The Future of Women in Theological Education

The most empowering aspect of women’s theological education is that is for women just like you, no matter who you are, where you live, or what goal you aspire to achieve in your ministry.

Our churches and seminaries are filled with women of influence, women who are in the trenches of ministry and walking alongside others as their lives change and their Christian walk matures.

You may be like Cecelia, a pastor’s wife who enrolled in a 7-week doctrine class, and desired to go deeper in her study of God’s Word. That course impacted her deeply; her husband told us that she was sharpening him because of what she learned.

Perhaps you have the entrepreneurial drive of my friend, Michelle, who started an at-home business for other Christian women who desire to keep their faith and their families at the center of their busy lives. When I spoke with her last week, she told me that not a day goes by that she doesn’t use the ministry tools she learned at Southwestern.

At Southwestern Seminary, we also offer certificate programs that allow you to enroll in specific courses, targeting the ministry preparation you would benefit from most, without the commitment of a full degree. No matter who you are, theological education is for you.

Even better: No matter where you are, you can receive a theological education. With flexible access courses, you can tune into a class live, with that second cup of coffee, or later, when watching the recording works best with your schedule.

Consider Eloise, who can tune in to a Monday-morning class while it is the afternoon in Southeast Asia. She’s connecting with her sisters online while she is reaching Muslim women with the gospel. Or Shea, who is completing her education while serving our country in the military. No matter where you are, you too can receive a theological education.

And, no matter what your current ministry, theological education is for you. Maybe you want to grow in sharing Christ with others, or to explore passages of Scripture that teach us what is to be a godly woman. To learn how to nurture and disciple women in your church. To lead a girls’ ministry. To respond to the greatest cultural issues facing women today.

No matter what your goal, theological education is for you.

The future of women in theological education is bright because that future belongs to women all over the world.

That future is us.

2 thoughts on “The Future of Women in Theological Education”

  1. Vicki L. Davenport says:

    Are you still offering the homemaking certificate and degree? I couldn’t find either of them on the seminary website.

    1. Katie McCoy says:

      Hi Vicki,

      We no longer offer these courses as a certificate or degree program. Instead, we have moved to a model of offering a variety of one-day workshops through the ministry of the Horner Homemaking House.

      Katie McCoy