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What Pornography and That Third Piece of Cake Have In Common

Before you even begin reading this post, promise me you will read to the very end. Promise? Okay. Good. Please proceed. The recent onslaught of natural disasters is an obvious sign that we are nearer to the end times than ever before, but t... Read More »

How We Hear Mixed Messages From Christians and Feminists

Christians and secular feminists have long been portrayed in the media as mortal enemies locked in deadly conflict on the field of battle. The reality is that these groups represent two very different worldviews so it is no wonder that thei... Read More »

Women, Pornography, and Our Sexualized Culture

Earlier, we discussed mainstreaming of pornography in socially acceptable mediums. Today we’re talking about how the mainstreaming of pornography and our increasingly sexualized culture is impacting girls and women. Instead of being a gif... Read More »

Pornography Goes Primetime

Last month Fox News ran a story about women and pornography that claimed that a book like Fifty Shades of Grey is really nothing more than “mommy porn,” a reference to the so-called “soccer moms” who are seen as the primary consumer... Read More »