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Tag: waiting on God

When It Feels Like Time Is Passing You By

Enjoy this stage. Will it ever end? Time is a thief. This is taking forever! We are waiting to hear. These phrases are just a few heard over dinner at the family Christmas party last month. There were over 25 people there at all different s... Read More »

Sometimes All I Can Pray Is, "Help!"

I read a tweet today that said, “Sometimes the only prayer you can muster is, “Help!”” Amen to that. I’m rarely one to nap. But some days, when long weeks are followed by early weekend mornings, the universe leaves me no ... Read More »

The Day I Lost My Son in An Elevator

The memory of losing our son in an elevator in Hong Kong still causes me to break out in a cold sweat. Our family was visiting Hong Kong for a brief vacation from the Philippines, where we were serving as missionaries. We had planned to sta... Read More »