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5 Things I’ve Learned as a Newlywed

Before I got married, people told me that the first few years of marriage would be difficult. Sound familiar? You probably have heard this too. But, my marriage of nearly two years has been nothing short of a special blessing in my life. Th... Read More »

4 Myths on Delaying Marriage

June is finally over, and the wedding explosion on your social media that occurs every June is finally decreasing. I’m part of the trend—my husband and I just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary during the month which The Nationa... Read More »

Letting Go of the Divine Bargain

Once there was a woman who loved God deeply. She knew that He was good and she tried to follow him every day out of gratitude for all that He had done for her. He was all she needed. But this woman had a deep desire to be married. And as he... Read More »

Is Male Headship a Result of the Fall?

One of my favorite things about being married to a college pastor is building relationships with the girls in our group. Inevitably, there are two young people who fall in love, consider marriage, and decide they need marriage/relationship ... Read More »

Don't You Love a Good Love Story?

I love a good love story.  What woman doesn’t?  How many women do you know who are not curious about how a married couple met and how the man proposed?  We are all drawn to those stories that are love at first sight, the conflicting ba... Read More »

What Story Will Your Marriage Tell?

My parents are moving to Texas.  He is 87 and she is 88.  They have taken care of each other for a lifetime and when she gently told him that she needed our help, the issue was settled. I cannot imagine how difficult this change must be f... Read More »

So We're Living Together…What's the Big Deal?

What a precious baby girl! …Wait. She belongs to my old college roommate? No way! …Wait. Did I miss her wedding? As I curiously stalk my old roommate on Facebook I realize I hadn’t missed anything. Not even an engagement. Just the rea... Read More »

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Find Out What It Means to…Your Man

RESPECT – we all know it when we see it and can definitely point out disrespect when it comes our way. But what does respect really mean? And what does it look like? These are the questions that I have been asked as I have worked with and... Read More »

Searching for Marriage Rules?

On a recent flight, I noticed the woman across the aisle from me was reading a book titled The Rules for Marriage. The subtitle promised timeless secrets to make a marriage last. As soon as I had Internet access, I had to check out these ti... Read More »

Does the Fight for Marriage Really Matter?

In recent months, marriage has taken center stage both on the national level and in discussions among believers. Last week, North Carolina voters approved a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages and joined 30 other states that... Read More »