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Dear Women, This Is Community

There’s a little watering hole on the way towards my sister’s old place. As soon as I take the exit off the highway, I know I have ten miles of curvy, country back roads lined with canopies of evergreens before I reach it. It’s off to... Read More »

If You Had To Pick Just One…

… WHICH CLASS WOULD IT BE? With six women-specific classes online this fall, there’s something for you, no matter where you are. Click here for more details on Women’s Programs Fall 2017 Classes. Click here for more info a... Read More »

An Interview with Michelle Myers

Editor’s Note: Michelle Myers is wife, mom, pastor’s wife, fitness and nutrition coach, entrepreneur, and minister to women. But if that weren’t enough hats to wear, Michelle is also a dynamic encourager and a faithful f... Read More »

Check out our Fall 2014 Classes

Whether you're pursuing a degree or sharpening ministry skills, we've got an educational opportunity for you! Read More »

What's a Mentor To Do?

Carole and Jessica sit across from each other and the awkwardness is evident. Today is the first time this mentor and mentee are meeting and neither really knows what to do or say.  They both have the same thought. . .  “Now what?” As... Read More »

A View from the Crow's Nest: Trends in Women's Ministry

A crow’s nest is a perch at the top of the main mast on a ship. The person sitting in the crow’s nest is able to keep a keen eye on the horizon to spot hazards, other ships, land, or impending changes that could impact the forward motio... Read More »

Are You Plugged Into the Power Source?

Earlier this week, my husband was ordained into ministry. He has been in ministry for several years, but he had not been officially ordained. It was such a blessing for me to sit and listen to him share his love for Christ, his passion for ... Read More »

Passing the Baton: From One Generation to Another

Then Elijah passed by him and threw his mantle on him . . . Then he (Elisha) arose and followed Elijah . . . (1 Kings 19:19b, 21b) It was four years ago at the summer Olympics in Beijing that both the U.S. men’ and women’s teams were ... Read More »

Seasons of Mentoring

It’s spring! The trees are budding, the grass is greening, flowers are bursting forth with color – allergies are afflicting those who are sensitive to pollen!  As a new Texas resident this spring I experienced allergies for the first t... Read More »