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4 Women You Can Reach Out To This Valentine’s Day

For a couple of years now, my group of girlfriends and I have saved a date to gather on Valentine’s Day week to celebrate our friendship. As we grow older and we find ourselves in different seasons—some of us married, some single, and s... Read More »

Happy Day of Love!

“He determined to love you and so gave himself up for you. He fell as a sinner (though he was innocent) into the hands of the living God. Consider the power of the love that motivated him to intentionally plunge himself into a fiery f... Read More »

Is Dot.Com Dating the Right Match for You?

Is it just me, or are online dating sites for Christians everywhere these days? And it’s not just eHarmony and Match.com – there’s ChristianSingles.com, SingleChristian.com, and most recently, ChristianMingle.com. Maybe you’ve h... Read More »