are more beautiful than you think,” conducted an experiment with a group of women. Using the talents of a forensic sketch artist, they asked several women to describe themselves v... Read More »