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Tag: Sermon on the Mount

A peacemaker separates herself from her own interests and whims and what is best for her.

Click read the Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of “The Blessed Woman.” The peacemaker (Gk eirenopoioi, v. 9) strive for harmony in all areas of life as a reflection on the inner peace that God brings to His children. Jesus taught that pe... Read More »

God has placed in His creation an insatiable hunger for Himself

Click read the Part 1 and Part 2 of “The Blessed Woman.” The first four Beatitudes describe the character of one who has been awakened and filled with the Spirit of God: Being poor in spirit affirms your own inadequacy and humility bef... Read More »

“Jesus presented an upside-down kingdom.”

Jesus presented an upside-down kingdom. The very things valued by the Greco-Roman world – wealth and fame – we devalued in Christ’s kingdom. Blessed (Gk makaorioi, “blessed, fortunate”) is usually understood to mean “happy,” b... Read More »